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Caption Competition

13 Apr 2008

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Tiberius Scotty! Help! I'm trapped in a glass box!

Special Mention

Name Caption
ThomasJBryant Kirk realized the trouble he was in when the Orion slave girl turned out to be an Orion slave transsexual.
ExAstris Mr. Scotty's "beam their pants off" prank had garunteed good results.
Guybrush "I'm afraid doing that wont help the ship stop any faster Captain."
UnknownCaptioneer It's sad to think what would have happened if this man ever entered a holodeck.
Hugh Jass Kirk realised with horror that he had sat on his per hamster: Fluffy
Samus Kirk when he finds out that Picard was voted one of the top 10 most sexy men
JedTheGuy Captain Kirk first sees Eccentrica Gallumbits, the triple-breasted whore of Eroticon Six.
Tyrridon Notice that you can't see anything lower than his stomach...that's because Sulu's bucking for a promotion.
Frankie Chestnuts That was "Trapped in a Box". Now watch this one. It's called "Walking against a Strong Wind"
Tsukiyumi Turns out, Spock's comment about the captain's chair being "the hot seat" wasn't a "colorful metaphor"...
Cailus No-one could do the Dumbass Maneuveur like Jim T.Kirk.
The Steve Never again would Kirk have a Vulcan waxing after the pain it inflicted.
Tsukiyumi Shatner was not pleased with the pose used for his Madam Tussaud's replica...
jg Kirk: The kid's not mine, I swear. I've never even been on your planet.
nerd86 McCoy: I'm sorry but we had to remove your penis...
SlideMan My......God! It's full of stars!
Adam Kirk: "Oh my god! stop mooning me Sulu, it's so horrible!"
Niall Johnson This, boys and girls, is why we have crowd control barriers at conventions.
Niall Johnson This is why William Shatner is never allowed into a strip club.
Jim Dolly Parton visits the set of Star Trek...
Lynn Campbell Kirk: Nuns? Ahhh….Reverse, reverse!!!
Lynn Campbell Shater’s first reaction to the proliferation of Spock/Kirk slash fic.

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