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Caption Competition

27 Jan 2008

Caption comp image


Name Caption
mwhittington For her role as Subcommander T'pol in the series Star Trek: Enterprise, Jolene Blalock was awarded two Golden Globe Awards.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Q No matter what the situation, Trip always kept *ahem* abreast of it...
N'tran DS 12 T'Pol:"Don't call me TINY."
Ty. G Trip singing: Mammaries, like the corners of my mind...
Drakey Yet another member of the 6521603815986-mile high club.
Demotox Trip: Do you think that in some other dimension somewhere there are people watching us and writing things about us?
T'pol: Of course not, that would be illogical.
jg T'Pol. her breast covered.
Trip, his chances of scoring dwindling.
Hugh Jass Look I can see Uranus
Trip you dirty man!
No look it's outside on the port window
Oh yes it is !
Greger Everyone! Sweepsweek! Now just the boys! Sweepsweek!
Zeon_Fans The plastic surgeon, his wallet full.
Lynn Campbell TOS women had short skirts, TNG had Troy in plunging necklines and short skirts, Voyager had Janeway in lingerie and Seven in cat suits and Enterprise moves to full nudity....Well the movie should be fun then.
MetalHead Jolene Blalock: One joke about CGI and I'll kill you.
Lynn Campbell T'pol had never before heard of this tradition of "Special birthday sex", but she was pretty sure she wasn't going to like it.
AJ ... and still the ratings don't go up.
jg Trip: You know, when they finally put this epidsdoe on Hi-Def Blu-Ray, this scene will be freaking awsome.
Xavier Just one of the many new 'upgraded screencaps' from the "The Adventures of Commander Trip Tucker III".
FL "For the last time, I do not require remastering"
Niall Johnson Look Honey, I know you're upset about your boobs, but if the CGI boys can make the 1701 look real, I'm sure they can do something for you.
Lynn Campbell And you're sure the fans will come back to us if I do this? UPN won't cancel us?
Captain 8472 Broke Back Vulcan
Foxbat There once was a Commander named Tripp,
Over a vixen of a Vulcan he'd flipped.
A massage to her bare back
was his mode of attack
in hopes he'd get his pants unzipped.
ThomasJBryant To utilize an old Earth saying, "Do I make you horny, baby? DO I?"
Cailus Is it me, or does anyone find it curious that T'Pol and Hoshi have identical strategies for covering their breats?
DanielB Trip: "...and might I say, Bow chika wow wow."
DanielB T'Pol: "I miss my Pushup Bra Symbiote from Eroticon 6..."
Drags Trip: Unimpressed? Get used to this. It's the reason you were cast for the show.

Entries : 282People : 82

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