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Caption Competition


Caption comp image

Name Caption
ktasay I did not touch that woman inappropriately! That holoprogram has been faked!
N'tran DS 12 Send in the Clones
PegasusJF Freudian Twins
Silent Bob Riker: "How did you solve the problem of replicative fading?"
Riker #2: "Beats the heck out of me, yawl"
Silent Bob Riker: "Just think if there was three of me, there could be a Riker on every shift!"
Silent Bob Riker has an out of body experience, but, thankfully not an out of uniform one!
Silent Bob Riker (thinking): "I thought I murdered that clone in it's pod".
Silent Bob Singing:
One of these things isn't like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing isn't like the others
By the time I finish my song?
Silent Bob Riker: "I'm just a little more rape-y then I remember".
Silent Bob Riker, the Weinstein years!
Silent Bob Riker: "She appears to be being attacked by a giant moth."
Riker: "Yes, I can see I'm attempting to restrain her so you can remove it."
Riker: "That's your story and we're sticking to it!"
Silent Bob Riker: "Are you looking at me kid?"
Silent Bob Singing: "All by myself..." (and another woman)
Silent Bob When Riker was accused of sexual harassment he was beside himself.
Bird of Prey Riker (on the left): '"Oh God, my haircut looks terrible from behind!"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L): "Nenge? Nenge Mboko? It is me, Lionel Joseph!”
Riker (R): "Lionel! From the African Education Conference!"
Riker (L): "Yah, mon, I was Director of Cultural Activities at the Haile Selassie Pavilion."
Riker (R): "I remember the pavilion - we had big fun there!"
Both: "Boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, hah! Boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, hah!"
Riker (R): "Oh, memories!"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker(L): "...and I will call him... Mini-Me"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L): "Look at my sexy body… Oh Yeah!… I am a sexy beast!"
EMH-MkI Riker getting Ricker'd by... Riker.
Niall Johnson Two! Two Rikers! Ah! Ah! Ah!
RogueSkyknight Riker's eyes are clearly focused on the one he finds more attractive.
AJ Why did nobody tell me I have a bald spot on the back of my head?
Bird of Prey The "it was my evil clone" excuse may work for Riker - but not for Weinstein and Spacey...
Braden What am I seeing myself do? Is this how I dance?
Bird of Prey Woman: "Hello, I am a fairy, and I'll grant you one wish!"
Riker: "Great! Then I wish that I could watch myself making out with you!"
RogueSkyknight The Riker Maneuver was born during attempts at seduction. Riker, whos advances were failing, suddenly swung his leg over a chair and walked towards the female. Doing so Riker appeared to be in two places at once. When mojo from the newly-moved officer reached the female, mojo from its previous position was still arriving, so the female effectively "saw" two Riker's in different locations.
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L): "Oh, Yeah... I think I got a shot at a Three-Way!"
ilandra Damn, we both came to the party dressed as Riker!
MR. WORF Riker : Sniff ... Sniff .... Sniff .... Good god Thomas what did you eat ???
N'tran DS 12 A Transporter Accident waiting..Oh to late..
ktasay Do I really look like that from the back? No wonder people laugh behind it.
Miss Marple Riker is always planning his next move.
PegasusJF Riker: See, skin discoloration. A classic symptom of the Krieger parasite.
Thomas: We'll beam down some medical gel to fix that right up!
PegasusJF Thankfully, Riker always had himself to get out of embarrassing/incriminating situations.
Mikey Will Riker finally finds someone with whom he has hopelessly fallen in deep, mad love. There is a woman there as well.
MR. WORF Thomas struggled with how to dance , as Will looked on very worried.
Joshthekidrs24 Dianna's not going to like this!
mwhittington " that a pimple behind my ear?"
mwhittington One of these things is not like the...Oh, never mind.
Chromedome "OMG, did they really give us THAT caption!"
Chromedome You put your Riker in, your Riker out, in, out, in, out and shake him all about!
Chromedome "I agree, his aftershave is rather overpowering!"
Niall Johnson Twins Basil! Twins!
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: “Will Riker... Rush Chairman... Damn glad to meet you.”
AdmiralM Riker discovers the Harvy Winestein holodeck program was designed in his likeness.
It created a SUBSTITUTE!
AJ Riker, 'Damn, I'm smooth!'
PegasusJF Where's Thomas
PegasusJF Riker: Geordi! The mobile emitter is malfunctioning again!!
PegasusJF Guess which Riker is id, and which Riker is superego.
Chromedome Wesley suddenly realises the problem with disguising himself as Riker.
Chromedome "Hey, lady! What have you just trodden on?"
"I think it's a DITL captioneer."
"Oh, well that's OK then. Yhey deserve it after all those captions they give us each month."
Chromedome "Oh hell, lady! What have you just trodden on?"
Chromedome Riker regrets advising Wesley that he needed to look older in order to pull the girls
Chromedome "If you're not on the list ... then you're not getting in!"
Chromedome "Sorry lady, this is a Riker party. You can't come in unless you look like Riker!"
MLCoolJ Will Riker does "The Enemy Within".
mwhittington Riker: "Aw, C'MON, Thomas, not again! Stop stealing my girlfriends!"
MR. WORF After having some scotch with Mr. Scott , Riker realizes he's seeing things. Or is he ?
mwhittington The good news: Johnathan Frakes got a wax figure of himself at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.
The bad news: it was mislabeled as Harvey Weinstein.
AJ Hre we see a typical example of the general downturn in masculinity in future centuries. Kirk could keep a woman satisfied all on his own, but a generation later men have to clone themselves to give an acceptable performance.
Bird of Prey Riker: "Don't worry, Will Riker will help you!"
Woman: "Why are you referring to yourself in the third person?"
Riker: "Well..."
Chromedome Eenie meenie miney moe, catch a Riker by his toe ...
Chromedome Johnathan Frakes wonders if his agent has negotiated double the normal appearance fee for this episode.
Chromedome "Riker you sly fox, I knew I was a smooth operator!"
Chromedome "I choose ... YOU!"
Chromedome "Hey lady! Why him? What's he got that I haven't ???"
Chromedome "Oh wow! Life size Riker action figures, I got to get me one of these!"
Chromedome Special Offer! This month only! Riker's - Two for the price of one!
Chromedome Riker is beside himself ...
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L): "Just HOW many hands does this chick have?"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L) to self: "That poor, unlucky sucker's wearing a 'red shirt'. We all know what THAT means!"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L): "Whoa... This is wild! I SWEAR I've seen this dude before..."
Frankie Chestnuts William: "Tom? Tom Riker... is that you?"
Thomas: "WILLIE! You old Horndog! How long has it been?"
William: "God... YEARS! Was it shore leave on Risa?"
Thomas: "Remember those Dabo girls?"
[Laughing uncontrollably]
Frankie Chestnuts Doppelgängers... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "Back off, dude... I saw her first!"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L): "May I cut in?"
Frankie Chestnuts Manua: "CHRIST! I thought ONE of you was too much to take!!"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L): "That uniform DOES make my ass look big!"
Frankie Chestnuts Annoying Dance Instructors... IN SPAAAAAAAAACCCCCEEEEE
MR. WORF OMG !!! Look at that hair cut !!! Look at those shoulders , I need to work out way more.
Sheesh !!! I confront a grieving woman and what do I get ..... charged with murder !!!!
MLCoolJ William Riker: Dammit, Tom!
Thomas Riker: What? Isn't this what you would do?
Will: *facepalm*
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (L): "YOWZA! Who IS that handsome fella?"
Miss Marple Riker, to self: Come to think of it, maybe all my "harmless flirting" COULD be seen as inappropriate sexual conduct.
AJ OK, so that's not the right way to behave on a date. Good to know. Computer, restart simulation.
AJ That awkward moment when you go back in time realize that what seemed like a wonderful date at the time was actually awkward as h@ll.
AJ That awkward moment when you go back in time finad out realize that what seemed like a wonderful date at the time was actually awkward as h@ll.
Bird of Prey Left Riker: ''Who are you!?"
Right Riker: "I am you from the future! I got a bit nostalgic for my old girlfriend after we broke up..."

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