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Caption Competition

9 Jul 2006

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Graeme A Carter Hoshi practicing her right to bare arms...

Special Mention

Name Caption
epclarkson Trip: That is not what I meant by keeping 'abreast' of the situation.
Captain Feedback Trip: "I could really use your help right now, but I see you have your hands full. Well not really FULL, but half-full, O.K., more than half full . . . UH . . ."
Hoshi: "You are so not helping . . ."
McFortner This is the LAST TIME I'm playing strip poker with a species that can read minds....
Superknijn And you thought that the TOS clothing was skimpy.
Mikey "Now for a little green body paint, and the Enterprise will be MINE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
Hisrak Finally, someone who really IS too sexy for her shirt!
Hugh jass I'm horny, horny, horny, horny! Bugger it's Harry Kim
EMH_MkI Hoshi: I don't need to be a linguist to read what you're all thinking.
Mikey "Whoa! When the captain said 'landing party,' I thought he meant it would be like his 'other' parties."
Drake Zure Freud would be intrigued, but he'd blame it on Kennedy's mom...
DanielB And so began the Great Trekkie Brainstroke of 2002...
Capt. Jethro Hoshi never really cared for Betazoid weddings.
Giuseppe After messing with the timeline yet again, Capt. Archer returned to a universe where the ferengi women's dress code was just being adopted.
Warp 10 Girls Gone Wild: Enterprise!
XZB "!!!!"
RV Hoshi: "Trip said it was a transporter accident."
Tailor: "Hmm, I'm not quite certain about the "accident" part of his explanation."
Brian Phillips I am an expert in laguages, but I'm most fluent in body language. This means get out!

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