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Caption Competition

22 Jun 2007

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Hisrak T'Pol: Doctor, could you turn the heat down? my implants are melting.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Jillibean Charlie's Angels for the 22nd Century
Crow The sex-bots are readied and prepped for delivery to the Orion Pleasure Dome.
Lancel Reed: Dammit, I'm still not as muscled as those guys in 300.
My Name Is Nobody Reed: Bud
Hoshi: Weis
T'Pol: I fail to understand the significance of this chant and why I must say "Er."
mwhittington Lt. Reed is a talented individual. Here we see him slouching and standing erect at the same time.
zeppelinmage Surprisingly, Reed's hair isn't the only thing standing on end.
Niall Johnson The Audition line for Baywatch: Betazed.
nerd86 In the future public restrooms are a little more... public.
nerd86 T'pol: Bud.
Hoshi: Weis.
Reed: *snore*
The Steve Waxworks of the Enterprise crew were quickly melted down in Madam Tussauds in the 23rd century, thus explaining why no one had ever heard of them...
anonymouse Enterprise: Choir Camp
Lucky Strike Microbe on T'Pol's chest: It's too soft.
Microbe on Reed's chest: It's too hard.
Microbe on Hoshi's chest: It's just right.
Merlin Reed:
MarkB Reed: *Maybe it's a good thing the producers didn't make me gay afterall...*
LeSmurf The use of this type of decontamination chamber had to be abandoned when the first Bolian crewmember was lost in it.
Foxbat Can you guess which character doesn't have a stick up their ass?
Foxbat A bore, a whore, and a snore walk into a decon chamber...
Mr P Reed"Right, just keep moving your arm slowly, maybe Hoshi won't notice it"
Lucky Strike Knowing how Reed was supposed to be portrayed, there actually IS a phaser in his pants.
jg Male Voice: It puts the lotion on it's skin or it get the hose again.
T'Pol: He's talking to you Reed.
Hoshi: It's true, he is talking to you.
Reed: Damn
OlderThanTOS 'D' cups, 'B' cups, 'A' cup
William Reed; Stop it Hoshi, you can stretch all you like, T'pol's are bigger.
Jason T Here we see the cast just close their eyes and wait for the obligatory underwear scene to be over.
DBB Reed: Colder, the room need to be colder.
T'Pol: Why?
Reed: No reason.

Entries : 260People : 94

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