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Name Caption
AJ After Trump took down Obamacare, the quality of artificial limbs degenerated quickly.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Geordi: "Hang on Tasha... my VISOR has GOT to be malfunctioning."
PegasusJF Modern art still sucks in the 24th century.
Frankie Chestnuts Shoulder pads... Feathered hair... Lethal weapons attached to your hands... God I love the 80's.
Frankie Chestnuts Georgi: "One last word of advise, Tasha... If you have an itch... Don't scratch."
Frankie Chestnuts Denise: "I've GOT to talk to the Props Department."
Miss Marple In the future, sporks are a lot more complicated.
N'tran DS !2 Contemplating the damage this could do to Wesley Crusher...
jg Geordie was getting nervous. Here he was, a member of Starfleet, wearing a redshirt, being near a spiky alien artifact. What could go wrong?
Harry Kim Nailed it!
PegasusJF Hitchikers Guide Entry on Ligon II KillBurr Shrub Seed Pod: A wierd metallic seed pod that sprouts up quickly from its equally quick sprouting parent, grabs on the fur of a passing animal and promptly kills it. The shrub is so numerous that romantic walks in the woods requires a large escort bearing blow torches and flamethrowers. Coincidentally, Ligon II suffers from chronic deforestation.
Frankie Chestnuts In the latest re-boot of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000', not only was the Pearl Forrester character not believable, but the 'Crow T. Robot' character was actually frightening.
Merat La Forge: "Should you be messing with that thing?"
Yar: "Don't worry about it. I'm a main character. I've got plot armor. And a yellow shirt."
pravda Klingon sex toys had a limited market outside the Empire.
MR. WORF Gordie : What is that thing ?!
Tasha : It's the Klingon equivalent of an Emmy.
Bird of Prey Geordi: "I heard that you attended Doctor Crusher's theatre audition for 'Peter Pan'. How did it go?"
Tasha: "I auditioned for Wendy... and she gave me the role of Captain Hook."
Miss Marple Star Trek Puppeteer Safety public service poster #3:
Tasha demonstrates what NOT TO DO.
Miss Marple Coming soon on Netfix Originals:
"When Muppets Go Bad", starring Thorn, the Goth Muppet, voiced by Summer Glau.
MLCoolJ Tasha: It's my first ventriloquism puppet. What do you think, Geordi?
Geordi: I think I prefer Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
Miss Marple Geordi, to self: And I thought I had dating problems ...
Frankie Chestnuts "Careful with that axe, Eugene" and other obscure Pink Floyd references...
MLCoolJ Geordi and Tasha examine a representation of Paleogeminus armatus, the prehistoric armored tribble.
Merat Yar: "I'm not sure this is a good look, Geordi. A blue-eyed blonde woman beating up a black woman on a planet of only black people. It seems a little problematical and racist. What do you think?"
Geordi: "Why are you asking me?"
Yar: "Well, you're black, so..."
Geordi: "Wait. I'm black!?"
Merat Yar: "What do you think of my new puppet, Geordi?"
La Forge: "Its... very nice."
Yar: "His name is Dragnol. He is my best friend. He tells me to do things, but I don't listen, usually."
La Forge: "Hey, that's great, oh look at the time, I need to go fix the engines."
Yar: "You're the pilot."
La Forge: "I.. gotta go become the chief engineer. Then I have to go fix the engines, so really busy..."
Bird of Prey Geordi: "When I suggested to prank the Captain by putting something in his chair, I was thinking more of a tribble or a whoopee cushion or something..."

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