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Caption Competition


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Name Caption
N'tran DS 12 In ten seconds....
One of the most awkward Star Trek kisses
Chromedome "Yes, you heard me correctly. Starfleet have volunteered us to have our clothing insulted, I mean assessed, by readers! Isn't that great?"
"This must be a definition of the word 'great' that I wasn't previously aware of."
Chromedome Don't try to outweird me, I get stranger things than you in my breakfast cereal!
PegasusJF Neelix's water addiction ultimately got him kicked off Voyager.
PegasusJF Deportation...IN SPACCCEEEE!
AJ Tuvok maintained a perfect poker-face as he guided Neelix toward the sabotaged airlock.
AJ Just think about it: This is what you're going to be stuck with for the next seven years. Why would anyone do that to themselves?
mwhittington Star Trek: The Odd Couple.
Mr. Worf Nelix : Hmmmm Sir ... Ahhh, could you take my luggage to my room ?
Tuvok : What's your room number ??
EMH_MkI Psst! Hey! You wanna buy a watch?
Bird of Prey Neelix: ''I never noticed before that your eye brows are pointed too...''
PegasusJF Neelix: What lovely cheekbone you have.
PegasusJF When Kes left, Tuvok regrettably found himself the nearest shoulder to cry on.
PegasusJF Neelix (voiceover): So I find myself on this Federation tub ya? It was passing through so I try to introduce myself. They let me in, but then send these living statues with gazes so cold they bleached half my face. I tell ya, I get no respect!
PegasusJF The Talaxian ambassador gets no respect.
Chromedome Neelix: "Don't criticise my quiff when you appear to be wearing a carpet tile on your head!"
Chromedome Nyah! nyah! nyah! My ears are pointier than your ears!
Chromedome Fagin to Oliver Twist: "You got to pick a pocket or two, my boy!"
Admiral Dunsel No Mr. Neelix, after examining the similar structure of you ear, as compared to that of the typical Vulcan ear, I think it is safe to say with certainty that the Talaxian race and the Vulcan race are in no way related.
I do however suggest that you look into the uses of an Old-Earth invention called, I believe, a "Q-Tip".
MR. WORF Nelix : Mr. Vulcan , do I see an eyebrow hair out of place ?
Tuvok : My god ! what is that awful smell !!! This creature needs a bath bad time . Bleh !!! Barf !
Admiral Adam Nellix: Nice ears...
Tuvok: Nice hair...
Admiral Adam Nellix: "You blinked first"
Tuvok: "No I didn't"
Admiral Adam Nelix: "DUDE!"
Tuvok: "Dude?!?"
Bird of Prey Neelix: ''We have tribbles here in the Delta Quadrant too. But we never let them procreate so much that they become a problem. We kill them all on sight, and then we make coats out of them.''
C.W.Perkins Ah Mr. Vulcan, though your face says no, I'll bet you're the joker of this crew.
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: "Of course I don't have my underwear.
Tuvok: "WHAT?"
Neelix: "I'm definitely not wearing my underwear."
Tuvok: "I gave you a fresh pair of mine to wear. Where are they?"
Neelix: "They're in the pocket of my jacket. Here."
Tuvok: "I don't want them back."
DBB Tuvok: I do apologize if I am standing on your foot.
Neelix: That's not my foot.
Tuvok: ...
McFortner Damn, I can't see where they they glued on those ears....
AJ Tuvok had mastered the human trick to winning staring contests: look at a spot just above your opponent's eyes.
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: "How much for the little girl. The women, how much for the women?"
Tuvok: "What?"
Neelix: "Your women, I want to buy your women, the little girl, your captain. Sell them to me, sell me your women!"
Bird of Prey Tuvok: ''Are you sufficiently prepared for the way mission to the ice planet?''
Neelix: ''Of course! Lt. Torres even lent me her mother's old targ fur coat!''
MLCoolJ Neelix: So how much for the life-size Tuvok action figure?

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