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Caption Competition

25 Nov 2007

Caption comp image


Name Caption
MetalHead Now, using nothing but his ego, Riker will levitate!

Special Mention

Name Caption
Hugh Jass Riker enjoyed his vist to the plant nymphomania
jg I bet Riker wouldn't appear so smug if he knew that in 15 years, he would 50 pounds heavier and ruining other people's finales.
Drakey I'd say someone needs a hug, but he's too damn self-sufficient.
Hugh Jass The Gay Invisible alien struck again but Riker enjoyed it!
Bryan Moore While the game was named "Find the Tribble," Riker was perfectly content leaving the Tribble juuuuussst where it was.
Bodhi Practising being dead - an important part of any redshirt's training.
jg Riker wears his smugness like a coat on a cold winters day.
Sensei Le Roof In the future, we can harness enough power from this one ego to power a starship.
AJ Jonathan Frakes, a few miniutes before he read the script of 'These are the voyages'.
My Name Is Nobody Riker assumes his standard off-duty relaxation pose, "The Cocoon Of Smugness."
Chromedome Riker imagines a universe without Wesley Crusher (and be honest, don't we all do that?)
Wolfman Will Riker finally found someone whom he could love unconditionally.
Mikey Riker finally has a moment to embrace his one true love.
Schizo-hal Riker daydreams of one day becoming a three-dimensional character.
Blurb23 Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.
woodside He's way too impressed with not topping the Worst Actor on Next Generation poll.
twitch2oh " soft and warm... Why did I ever go out with Troi?:
David Salberg Riker: Ahhh... finally, a career on a science fiction show. No more soap opera storylines involving pointless love interests.
MetalHead Ahh, nothing like a good FART.
David Salberg Riker: ...Because I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!
Rick Here we see Riker hugging his best friend.

Entries : 238People : 97

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