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Caption Competition

13 Jul 2008

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Jackie Achmed: You're my virgins? I'm screwed!

Special Mention

Name Caption
bryonfogl the men who own big oil companies... no wonder we are at 4 dollars a gallon in the states...
ExAstris Mirror Mirror on the... floor, whose the richest entrepeneur?
stitch626 Six Ferengi, one bar of latinum. Not going to be pretty.
unixrevolution Ah! It's still moving! Kick it some more!
RedDwarfian Leck: What did he have?
Waitress: He had the special.
Rom: I ordered the special! I'll take the tuna!
Bryan Moore "On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 12 lobes a hearing..."
Frankie Chestnuts Clockwise from upper left:
"The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Stupid, The Greedy, and The Other Ugly"
Xela Ferengi will do anything for money, even posing for a DITL caption competition pic.
cela The boys first look at a fully clothed female.
Causchy "Damn! That guy definitely ain't coming back for 'The Magnificent Ferengi 2!'"
epclarkson On this week's Candid Camera: We fusion welded a slip of Gold Pressed Latinum to the Promenade Deck. Let's see how far our victims will go trying to pull it up.
jg Quark: That has to be the biggest spider I've ever seen.
Brunt: Let's eat it.
Graeme A Carter Scaramoush, scaramoush, will you do the fandango!
mwhittington "What is it?"
"It's ugly!"
"What do you think we should do with it?"
"Let's hit it in the head with a rock! Then we can eat it!"
AJ Noboy expects the ferengi inquisition
AdmiralED For the last time: WE'RE NOT OOMPA LOOMPAS!!!!!!
Bryan Moore Ferengi! Magnificent!
Premonition_45 My god. It's full of ears!
UnknownCaptioneer The gang's all ear.
ncc1701bulldog "ROOOOOOT BEEEEEERRRR!!!"
Foxbat The last thing a bar of latinum ever sees...
Frankie Chestnuts "What? Where am I?"
*Opens eyes*
"Oh crap, not again."
Steamrunner92 "If that's what happens when you eat that stuff, why do these humans insist that bran is healthy?"

Entries : 242People : 93

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