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Caption Competition

25 Feb 2007

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Rat Boy Bashir: "Do I make you thorny, baby?"

Special Mention

Name Caption
Lobster Dax: "This is - just disgusting!"
Bashir: "...says the woman with the big ugly slug in her belly."
Pinky & the Brain I think that Genie was deaf
Well I asked for a short, hairy and horny pianist
Royston Vasey I'm getting worried about the number of Caption Competition with Phallic references.
There as been quite a few!
The guy who sets this competition must have a complex.
Well he is a Star Trek Fan
Oh a 40 year Virgin then who lives in his mams basement
jg It didn't matter how hard Bashir tried with Dax, something always came between them.
Hisrak Bashir: So, what do you think?
Dax: Honestly? I think our serious efforts to explore space are being freeze-framed and used as items of ridicule as part of some idiotic childlike competition which will undoubtedly contain the words 'Biggus Dickus'. I think I'm sick of being laughed at by the same pathetic pondlife who perv over footage of me from 'Let He Who Is Without Sin...' and I think I've had just about enough of being asked to produce sexist one-liners every time we find something vaguely phallic!
Bashir: Pretty please?
Dax: *sigh* "I've seen bigger."
Admiral Ed Dax meet the Ambassador from the Cactus People
CaptnQuantum To all those people who have submitted captions implying that this plant is phallic: if yours looks like this, SEE A DOCTOR.
CaptnQuantum Anyway, so a friend of a friend bought one of these on Denobula, and he gets it home, and suddenly it bursts open, and thousands of little spiders pop out...
Denis Le Menoir A disturbing scene from Sex Trek: The Next Penetration
Hugh Jass Jadzia what type of flower is this?
It's a Penis Fly Trap
Kathryn Janeway Oh come on, even Kira uses one now and then.
Stargrazer Bashir receives his answer to the question "What does Worf have that I don't?"
Jillibean Dax: So you say this is what Kira pulled out of Dukat?
Rat Boy Five minutes later, another Weyoun clone popped out of the pod.
john smith Jadzia's first lesson in Klingon anatomy was quite... disturbing.
Foxbat "Doctor, are you SURE this is a Klingon Condom?"

Entries : 222People : 85

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