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Caption Competition

29 Dec 2009

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Fuzzy Ensign Revenge was a dish.

Special Mention

Name Caption
The Geek What did the mortitian do after a hard day's work?
He went home and cracked open a cold one.
The Geek Picard (offscreen): "Report."
LaForge: "It looks like she's been in The Cocaine Room, Captain."
Picard: "That's the third time this week someone has broken into and swam through The Cocaine Room!"
LaForge: "Yes, Captain. The Cocaine Room is very popular with crew."
Picard: "Why do we even have a Cocaine Room?!?"
RedDwarfian "Dear Penthouse..."
Ktasay Geordi falls for the Ice Queen yet again.
Frankie Chestnuts During the filming of "The Incredibles", a horrible accident occurred when Frozone's freeze ray malfunctioned.
Mr. President Geordi's method of freezing his sperm for posterity was...unorthodox.
Frankie Chestnuts Ensign Peggy was not pleased when her "Freeze yourself in the shower to avoid a date with Geordi" ploy was unsuccessful.
epclarkson Geordi: Oh, the weather outside is frightful...
nerd86 Strangely enough Geordie's first thought was "Oh, not this again."
nerd86 This is what Geordie considers keeping his relationship "fresh".
Mr. President Female Ensign: "Go out on a date with La Forge? Over my dead body..."
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "Geordi, how did your date go last night?"
Geordi: "Not very well. She was a Stone Cold Bitch."
nerd86 What? Doesn't everyone keep a frozen dead woman in their closet?
nerd86 Riker's emergency storage contained more than food and water.
nerd86 ...and I will thaw her, and pet her, and squeeze her, and call her George.
nerd86 Bobby Drake is a dick. Period.
Lahani To: Lt. Geordi LaForge
From: Subspace Mail Order Bride Service
The Geek "Dear Diary: JACKPOT!"
nerd86 You know Geordie, some people just collect stamps.
Ty.G ...and Tiger Woods' standards continue to decline...
Will Deker Geordi: Dear diary, JACKPOT!!!
Frankie Chestnuts Hee Hee..
Geordi has a stiffy..
nerd86 ...and that was how I met your mother.
JackFrost Frosty the Yeoman, was an icy rigid soul...

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