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Caption Competition

1 Aug 2012

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Jez In one fell swoop Paris found Waldo, Carmen Sandiego, Hoffa, Godot, and the man who stole his wallet.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Thöme You can clearly see, it's a French cafe. The one on the extreme right is a dead giveaway.
Thöme Not pictured: Snails waiting to be eaten.
Miss Marple It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your children are?
Miss Marple Cheers... IN SPAAAAACE
Frankie Chestnuts Alien on Right: "Wow! I think you hit that a bit hard. I didn't know a cue ball could do that much damage."
Paris: "Sorry, I must have accidently disengaged the safety protocols... You alright Harry?"
Harry: "Has anyone seen my testicle?"
Frankie Chestnuts From the left:
French Resistance Fighter
Local French Barkeep
Typical French Pool Shark
Colorful French Town-Folk
French Delicacy
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: "Alright everyone... Say Cheese!"
Harry: "Ha, ha, ha... That cracks me up every time they do that."
Frankie Chestnuts Harry: "Tom... What stinks?"
Paris: "Hey!! They're French... YOU wanted realistic."
Mr. President How would you like to owe these guys money?
Mr. President "Oh my god, what have you done with the billiardarian ambassador??"
Frankie Chestnuts Pool Shark: "What the Hell IS that thing?"
Alien: "Not to worry... That's just a Hirogen Honey Badger... He don't care."
Guybrush "Dom-jat? No, our Dom-jat tables were replaced after an unfortunate incident between a Naussican and a young balding cadet."
Nerd907 Accordionist: Why, hello there, Captain Picard!
Hustler: Care to join us in a game of billiards?
Picard: Certainly. Where's a cue stick I can- wait, you're the guy who stabbed me in the heart over twenty years ago!
RedDwarfian Probability of the alien on the right killing someone in the next minute: 37.8%
Probability of the alien on the right killing the accordion player with the slimy grin on his face within the next 5 minutes: 93.4%
Bird of Prey Try to swim in THIS pool, Michael Phelps!
Miss Marple The Planeteers all agreed: We must summon Captain Planet!
Miss Marple Eco-villains left to right:
Duke Nukem,
Looten Plunder,
Sly Sludge,
Dr. Blight,
Verminous Skumm.
Frankie Chestnuts Alien: "Ahh... THIS is the 'Parisian'. It's an 8 footer, one full inch solid slate. Solid pecan construction. It ALSO comes with these four quaint cardboard 'French Locals'. Isn't the accordionist cute. We call him 'Antoine'."
kent I found Waldo!!!!
PHRobertson The Galaxy's most underwhelming Strip Club.
Foxbat Play the accordion, go to jail... THAT'S THE LAW!!!

Entries : 180People : 38

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