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Caption Competition

1 Jan 2012

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Troi: "Not to worry... She wasn't a 'Regular'."
*Data and Picard slowly look up at Troi*

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple Troy to self: I TOLD him if he kept doing that his face would freeze like that and he didn't believe me.
DBB Data: I believe it is a humancicle.
Picard: Data...
Data: It was a joke. An allusion to the frozen treat 'popcicle.' I substituted 'pop' for 'human' in this circumstance. The young ensign here was frozen so I accessed my new humor subroutines and determined...
Picard: Data...
Data: Sorry, sir.
Troi: I heard something about a popcicle. Is there a chocolate one?
Miss Marple Troi: "No, the Polar-Fleecian Ambassador has just fainted.
-That "pilling"is just a sign of his age. DON'T PULL THAT!
Data & Picard to selves: "that is unusually unattractive" & "I believe I just vomited a little in my mount"
Troi: and he is an empath.
Frankie Chestnuts Data: "Captain, She appears to be frozen."
Troi: "Ooo, ooo... Let me see."
Picard: "What could be the cause, Mr. Data?"
Troi: "Outta the way... Let me by."
Data: "Difficult to determine... It is most perplexing."
Troi: "I wanna see... What's it like?"
Picard: "Counselor... If you don't shut up, we will beam you 100 meters off the starboard bow and you find out exactly what it's like."
Blaston Phools *Please enter your laboured Star Trek related Pun here*
Worf Data ! That's one hell of a cold your spreading !!!!
nerd86 The Geek, Mr. President, and Miss Marple discovered Nerd86's body when the Caption Comp finally updated. Frankie Chestnuts suggested they eat the body... there was much rejoicing.
nerd86 Data: He froze himself with the hope that his terminal illness might be cured some time in the future.
Picard: That is the second saddest thing I've ever heard.
Troi: What is the first?
Picard: The Caption Comp is now monthly.
Miss Marple Sorry nerd86: I AM a vegetarian, and unbeknownst to you, I may be your mother... There may be other reasons I would not participate in eating the frozen food.
Miss Marple Troi to self: How could this have happened? It makes no sense.
He changed out of the red shirt just like I told him...
Miss Marple Picard: Quickly - bring me some of those tree-shaped car air-fresheners!
What? We haven't any? Well they don' t HAVE to be tree shaped.
Anything tasteful will be fine!
Guybrush In the 24th century dandruff has developed into a serious illness.
Jacob Cold Fusion gone horribly wrong.
PegasusJF Data: According to the suicide note he left in his hand sir, he felt that waiting another month for who would make the funniest punchline was just too much to bear..."
Frankie Chestnuts Troi: "Looks like Geordi's been here again."
Frankie Chestnuts Picard: "Data, I suggest you report to Engineering and have Geordi run a diagnostic. I've never seen such a severe reaction to someone's breath before."
Data: "I DID just have my oil changed at Pep Boys."
Frankie Chestnuts Data: "Wish you were here Hermione. We need you... Now, more than ever."
Frankie Chestnuts Data: The last entry in her personal log says: 'I wonder what will happen if I open this door?'.
Mr. President Data: "He is dead, sir."
Picard: "Well, at least he never got to see 'Code of Honor'."
Troi: "Or 'Justice'."
Data: "Or 'Haven'."
Picard: "Or 'Skin of Evil'."
Troi: "Or 'We'll Always Have Paris'."
Data: "Or 'The Child'."
Picard: "Or 'The Royale'."
Troi: "Or 'The Icarus Factor'."
Data: "Or 'Shades of Gray'."
Picard: "Or, really, any randomly episode from the first two seasons. *pause* Lieutenant Torres, you lucky, lucky bastard."
jg Troi: All I said is that he needed to take a chill pill.
nerd86 Man: Is it, the f-f-future, did it w-w-work?
Data: No, locking yourself in a freezer at the Comic Con does not allow you to travel into the future.
Man: Well, at least I get to meet you guys.
Picard: We're cosplayers.
jg Picard: This is why I keep telling the crew. Do not press the little red button.
Mr. President Stewart: "Brent, Marina, this guy's got even less life in him than your careers after Star Trek."
Miss Marple Bored stiff... Frozen stiff... Really what's the difference?

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