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Caption Competition

1 Jun 2012

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Rylan Sato Dorn: Why are the only two black bridge officers wearing red? Are you trying to kill the diversity of this show?
Roddenberry: Yar dies in the next episode.
Dorn: I retract my previous statement.
Crosby: I what?

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Michael: "Yes Denise, that uniform DOES make your ass look big... But I wouldn't worry about it... People will be distracted by my abnormally huge cranium."
Miss Marple Worf to self: Hmmmn... both a warrior AND a waist-hip ratio that says she will bear many offspring...
Mr. President Worf: "Me?? Why do I have to go?"
Picard: "Very well. Lieutenant Yar, you will beam down to the planet with Commander Riker to negotiate with the oil slick monster."
Mr. President Worf: "Yeah, I wouldn't get too comfortable at that console if I were you."
Frankie Chestnuts Worf: "Yes... The House of Mogh has a history of premature balding... But this is MUCH better than the House of K'Dor. THEY have a history of premature ridge flattening."
EMH_MkI Tasha: Worf, does-
Tasha: What? That's not what I was going to-
Nerd907 The reflection off of Picard's head was so bright, nobody on the bridge could look at him directly.
Bird of Prey Tasha: ''Are you ogling me, Worf?''
Worf: ''You have the butt of a warrior!''
Bird of Prey Tasha: ''Did you see my contact lens somewhere here?''
Nerd907 Worf: This is kind of interesting; I found a neat wikipedia article about tar pits.
Yar: Not now, Worf. I'm busy. Besides, what're the chances we'll encounter a tar pit out here?
Miss Marple Sorry, Worf, but there is no way in HELL you could see any "panty line".
Miss Marplr Troi: I sense a great deal of concern about a "crack", or perhaps, "cracks on the bridge"...
C. W. Perkins Yar: Damn. I can't log on to the fire control system.
Worf: You've got your caps on. It's case sensitive Dummy!
C. W. Perkins Yar: I just killed Kenny!
Worf: You bastard!
PHRobertson Set Phasers to 'phwoar'!
Frankie Chestnuts Worf: "We are being hailed by a creature calling itself 'Armus'. It would like us to beam down to the planet surface and take shore leave in what he calls his 'Playland of Tar'."
Tasha: "Sounds like a hoot! How about we bring the kids!"
jg Tasha (thinking to herself): I am so glad that I am not wearing a red shirt. This oil slick creature looks deadly. I must make a note to send my regrets to Worf's mother for her loss.
Nerd907 Worf: Hey, look here! I found an oil spill!
Yar (thinking): I'm not falling for that one again.
Chromedome "Look, the red jack goes on the black queen and then that pile goes over there ..."
Miss Marple A scene from "Star Trek, the Rock Opera" :
Worf: See me.... Feel me... Touch me...
Tasha: Will somebody PLEASE HEAL HIMMMMM?
Miss Marple A scene from "Star Trek, The Musical"
Worf: When you're a TREK, you're a TREK ALL THE WAY.....!
Miss Marple A scene from "Star Trek, The Musical"
Worf: I feel PRETTY, oh so PRETTY, I feel pretty and witty and GAAAAAAY!
Bird of Prey Worf: ''I want to be the tactical officer!''
Tasha: ''Over my dead body!''
Miss Marple Slide #17 from the Federation's "Sexual Harassment Remediation Class"

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