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Caption Competition

4 Mar 2007

Caption comp image


Name Caption
epclarkson Kes was having a good time at the party until Neelix introduced a new game 'Bobbing for French Fries'

Special Mention

Name Caption
Hugh Jass When Kes was invited to a 'roasting' with Harry & Tom she wan't expecting this
Ty. G Hello, and welcome to Bikini Atoll.
Bill L. Too late, Tom discovered a flaw in his "Ghost Rider" Holodeck program.
Mr. President Burn, baby, burn, Disco Infernoooo!!!!
Matt It's just a flesh wound!
SteveWD Never having won the caption competition really burns me up!
Mikey "My report on the biosphere is complete, Captain... the atmosphere is compatible, but the ambient UV radiation is a tich on the high side..."
Lasombrat "That's a spicy meatball!"
Mr. President "How many damn times do I need to tell you?! Make sure I'm dead BEFORE you start the cremation!!"
Unknown Sample Oh, Britney... what have you gone and done to yourself now?
Hugh Jass Are you the gatekeeper?
jg Damn, some women really don't look the same without their make-up.
Tiberius I told you Kes, it will never heal if you don't stop picking at it.
Tiberius Man, Kes looks HOT!
DBB "Oh, look at this. Turns out it's NOT on light stun."
XZB All in all Kes loved her DMV photo had it not been for that damn "red eye" effect.
Foxbat "What in Blazes is going on here..."
Rat Boy Neelix: "Who ordered the Ocampa flambe?"
Spike You know the light at the end of the tunnel? well, it was a photon torpedo....

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