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Caption Competition


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Name Caption
MichaelGub SUBJ1
OptiumusKR He told him that he couldn't give him anymore, he did not listen.
OptiumusKR McCoy "Jim, I kept telling you, stop making Scotty push the ship to its limits, he loves the ship."
jg The Enterprise crew from another dimension realizes how much cooler the uniforms from this dimension are.
N'tran DS 12 That's not how to do the Vulcan neck pinch...
But it comes close to the Vulcan Death Grip.
N'tran DS 12 A Captain's Holiday....NOT.
N'tran DS 12 "Dis is your big break into Star Trek.
Remember your lines, hit your marks,
and don't choke."
Niall Johnson None of our business gentlemen, let's just step around them and call the police later.
Mikey "Dammit, gentlemen, I don't care about the bodies! I want to know why our helmets are connected by these red cords to our left feet, and I want to know NOW!"
Bird of Prey Kirk: ''This may work in the Mirror Universe, or on a Klingon ship, but it is unlikely that this will be beneficial to your promotion aspirations here!''
Bird of Prey Spock: ''We'll have to check the logs to be absolutely sure, but it seems that the captain and his engineer had a slight disagreement here...''
jg The enterprise crew from another dimension realizes how much cooler the uniforms from this decisions are.
Spaceman We really shouldn't be watching this. These two need their privacy.
Frankie Chestnuts Another sad, scary morning when Scotty wakes up after a bender.
Bird of Prey McCoy: ''Uh... shouldn't we intervene?''
Kirk: ''No. Think of the Prime Directive!''
McCoy: ''The Prime directive doesn't apply to another Starfleet ship!!''
Admiral Dunsel McCoy:(muttering to himself) "...been a few times I've wanted to do that myself."
Horta not Vorta ..and the cause of death appears to be an exposure to toxic gas.....notice how Ensign Redshirt is preventing a fatal inhalation...
Bird of Prey Kirk: ''That's truly shocking! Who would kill a Starfleet captain!?''
McCoy: ''Perhaps someone who is fed up with the fact that Starfleet captains barely notice anymore when the redshirts also died...''
MR. WORF This is virtual of reality of the 23rd Century. It's like you really are there!!!
Bird of Prey Spock: ''No Scotty, that's NOT how you do the Vulcan neck pinch!''
Miss Marple The REAL reason "Star Trek: The Original Series" was cancelled: creative conflicts.
T'Pau In the future, space suits only allow you to breathe from the hose attached to your left foot
Bird of Prey Scotty, on the bridge, with his bare hands.
Bird of Prey Kirk: ''Bones, please determine the cause of of this Captain's death. I want a full and very thorough autopsy.''
McCoy: ''Are you kidding me!?''
Bird of Prey Scotty: ''Die, Kirk! Die! DIE DIE DIE!!''
Kirk: ''Oh good, Scotty found and incapacitated my evIl clone. Well done, Mr. Scott!''
Scotty: ''What? This is just a clone??''
Captain Redbeard BONES: He's killing his own Captain. We've got to stop him!
KIRK: You're right. On the count of three: CARE BEAR STARE!
Captain Redbeard KIRK: My god! Did these men kill each other?
BONES: I can't tell for certain, Jim. My helmet keeps fogging up.
SPOCK: I told you we shouldn't have eaten all those fried beans.
Captain Redbeard Wake up, Captain! You've got to see this! Daft Punk got a third member!
Captain Redbeard The poor fools died without jars on their heads. Professor Farnsworth won't be able to revive them.
Captain Redbeard They died of thirst. Luckily we Fremen know how to drink our own urine.
Captain Redbeard Batman will never be able to defeat THREE of us. Khan was right:
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Captain Redbeard KIRK: Did they kill each other?
BONES: No, they tried to gather honey without their suits.
Captain Redbeard That redshirt strangled his own Captain! Damn, Jim! I was going to do that! Now if I do it I'll just look like a pathetic copycat!
Captain Redbeard REDSHIRT: What's with the hazmat suits?
KIRK: Are you kidding? Look at the huge pimple growing out of that guy's neck! When you pop that zit it's going to spray puss everywhere!
Miss Marple The scene that inspired the hit song "It's raining men".
Miss Marple "Star Trek: The Original Series" was REALLY cancelled because of Gene Roddenberry’s constant insistence on randomly inserting Doo-wop lyrics and back-up singers.
jg Spock: Even when committing murder, a redshirt ends up dying.
Jg Spock:Amazing, even when committing murder, they end up dying.
N'tran DS 12 Somebody must have really ticked off Costuming.
Horta not Vorta These red hoses are not phallic at all, nope, not at all,
Frankie Chestnuts The Five Tops abruptly became The Four Tops when lead singer, Levi Stubbs, took out his rival baritone, Herman “Snooki” Fitzgerald.
Frankie Chestnuts Crimes of Fashion...
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: "He's dead, Jim."
Kirk: "HE'S dead?? Pretty sure they BOTH are."
Frankie Chestnuts Kirk: "Does this suit make my ass look big?"
Bones: "Your ASS? It makes your HEAD look like a blimp!"
Miss Marple The PIPs extended their careers for hundreds of years due to Cryopreservation technology. Their only regret? Walt Disney wouldn’t shut the ef up.
Braden Wolf Wait, I thought we were supposed to defeat the might Kirk, not his friend!
MR. WORF This was the inspiration for Devo .
Miss Marple Kirk: “Ouch!” ...“OUCH!"... "Damn, that chafes!”
Bones: "I said we were going on a Commando MISSION, don't blame me if you don't pay attention."
Bird of Prey McCoy: ''Oh the irony - he choked someone to death, and then died himself because the ship run out of oxygen!''
Kirk: ''That's karma!''
jg Kirk: Bones, what happened?
McCoy: I'll have to examine them, but it appears they had the fish course.
jg This event went down in history as the Great Singing Massacre. A shipwide death of every crew member trying to keep Shatner from singing.
Miss Marple Kirk: Those suits really makes your asses look huge!
Spock & BONES: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
Miss Marple At the worst possible moment, three giant hot dogs danced across the screen singing ♫ "Let's all go to the LOB-BY!" ♫
Frankie Chestnuts Kirk: "WOW! If it's this bad on the Bridge, I can't wait to see the Officer's Mess."
Frankie Chestnuts ADD In Space:
Bones: "GOOD GOD!! What's happened here ... Ooo, look at all the flashy lights!"
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: “Eeeeww… Either you guys bring Purell?"
Frankie Chestnuts Spock: "I think it represents the cosmic battle and eternal struggle between good and evil... light and dark… truth and lies.”
Bones: “Interesting… Either that, or he was really friggin’ pissed off."
Frankie Chestnuts McCoy: "Back off Spock... You're stepping on my hose."
Bird of Prey ''Well, at least the Captain died on the bridge, like he always wanted...''
PegasusJF The Ghosts of Star Trek Past, Present, and Future decided to just let things play out.
MR. WORF As you can see in this simulation , It's not wise to insult the Chief about his engineering skills .
Bird of Prey Kirk: ''I get that the Captain got choked to death, but how did the redshirt die?''
Spock: ''By being a redshirt.''
AdmiralM The great red shirt rebellion.
N'tran DS 12 Have Spacesuit, Will Travel.
PegasusJF This early version of the Borg did not focus test well.
PegasusJF The Three Stooges: 2265
Yellowshirt: Blagh, blagh blagh...
Redshirt: WRONG ANSWER!!!
EMH_MkI Kirk: They always said he choked under presure...
Bones: Too soon, Captain!
Spock: Yet a most logical statement.
Bones: Et tu, Spock?
EMH_MkI The Redshirts are tired of taking your crap.
EMH_MkI We, the Red Shirts Brigades, wish to formally lodge a complaint about work place treatment... DOWN YOUR THROAT!!!
Bird of Prey Caution: Redshirts can be a choking hazard!
Miss Marple ♫ One of these things is NOT like the others... ♫
MLCoolJ MLCoolJ: I was going to come up with a funny one-liner for this scene, but I think those EV suits are already enough of a joke.
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: "I think we found the source of that odor."
Chromedome Kirk faints at the thought of wearing a full body condom.
Chromedome Kirk faints at the thought of wearing a full body condom.
Miss Marple Voyeurism ...IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Miss Marple A Chorus Line ...IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Miss Marple Star Trek, The Musical ...IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE
Miss Marple Tic tac's parent company parlayed the "transparent plastic box , with its flip-action 'living hinge' lid technology" into a lucrative intergalactic enterprise.
EMH_MkI The Red Shirt Rebellion didn't end well for Kirk...
AJ SO, we're all wearing these Hazmat suits, but wouldn't it be a good idea to actually attach the oxygen hoses to something?
Cyrus Ramsay Bones: "I appreciate your efforts, ensign, but you're not going to get that head back on."
Bird of Prey A redshirt's only chance for survival: Strangling the Captain before he has any opportunity to order you to do something that may get you killed!
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: "He's dead, Jim."
Kirk: "Ya think?"
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: "He's dead, Jim."
Frankie Chestnuts Kirk: "I realize I'm not a trained physician, but I think I can tell you the cause of death."
Cyrus Ramsay Spock: "In this alternate reality, Captain, Mister Scott is not afraid to express his contempt for you."
Cyrus Ramsay Spock: "Most illogical, Captain. Only one of them is wearing a red shirt."
Niall Johnson Uhhhh..... We can come back.

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