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Caption Competition

2 Jul 2006

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Brian Phillips Wixiban wanted to recruit Neelix into the talaxian army, but Neelix was just too green.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Tiberius Warning: This product may be radioactive. Symptoms include:
*Spots on the skin
*Ear disfigurement
*Hair Loss
*Annoying personality
If affected, go away, nobody likes you.
Roman Neelix: Well I managed to get back in time and Steal Kirk's 'Mojo'. But it seemed to have a disasterous effect on the time line as a third of the galaxy's population disappeared.
Mikey "I guarantee that this is the very last drop - there won't be one ounce of continuity left for the next 'Trek' franchise!"
Kennex I told you not to buy Peckham spring water
Hugh Jass It's Flubber
Matt Gronig You haven't seen a robot, one eyed woman and a young bloke. They were running a way from a large worm
Redjac Neelix: No, my diet totally allows this. Plasma doesn't have any carbs whatsoever.
Lucky Strike I'm telling you, green glowing things are making a comeback in caption competitions.
ZebulaNebula Neelix: I've got the radioactive material; did you remember to bring the spider?
Saribro Neelix: That green glowy effect thingy is so worth the sterility.
Captain Nathan Nelix, The Talaxian Ghostbuster: "...put this in here, set the dial, press this button...and when the light is green, the trap is clean."
Griddles Talaxian: Was it hard to steal?
Neelix: It's not that easy, being green.
The Wormhole Talaxian: "What's in there?"
Neelix: "Pop-out snakes. We're going to play Snakes on a Starship."
DBB Nelix: "100% pure bottled talent. I stole it from some Star Trek writers years ago."
XZB The DITL caption competitions are so timely. This week the picture has a glowing green thing in reference to Superman. Next week Naomi Wildman kills Captian Janeway ala "The Omen."
Lister It's called a cryptex
Lister Neelix: You say that this will be tasty and have all vitamins and minerals needed for the Crew?
Trader: Yes. Soylent green will solve all your problems
Pinky & the Brain Neelix fell for the superglue on cannister joke yet again

Entries : 257People : 110

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