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Caption Competition

3 Jul 2011

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Name Caption

Special Mention

Name Caption
The Geek Starfleet's initial attempts at allowing zombies into the Command ranks failed quite miserably.
Mr. President Ron Tracey masters Blue Steel.
PegasusJF The poker face from hell.
Frankie Chestnuts "Have you seen... my comb?"
Frankie Chestnuts Chapel: "Nurse Chapel to Dr. McCoy... Please report to the Infirmary... And bring tweezers."
Frankie Chestnuts Chapel: "Nurse Chapel to Dr. McCoy... Please report to the Infirmary... And bring K-Y Jelly... And a pry bar."
Frankie Chestnuts Tracey: "I don't care if it is Spock's funeral... STOP THOSE DAMN BAGPIPES!"
baby grunion What? NO COFFEE!
Rylan Sato HOLY CRAP! Uhura's black.
PHRobertson "Ah, Captain Tracey, just so you know, I think someone's put a load of barbed wire around the toilet sea... ah, I see you already know. Never mind."
Kent Kirk: Why does he look like he just saw the movie Pootytang?
Spock: Because he did..
Kirk: RED ALERT!!!
Jonesy Another victim of Sulu's gay ray.
The Geek Cost of Starfleet uniform: 400 credits.
Cost of being able to sew on the rank of Captain on said uniform: At least 20 years of hard work and dedicated service.
The look of dawning comprehension and terror when he realizes a Vulcan Death Fart has just been unleashed in his specific direction: Priceless.
Mr. President Insanity - not just for Republicans.
PegasusJF Riker was always the adventurous sort, but there was this one guy he would poker with.
Frankie Chestnuts To his disappointment, Cpt. Tracey was chosen to transport Janeway's "suppository" capsule onto the alien ship.
sentinel64 Remember that crazy old guy walking up and down main street..., well in the 23rd century we shipped him off to another planet and made him a Commodore on a space station. Even the Klingons walk the other way when they see him.
Frankie Chestnuts "You mean it's a RUG?!"
nerd86 Officer Crazy-as-a-bag-of-squirrels reporting for duty, SIR!
Frankie Chestnuts Spock (speaking in mono-tone): "...and here we see a graph depicting the ship's power curve relative to the age of the warp core. This, of course, normalizes all data back to the original power curve as the warp engine was originally commissioned. These data will be referenced later in my presentation, approximately 90 minutes. I will also refer to these data in approximately 6 hours, the exact timing will of course depend on the number of questions during my presentation. In this next graph I have depicted the power curve of the warp core relative to the total time this core has operated over Warp 5..."
Frankie Chestnuts #1: "How many times now?"
#2: "Twelve."
#1: "I truly think sitting through "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" that many times should be considered cruel and unusual punishment."
Frankie Chestnuts Tracey: "I need a CUP of COFFEE... A CIGARETTE... and a DIME BAG OF SMACK!
Frankie Chestnuts While poverty and most vices were eliminated by the 23rd century...
Coffee got MUCH stronger.
baby grunion A Congressmen sent him a photo...

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