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Caption Competition

28 Sep 2008

Caption comp image


Name Caption
jg Pakled: Hello, I'm a PC
Jake: and I am a Mac.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Mark "Duh, gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
"The same thing we do every night Pinkie. TRY TO TAKE OVER THE QUADRENT!!!"
Bigjezza Jake was left wondering why TOS still isn't available on the new X-HD Tetryon Disc.
Blaston Phools The new "Laurel and Hardy" for the new age obviously had some loose ends as far as a convincing premise, but would flesh the characters out over the coming series', some more than others..
jg Sitting at a bar,
Two guys, trying to act cool,
Neither succeeding.
drow "Nope, it just says 'Make it so' again. I think that Ferengi sold you a broken Magic-8-Ball."
Royston Vasey Do you think are flight will ever arrive?
Who did you book it with?
Hugh Jass Hello young boy!
Would you like to come with me and listen to my Jonathon King & Gary Glitter albums
David Salberg Jake finds out that a Rubix cube with only 1 square on each side isn't very fun.
Tiberius JAKE: You say this will help my constipation?
PAKLED: Uh huh. It will make you go.
Acid In the 24th Century, Viagra got a lot bigger
RedDwarfian Jake was surprised when he removed the inhibitor from the back of the Pakled's neck, because the Pakled then started reciting Shakespeare. In the original Klingon.
Skipbear "We like boys, boys make us go".
Ozymandias "We look for cheap props. Cheap props to make us go."
Ozymandias Jake never went on another blind date again.
DBB Pakled: Hasperat made me constipated. Want to go. Can't go. My insides...they are broken. Can you make me go?
UnknownCaptioneer I like it and all, but it looks like something a prop department would whip up.
ThomasJBryant Written on device: How to keep a Pakled busy for hours, turn over...
Written on other side of device: How to keep a Pakled busy for hours, turn over...
MetalHead Jake: Finally, the key to winning the Caption Competition is mine!
Alien: I'll take 5 bars of gold pressed latinum.
Jake: DEAL!
Exodore Brokeback DS9...
stitch626 Jake: And this is supposed to make me a super genius like that Wesley kid?
suxxxxxx The Kazon arent the only race the borg wouldnt assimilate!
Frankie Chestnuts Pakled: Well Jake... Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

Entries : 232People : 76

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