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Caption Competition

21 Jun 2009

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Data: "I call it "Blu-ray". It will be the biggest thing since the DVD."

Special Mention

Name Caption
The Geek (voiceover): 'Today on Mythbusters: Free energy devices. Can a 19th century machine be made to run on Commander Riker's ego alone?'
AJ Data: "... and with this machine, the captain will finally be able to draw the line 'here and no further'."
McFortner Data (thinking): It's just not fair. Spock got to use vacuum tubes and all I have to work with is this junk....
Frankie Chestnuts Mrs. Carmichael: "Ahh, Mr. Data. I see you have the machine that goes "Ping"."
jg Data: Something tells me that oops will not quite cover this mistake.
lexxonnet The Death Star's laser had its humble beginnings a long long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away.
nerd86 It wasn't Skynet, Data is the one sending back the Terminators!
Scion Ninja Phonograph: Do you xpect me to talk?
Data: No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!!!
Tsukiyumi "PC Load Letter? What the f*ck does THAT mean?"
Tsukiyumi Finally, we see the 'plotiton' generator later Trek writers would use to randomly generate "particles of the week".
David Today on Blue Peter...
Bird of Prey Data: "And if I put the red matter in here, the device creates a quantum singularty, colloquially also known as a black hole! I suppose you could do some really terrible stuff with an artificial black hole, like destroying whole planets - but certainly nobody would be crazy enough to actually do that..."
ExAstris "I am curious, why is it that all "Flux Capacitors" require exactly 1.21 Gigawatts to run properly?
McFortner Data has to go to extraordinary steps to remove the DRM from his MP3s.
JGiliberti Da-ta phone home!
Hugh Jass I do believe from the needle goping up & down on this thingy that either the San Fransico eartquake has begun or Riker has just farted
the Geek Data, in his Blue Period.
BJH Data: Curious. The beam was supposed to be red.
Tobias Riker: Mr. Data, it looks like you've killed Kenny.
Picard: You bastard!
Riker: Wait, that's just Wesley.
Picard: Oh... carry on.
Exodore Laforge (offscreen): What's that Data?
Data: It is a highly concentrated burst of infra-red wave band directed to a highly sensitive receiver...
Laforge: And that's for...
Data: i'm tired of getting up to change the channel on the TV... I'm building a remote control!
jg The Cylon's murky origins are finally explained.
Schizo-Hal Data's first reproductive endeavor. It suffered a worse fate than Lal...
HungryHungarian Picard: 'Tell me, Data, can this be...'
Data: 'Yes, Captain. I am certain that we have found J.J. Abrams' famed Lens Flare Machine.'
The Geek "... I shall call it... Mini Me."

Entries : 217People : 80

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