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Caption Competition


Caption comp image

Name Caption
Bird of Prey Tuvok: "Were are your clothes?
Neelix: "In the laundry."
Tuvok: "You can replicate fresh clothes any time you want, Mr. Neelix."
Neelix: "Your point being?"
Bird of Prey I am a bit afraid to give the command: "Computer, end program."
No matter will turn out to remain on the empty holodeck due to being the real person - the implications will be disturbing in any case...
PegasusJF Neelix: Are you ready, Tuvok?
Tuvok: No.
Neelix: I said, are you ready?
Tuvok: ...
Neelix: Who lives in a spaceship under the smoke?!
Neelix NoPants!
Who cooking catastrophes make people choke?
Neelix NoPants!
Prances and dances in a obnoxious jig!
Neelix NoPants!
Repeated nudity gets him thrown in the Brig!
Neelix NoPants!
Neelix NoPants!
Neelix NoPants!
Neelix NoPants!
Griff Is...oh Neelix naked? Urgh...if there was ever a memory to scrub out of my brain with booze, that's the one...
PegasusJF Incident #1249012 where Tuvok almost wished he didn't learn to control his anger.
MR. WORF Hey!!! Mister Vulcan ! I was just trying some of that stuff earthlings call " Weed " . I think I may have smoked up the joint a little !!! Wooo EEEee !!!
Silent Bob Neelix: "Is this the right place for my Vulcan massage?"
Silent Bob Neelix: "Did somebody order a 'hot sweaty Talaxian, easy on the clothes' sandwich?"
Silent Bob "Naked Madame Tussauds in spaaaace"
Bird of Prey Tuvok: "I don't know what's touching my thigh right now, but I sure hope it's just one of your leola roots..."
Chromedome "Hey, cheer up! We're gonna be together in this caption competition for a whole month!"
"Which part of 'horrified' do you not understand?"
Bird of Prey Neelix: "I bet you didn't expect that THAT part of my body has spots too!"
Tuvok: "To be frank, I never even pondered this issue. And to my horror, I can't think of anything else now."
Frankie Chestnuts Harry: "Lieutenant Tuvok... I was wondering if you were interested in going to the mess hall and play some Kal-to... DEAR GOD! WHAT'S GOING ON???"
Frankie Chestnuts Tuvok (to self): "Think about Kal-toh... think about Kal-toh... think about Kal-toh..."
Frankie Chestnuts Tuvok (to self): "Think about baseball... think about baseball... think about baseball..."
Bird of Prey Tuvok: "We Vulcans don't have a concept similar to Hell or Gre'thor. But if we HAD, I can vividly imagine right now how it would be..."
N'tran DS 12 Star Trek: Soaps.
Bird of Prey Casual Friday was a full success - except for Tuvok ignoring it completely and Neelix taking it way too far...
Mr. Worf Nelix was very pleased to see Mr.Tuvok in the steam room.Tuvok however was very puzzled as to why Nelix was naked .
mwhittington Tuvok: Neelix, why are you not wearing clothes in the galley's hea...(looks down)...DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMNN!...Uh, I mean... I thought you would be more popular with the female crew members. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go meditate on my newfound feelings of inadequacy.
EMH_MkI Neelix: Do you smell it yet? Do you smell it yet? Do you smell it yet?
*pops out*
How about now???
EMH_MkI Pictured: How Tuvok strengthens his mental fortitude.
MR. WORF Mr. Tuvok was a very shocked to see that Nelix seem to have almost 3 legs !!
PegasusJF Neelix: Sorry Tuvok, I overdid the flambé.
Bird of Prey Neelix: "Mr. Vulcan, I am so exited to see you!"
Tuvok: "I can... see that. Very clearly. Unfortunately."
Chromedome Tim Russ resolves to fire his agent once he gets off the set.
Bryan Moore "Come on, Mr. Vulcan, you know what they say: 'Once you go Talaxian, you never relax again!'"
Bird of Prey TOS had "The Naked Time", TNG had "The Naked Now"... and Voyager had "The Naked Neelix"!
Silent Bob Neelix: "I haven't the foggiest"
Silent Bob Neelix: "So Mr Vulcan, isn't this a great day for sunbathing"
Silent Bob Neelix: "Smokin..."
Chakotay's tattoo Mr. Vulcan! It appears I've found my rubber ducky! Isn't this wonderful?
DBB Tuvok's New Year's resolution was to avoid killing Neelix. And Neelix was going to make it a very long year.
ktasay Where did you think Talaxians have their genitals Tuvok?
Bird of Prey Neelix: "So what do you say, Mr. Vulcan? Didn't I perform the Naked Fan Dance even better than Uhura in 'The Final Frontier'?"
AJ On today's episode of 'Spot the alien emotion', we will be trying to determine what Mr Tuvok is feeling at this particular moment. Who wants to make the first guess?
Bird of Prey Tuvok: "Mr. Neelix, please cover your... leola root."
Miss Marple Neelix: EASY? You think this is EASY?!?! Well if YOU think that this is SO EASY, then YOU try being a COMPLETE ASS for hours on end.....
Bird of Prey Tuvok and Neelix in: "Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Talaxian Anatomy And Can't Ever Un-Know Again Now That You Do"
EMH_MkI Neelix's Christmas gift: A life-sized Tuvok action figure.
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: "Today on 'Briefings with Neelix', we are going to talk with 'Mr. Vulcan' himself, Lt. Tuvok. Tell us... What's going on in Security?"
Tuvok: "Why are you not wearing any pants?"
Neelix: "Just trying to spice up the morning briefings."
Bird of Prey Neelix: "Come on, Mr. Vulcan! Let your emotions run wild and have some fun!"
Tuvok: "I can assure you, Mr. Neelix, *if* I were to let my emotions 'run wild', it wouldn't have anything to do with having fun. For neither of us."
PegasusJF Today on Kitchen Nightmares...
Bird of Prey Tuvok: "Let me guess - this is yet another one of your many old Talaxian traditions?"
Neelix: "Correctly guessed, Mr. Vulcan!"
Tuvok: "You know, I can never tell if all these asinine traditions of yours are actually real, or if you are just pranking me."
PegasusJF TODAY on Neelix: misadventures of cooking!
PegasusJF Neelix once converted a room in his quarters into a smokehouse. It did not end well.
PegasusJF The locals make rapturous libations to the pointy eared sky god
USNTrekfan Neelix: Maybe your replacators can make me a uniform like yours.
Tuvok: Doubtful...however they will make a very good straight jacket that I am sure will fit you...
ilandra 'Out of the mists of time ...' or 'Evolution at work'.
Bird of Prey Tuvok: "Mr. Neelix, while your observation is true that the lyrics proclaim that you should 'take off all your clothes' because 'it's gettin' hot in here', ancient Earth songs like this one are seldom meant to be taken as literal requests."
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: “Hey, Mr. Vulcan... I do believe my nose is larger than yours."
Tuvok: "Your feet are also larger than swim fins, but that is irrelevant."
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: “Hey, Mr. Vulcan... What does that mean: 'No Shoes, No Shits, No Service'?"
Tuvok: "That's SHIRTS, Mr. Neelix... SHIRTS."
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: “Hey, Mr. Vulcan... What does that mean: 'No Shoes, No Shirts, No Service'?"
Tuvok: "Please put your pants on..."
Miss Marple Tuvok: I believe I will "get out of the kitchen" ...
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: “Hey, Mr. Vulcan... Is this urinal taken?"
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: “Hey, Mr. Vulcan... Loofah my back."
Miss Marple In the pilot, Nelix was played with more of an "Eric Cartman" type edge, but test audiences indicated that angle wasn't necessary for people to take an instant dislike to him.
Miss Marple FYI: This is what a Vulcan Death Fart actually looks like.
MLCoolJ The aliens from "Waking Moments" return to put the crew through another round of nightmares. For Tuvok, it means being harassed by naked Neelix.
EMH_MkI Neelix: Oh, hai Mr.Vulcannn!!!
Tuvok (outside): ...
Tuvok (inside) : AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Bird of Prey Tuvok: "This is even worse than the dream in which *I* was naked!"
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: “Hey, Mr. Vulcan... Tell me about this Pon Farr!”
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: “Hey, Mr. Vulcan... Have you ever seen a grown Talaxian naked?”
Cyrus Ramsay Neelix: "Now don't be shy, Mister Vulcan. You're supposed to strip off for a sauna."
Tuvok: "Not in my case, as the temperature here is similar to that of my home planet."
Neelix: "Ooh, that sounds like an excuse to me."
Tuvok: "OK, you've got me there."
Cyrus Ramsay Neelix: "Wow, who says that Madame Tussaud's waxworks aren't realistic?"
Tuvok: "I beg your pardon?"

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