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Caption Competition

12 Aug 2007

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Cyd In Star Trek the down Quark is unstable.

Special Mention

Name Caption
BC1 Quark: you made him listen to SHATNER!?!
De\ This week Ferengi Suprise Served with Real Ferengi
Lynn Campbell Garak: “No soup for you!”
TThomaso Quark runs across a holosuite file entitled "Odo's Wishlist"
Mikey "Wait a minute! I didn't have the salmon mousse..."
anonymous In the 24th century, it becomes a face thrown in the pie, not a pie thrown in the face.
nerd86 Garak: After dinner mint?
Rom: Piss off! I'm full.
Garak: But it's only wafer thin.
Rom: Oh, all right.
nerd86 Star Trek: CSI
Wolfman Unknown to the rest of the station's crew, in addition to tailoring and the occasional act of espionage, Garak also moonlighted as the Ghost of Christmas Future.
Tsukiyumi And so began the first annual DS9 Tube-Grub eating contest.
Chromedome Dish of the day: Quark on toast
Ty. G Garak: You see, digging and laying bricks IS back-breaking work.
mwhittington Quark: How did he die?
Garak: Oh, come on, everyone on the station knew he was a "crackhead"! (cue rimshot)
mwhittington Garak: I'm afraid he ate something that didn't agree with him.
Quark: And that was...
Garak: Odo.
Odo: (oozing from mouth and coalescing on table)Ugh! And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!
jg Quark: Garak, this is creepy enough without you humming "Send in the Clones"
Captain Reynolds Quark: "What the hell?"
Garak: "He heard the latest plot rumors about the next "Star Trek" movie.
BlasterMaster555 Quark's existential crisis...

Entries : 228People : 92

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