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Caption Competition

18 Feb 2007

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Mr. President Q: "That's right, Britney, just hold your fingers like that and you'll be able to cut your own hair..."

Special Mention

Name Caption
Jillibean Q would later go on to annoy Picard again, ruin his trip with Vash, and even disrupt the routine on Voyager. It's all too bad because he coulda quit while he was a head.
jg Ever since she was a little girl, Amanda never could shake that feeling that someone or something was watching her.
Q There once was a fellow named Q
Who liked to harrow the crew
Then Amanda said "no more"
and sent him to the core
And now their troubles are few.
mwhittington Q: Do you mind, Amanda? I'm taking a warp plasma shower. Do you think you could find me some antimatter shampoo?
Mikey After hearing about the USS Equinox, Geordi began experimenting at fueling the core with increasingly more powerful aliens.
Hugh Jass Sorry to bother you. You haven't seen a little labrador puppy running off, the mutts stolen my toilet paper
Mikey "Omnipotent, multi-dimensional power, and I can't even do that damn Vulcan finger-thingy!"
ThomasJBryant The real secret to warp drive: gas!
Bill L. "As you can see, Amanda my dear, the Q Continuum is Head and Shoulders above the Federation!"
Merlin The giant Q-powered teaching droid was very proud of it's prodigy's mathematics plus two was indeed three!
Merlin Q: I think she's telling me to steal third...
Wacky "Q! Is that a warp core throbbing in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"
McFortner Q: Peek-a-Q!
Bryan Moore It didn't take Amanda long to realize that Q had a very warped sense of humor.
truevaliance Geordi's decision to display his mounted Q's head on the warp core was really starting to creep out the engineering room staff...
The Steve Amanda: See Geordi, I told you I could power a ship using only Q's ego!

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