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Caption Competition


Caption comp image

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Spock (to self): "Well, I do love plomeek soup... and I know nurse Chapel did it out of kindness... I think it's just logical that I throw the bowl at her."
Miss Marple Spock sniffs quietly, trying to remember if he used deodorant today.
Miss Marple Spock sniffs quietly, trying to discreetly check if it is just "wet paint” on his fingers.
Miss Marple Spock sniffs quietly, trying to remember if he used deodorant today.
Bird of Prey Spock: ''Hmmm... It would be logical to cut my fingernails at the next available opportunity....''
AJ Please, please no lense flares!
MLCoolJ Move over, Philosoraptor!
EMH_MkI All those years on set and Nimoy FINALLY saw "Shatner was here" scratched onto the floor...
EMH_MkI On a desolate ice planet far, far, away... scribbled onto the floor were the words "Pray for Santa."
N'tran DS 12 T'was called the Time of Amok
This wedding and challenge of Spock's
Set up by T'Pring
Ends with Kirk dying
Except for McCoy and "Tri-Ox"
Lt What My mind to Santa's mind: for Christmas I would like a Vulcan action figure with a nerve pinch grip and flying enterprise ship and 3D chess set. Thank you Spock
The Geek Saavik: "Any advice, Admiral?"
Kirk: "Prayer, Mr. Saavik; the Klingons don't take prisoners."
Spock: "Hail Mary, full of grace..."
The Geek In a rare fit of irrationality, Spock prays for the existence of Santa Claus.
Frankie Chestnuts Praying...
Miss Marple Scenery painted by Mark Rothko's less successful cousin, Chuck.
Miss Marple ... and Please, God, don't let those crazy captioneers mock me in my moment of...
Miss Marple ... and Please, God, make me a better singer than Shatner.
Bird of Prey Spock: ''Dear Surak, I know it is illogical to pray to a long deceased mortal individual, but...''
Mikey "Dear Lord, please make Bill stop singing."
MLCoolJ What IS the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
dat guy "don't let uhura be pregnant"
C.W.Perkins "My mind to your mind."
Spock's way of getting in touch with himself.
The Geek "Yes... logic dictates that I engage in photography. And my subjects shall be women... large women."
The Geek As Kirk walks to his quarters with a girl on each elbow, Spock begins calculating the odds of the night not ending in a "diplomatic incident".
Miss Marple ... and Please, God, could I get a less creepy paint job...
MLCoolJ This is the church...this is the steeple...

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