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Caption Competition

2 Sep 2007

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Hugh Jass To the tune of Any Dream Will Do
I closed my eyes and then I farted
My arse departed across the room
And in the East their eyes where burning,
their stomach churning
at the fart I blew!

Special Mention

Name Caption
Greger "Thank you, sir! May I have another?"
tlbs101 I really don't like pineapple. They just told you I did, but I don't. TAKE IT AWAY!!!
Mikey Phlox: "I'll make a note of that, Mr. Reed... humans are used to a somewhat narrower gauge of catheter..."
Mikey offscreen: "Remember your breathing! Push! Push! I can see the head..."
igr56uk reed finally discovers the true idenity of the stig
startrekkin58 Malcolm, in his best Bela Lugosi impression: "I vant to suck..."
Cast: "Face it, Malcolm, you alrady do."
mwhittington Things You Don't Want to Hear While On the Surgical Table:
Uh, which organ is this?
Hey, watch what happens when I press this!
It's not supposed to bend that way, is it?
Hey, has anyone seen my watch?
Nurse, ten cc's of for me, not him!
Man, after all of those scotches, I had to piss like a race horse!
Captain Reynolds Malcolm Reed begins to regret volunteering to pre-screen the new "Star Trek" movie.
Merat Reed after reading all those postings about his sexuality.
Wacky "It puts the decon gel on its skintight grey crop top or it gets the Trellium D injection again!"
Ty. G Look! Don't ask how it happened, just get it out!
jg This is (gasp) the last time I (moan) go eight days without eating fiber.
nerd86 In order to translate the killer joke, Hoshi had each crew member work on one word each. Reed saw two words at the same time and had to spend several weeks in sickbay.
BC1 Bloody Hell! i'm in the sodding MATRIX!!
Bryan Moore While usually a ton of fun, "hide the tribble" often had embarassing consequences.
Foxbat "No, Mr. Reed, I expect you to die!"
Pieman "Why do all of Phlox's headache cures need to be in giant suppository form?"
BC1 Hoshi FemBots: You can not resist our charm Mr. Reed...there is no escape.
Reed: Baseball, cold showers, baseball, cold showers. Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!
Admiral Ed Another victim of the VULCAN DEATH FART

Entries : 21People : 18

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