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T. Kirk




Star Trek XI
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Caption Competition


Caption comp image

Name Caption
PHRobertson All hands, Red Alert! Incoming Slashfic off the starboard bow!
PHRobertson Fanfic writers, start your engines...
PHRobertson "And from the Starfleet Retro Collection, we have Commander Spock and Doctor McCoy in the 'Blueshirt', available in both Long-sleeved and Short-sleeved versions..."
David K You know it's a bad idea when BOTH of them are looking at you like that.
C.W. Perkins A new movie: Twins Two
PegasusJF Spock and McCoy now have a common frame of reference.
MLCoolJ *insert theme from "The Odd Couple"*
Frankie Chestnuts Spock: Eying a mechanical rice picker with apprehension.
McCoy: Having a brilliant idea.
Merat Captain Kirk's birthday present for Mr. Spock did not go over well. The strip tease wasn't bad, but when he started juggling Tribbles it all went downhill.
N'tran DS 12 Doc's in blue satin
beside a Vulcan
Arguments are scripted
Without any end.
mikey "Oh, damn, Leonard, Bill's gonna sing again!"
mikey Leonard and DeForest are rendered speechless after walking in on Shatner getting into his girdle.
mikey "...and now, I'll drink this glass of water while my little Vulcan buddy recites the alphabet!"
Ithekro I see dead people.
MLCoolJ Ensign Kenny (offscreen): Oh my God...AAAAAAAAHHHH!
Bones: And there goes another redshirt. Makes me glad I wear blue.
Spock: Indeed, Doctor.
Miss Marple McCoy: My God Man, that Cruz kiss was even worse than the Gore kiss, and NO, it’s NOT fascinating.
Chromedome "Doctor, we are not as badly dressed as the people in last months caption competition so logically the captions will not be as derogatory."
"Well get this through your thick Vulcan head, Spock. We are dealing with people who don't take prisoners."
"You mean Nausicaans, doctor?"
"It's worse than that, its' readers!"
McFortner McCoy: For the love of God, man, don't tell Jim we're holding!
EMK_MkI So a Spock and McCoy walks into a bar...
mikey "To use your terminology, doctor - yes, I would indeed hit that like a punching bag."
mikey McCoy: "Spock, your hand is on my ass."
Spock: "Oh... sorry, doctor."
McCoy: "Now, I didn't say I minded..."
mikey "Excellent work, Dr. McCoy. That's enough for today, we'll resume eyebrow arching practice at the same time tomorrow."
mikey "Yes, Doctor, they are fools... but the question remains - What kind of fools are they?"
Bird of Prey Andorian: ''Why are you all wearing skin-colored shirts? That looks weird!''
Admiral Adam
(No words needed)
Cyrus Ramsay Each actor is determined not to be the first to laugh at Shatner's hairpiece.
PegasusJF Joanna McCoy came ill, so they had to rush to find a replacement for the wedding rehearsal.
PegasusJF The bride was sick, so Spock had to fill in at the rehearsal.
PegasusJF Shall we all agree that Spock and McCoy are not:
1. Holding hands
2. Touching one's posterior
PegasusJF Far more prestigious than Spock's Vulcan ears was McCoy's Vulcan right eye.
PegasusJF Bones: I'm a doctor not a coal miner!
Spock: Indeed doctor, that is why a seam sample graciously donated by the State of West Virginia awaits you in Cargohold 2. Enjoy.
PegasusJF Bones: I'm a doctor not a bricklayer!
Spock: Indeed doctor, that is why Captain Kirk has mandated me to escort you to your mandatory masonry class.
PegasusJF Bones: You mean I have to die to discuss your insights on death?!
Spock: Indeed doctor, and with the cyanide I sprinkled on the meals we just consumed I look forward to a most interesting discussion.
Phil Spock, Bones, meet me in the transporter room. Somehow the 45th US President, Donald Trump has just beamed onboard.
Miss Marple McCoy: How did YOU score a men’s size? The collar on this shirt on “LADY SHIRT” chafes, the sleeves are SHORT, and it hits my hips at their WIDEST possible part!
Spock: About that: I asked for something along the same lines, but with a masculine feel, and I didn’t say it in a whiney tone.

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