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Caption Competition

16 Oct 2011

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Lt Hey Spock The Most Interesting Man in the Galaxy. "I may not show many emotions but when I do I prefer pon phar. Stay Logical my Friend.

Special Mention

Name Caption
The Geek "That's right, The Geek. I'm Frankie Chestnuts, and I'm coming for you!"
The Geek "That's right, Shatner, keep overacting. And when I am still relavent and you are shilling for an online travel agency, we'll see who has the last laugh!"
Miss Marple A picture of the exact moment that Leonard Nimoy decided that, in the future, he wanted a career photographing LARGE NAKED WOMEN. Oh, yeah.
Frankie Chestnuts "That's right, Frankie Chestnuts. I'm The Geek, and I'm coming for you!"
Miss Marple He was overcome with shame and disgust after he realized the heady mix of "lookin' hot" and "Kirkian overacting" was really just "Kirkian overacting". And they had it on tape.
Miss Marple Why yes, I'm absolutely Pon-Farriffic. Why do you ask?
Miss Marple As you can see in the picture Spock has actually crossed the line.
Frankie Chestnuts Spock: "I got your Klingon Battle Cruiser, RIGHT HERE!"
nerd86 Nimoy: I don't know, this seems woefully out of character...
Director: Well, right now you're the only thing holding up the set Leonard, so don't move.
PHRobertson "Look at them... scouring their tiny little minds for something amusing to write about me, even though they know full well that The Geek'll end up winning... again."
Miss Marple After eons in that orb, Henoch felt like he had just graduated from a Catholic High School, but without the guilt.
Miss Marple It was moments like this that gave thousands of young, nerdy brainiacs of the sixties hope that, one day, they could parlay their intelligence and social awkwardness into a successful career as a scientist and still, inexplicably, be pursued by hot babes.
Miss Marple MORAL: There is no morality here. Nope. None at all.
Miss Marple Clarification: This scene implies that THIS Spock in THIS timeline "goes both ways" (Vulcan and non-Vulcan), very open-minded for the sixties. (-Also for the Vulcans)
In the other timeline THAT Spock is just "hotter to a wider audience".
Miss Marple The real reason the ladies want to marry scientists.
Frankie Chestnuts Voiceover: "...and out next piece is a stunning example of Utility and design. Spock is wearing polyester stretch pants. Perfect for all those away missions when you need to sprint away from aliens. To complement these, he is sporting a baby blue tunic with lovely gold accents. The whole outfit is finished off with a pair of patent leather combat boots. Let me hear your applause for the "Star Trekker" and "Eye Candy Supermodel, Spock."
Frankie Chestnuts Shortly after Spock finally gets "A Piece of the Action".
Miss Marple He was overcome with shame and disgust after he realized the heady mix of "lookin' hot" and "Kirkian overacting" was really just "Kirkian overacting".
Miss Marple All nastied up and no "Mirror Universe" to blame it on.
Frankie Chestnuts Sulu (looking up): "Oh, myyyyy!"
Miss Marple Henoch: "No, no, Nurse Chapel -you've taken what I've said completely out of context... But if you're not offended by it I'm willing to GO with it.
Frankie Chestnuts Spock: "As I understand it, in the future, Starfleet will require ALL First Officers to be Pompous Dicks..."
Frankie Chestnuts While leering at Uhura, Spock is not only thinking of infinite diversity, but also all the infinite combinations.
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: "We better warn the Ensigns... It looks like Spock's supply of Vulcan Peter Pills just arrived."
Kirk (After looking at Spock): "We better warn EVERYONE."

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