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Caption Competition


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Name Caption
Joseph Morgan It appears that Commander did not check his pockets before laundering his uniform...
mwhittington Data: It appears I have mastered the art of the Vulcan Death Fart.
Bird of Prey ...and this is why we have to keep our quarters clean. Else we risk the spontaneous formation of miniature black holes.
Bird of Prey Data: Call the Captain. We have a mole on this ship.
Geordi: You mean some crew member is secretly working for one of our enemies?
Data: Not... THAT kind of mole.
MR. WORF Wesley : OMG !!! I was so drunk last night , I must have
come in here with a phaser ; OH! I thought I saw a
Romulan and I fired !!! Oh my aching head !!!
N'tran DS 12 The Breach
N'tran DS 12 Operation: Annihilate!
Miss Marple Data: I understand that it is natural for young boys to be curious about androids, but I am not willing to participate.
EMH_MkI Geordi: What
EMH_MkI There is a sentient fungi identifying oneself as
Rob M Geordi, this human custom called Drinking Games, i do not feel that Wesley is up to the task!!
Bird of Prey Data: A holey console. We have to cover this up again. Wholey.
Geordi: The hole?
Data: Yes, the whole hole.
Bird of Prey Geordi: What is your analysis, Data?
Data: It is a hole.
N'tran DS 12 Counselor Troi complained that someone had phasered a peephole into her shower.
Captain Picard formed a committee to look into it.
Bird of Prey Geordi: ''The ambassador did an emergency call to the bridge because somebody was shooting at him. Well, this sooty hole is definitely the result of phaser fire - but where is the ambassador?''
''Data: Geordi... The soot *is* the ambassador. Or rather was.''
MR. WORF Data : I think SUBJI was standing here when the phase discharged.
Geordi : Well .... I guess we have tell SUBJ2 , pitty .
MR. WORF GEORDI : Well , Data ! How do you explain this ?!!
Data : There was this big Rat , he looked at me and stuck his tongue out at me . So in response I pulled my phaser out and shot at him.
GEORDI : Let me guess .... you missed him by that much .
Miss Marple Data: Yes, this WAS caused by global warming.
Frankie Chestnuts Wesley: "I guess THAT'S what happened when you mount a 'LASER' into the head of a cat."
Data: "Where is Spot?"
Frankie Chestnuts Geordi: "I would think that Wesley's 'Fecal Incinerator' doesn't work as planned."
Picard: "Who's on 'cleanup' detail?"
All (in unison): "NOT ME!"
Frankie Chestnuts Geordi: "...and THAT'S why there is no smoking in the lavatories."
Frankie Chestnuts Wesley: "OK, OK... I got it. No more science experiments in the warp core relay junction."
Frankie Chestnuts Picard: "Well, THAT was something... Next time, let's set the phaser to 'Stun'."
MLCoolJ Data: We were finally able to destroy MichaelGub, though there was some collateral damage.
Picard: An acceptable trade-off.
Bird of Prey ''Data: ''Geordi, tell Mr. Worf that this is NOT how to trouble-shoot a computer program! And people say that I tend to interpret things too literally...''
Bird of Prey Data: ''Go and tell the Captain that we have got termites."
Bodhi "I believe I may have put a tricorder in with the wash again."
Bodhi "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
Bodhi Mysterious, black, frighteningly hot... But enough about Geordi.
MR. WORF Gerodi : DR. Crusher stated , you tried to grab her from behind . She then pulled a phaser out and shot at you.
Well what do you have to say about that ??
Data : BBBBBeeeeee ... That's All Folks !!!
Bird of Prey Data: ''It appears that this console is in fact out of plywood and paint instead of a duranium-alloy...''
Niall Johnson The public safety watchdog. Is there any lower form of life?
N'tran DS 12 "I command you, Kneel before your Captain!"
AJ In typical fashion for a TNG episode, Brent Spiner actually looks like he's doing something technical, whereas Will Wheaton looks like he passed out drunk with his head against a set piece.
AJ Well, I suppose we could try to fix it, but wouldn't it be easier just to shove Wesley into the hole? I figure that will keep it sealed until we reach the nearest starbase.
MR. WORF Wesley : Data don't tell anyone what happened !!! Or I'll rewire that Positronic brain of yours .
Bird of Prey Data: ''You really should try to restrain yourself more when you are feeling angry, Mr. Worf.''
Worf: ''EVEN MORE restrain!? You are lucky that I didn't thrash the whole place!''
Rob M I swear Geordi, if he doesn't stop examining my a**, i shove his head through this console!!
goat It's a hole sir
Bodhi "Geordi, we have a serious situation here and both the Captain and Wesley are present. Perhaps now is not the appropriate time to hit on Doctor Crusher."
Optimuskr Data: "Geordi, Wesley will resolve the incident in 42 minutes, we should head to the ten forward until needed."
Optimuskr Geordi: "What could have caused this?"
Data: "This may be the reason the dryer instructions says no heat for on replicated clothes."
Mikey "24th century or not, Geordi, you must still refrain from putting aluminum foil in the microwave."
Mikey Data: "Huh. Yes, the aperture DOES appear to match the cranium of the last person who critiqued my work. Does anyone else have some commentary they'd like to share?"
MR. WORF This is what happen's when you put a phaser in the washer.
MR. WORF Next time Doctor Crusher asks for a urine sample I suggest she hold the cup lower !!!
Cyrus Ramsay "I believe that my safe-cracking routines need refining."
Admiral Adam Data: it appears to be a hole, Geordi.
Geordi: yes date, anything else?
Data: a big hole?
Wesley: hold on, I'll hit his reset button.
Mikey Data (quietly:) "Yes, Geordi, I do believe I could jam the 'little shit' in there, but wouldn't the doctor start asking questions?"
Bodhi "Captain, I believe we have discovered a Black Hole."
Bodhi How many crew members does it take to change a panel?
Bodhi "Geordi, there appears to be a glitch with the new firewall."
AJ SO, I figure it'll be about 200 latinum for parts, another 50 for labour costs. Just leave your keys at the register. We'll get to work right away and you'll be able to pick up your starship first thing tomorrow morning. It'll be as good as new.
jg Geordi: What happen?
Data: I am at fault. As you know, I am fully functional and the computer on this machine started humming at the correct frequency. And it's been so long since Tasha, my programming became heighttened and I just....
Geordi: That's enough, I can see what happened. Just fix it.
jg Data: OOPS!
Niall Johnson You smell ammonia and methane from sewage matter.
I smell lawsuit.
Niall Johnson When was the last time this septic tank was emptied?
Niall Johnson Well, sure I can fix it, but I'm gonna need a very expensive part that won't get here for a couple of weeks, and that's if I order it today. Which I won't.
AdmiralM Data"If Wesly doesn't get off my back I'm gonna shove his head in this hole to give him a closer look,"
Iniana Horscht Data: I told you Taco Bell was a bad idea!
Horta not Vorta "The Horta hatchling went through here. Tracking it will not be a problem. Capturing it, though...
woodside "Who is Han, and why does Security have a training mission about whether he 'shot first'?"
woodside "This is why ancient protocol forbids weapons at the poker table."
woodside "Well there's your problem."
Frankie Chestnuts Data: "...hence the expression, 'Blow the lid off that sucka'."
AJ Yes, Brent, that's great. Now you look like you actually know what you're doing. Will, just keep your hands on Brent's back to make yourself look like an idiot. The rest of you, just stand around. This is gonna be a great shot.
Mikey While Data is confident, Wesley still - even with the help of a tricorder - can't tell his own ass from a hole in the wall.
Mikey "I have conducted a detailed multispectral and micrographic analysis, Geordi. It is, in fact, a hole."
MR. WORF Data : I can explain ; I was summed to the Doctors , and while she was doing a scan of my Positronic brain , I accidentally let a fart go. My bad.
Miss Marple Data: I believe it is called a "brexet hole'.
Niall Johnson What did you say you brought back from LV-426?
Niall Johnson Curious. Is this the human phenomenon known as a glory hole?
Frankie Chestnuts Data: "Missed me by THAT MUCH."
Geordi: "I was aiming for Wesley."
Miss Marple Data: Is Wesley trying to deactivate me? Is that what this is really all about?
Miss Marple Data: It appears to be related to "climate control".
Frankie Chestnuts Data: "Yes Geordi, I DO excrete sulfuric acid... Why do you ask?"
Chromedome Data: "Standing there pretending to be a teapot will NOT get this fixed. And Wesley, get your hand OUT of my pocket!"
MLCoolJ Keenser was here, and he still has a cold.
Miss Marple Data: ... and did you empty your pockets before you put your pants into the washing machine?
AJ Damn it, Data! I told you NOT to let Wesley pee on the consoles!
Niall Johnson Who's extinguishing their cigarettes against the wall?
Niall Johnson I raise dragons now. Dragons are cool.
Niall Johnson Before you ask, it was NOT the cat!
Miss Marple Data: This is why we need more than one washing machine on a ship of this size, and a separate dryer is really a "must".
Miss Marple Data: Yes, I have been known for having explosive gas, but I am not the "one who dealt it".
Miss Marple Data: I believe it is time to "call the Maytag repairman".
MLCoolJ Data: It would appear that Wesley's attempt to equip Cardassian voles with miniature phasers has had some...unfortunate results.
Wesley: I SAID I was sorry!

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