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Caption Competition

17 Dec 2006

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Bob6800 Rom: Surely brother you've noticed my drinking problem began after Nog lost his leg at the battle of Nacho Grande?
Quark: Yes, yes I did notice. And Don't call me Surely.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Mikey Rom tests his new mail-order "Ferengi-made vacuum-action lobe enlarger pump."
McFortner Quark: What happened to you?
Rom: I told Worf what the hew-mons used prune juice for.....
Hisrak When Rom said he played the Ferengi Lute by ear, he wasn't joking...
Dan C. Quark: "Never has the phrase 'In one ear, out the other" been used so literally..."
Griddles Not everyone keeps their genitals in the same place.
jg Unbeknownst to Stargleet, the Ferengi have developed many hiding places for contraband.
Jack "Twenty one bottles of beer in the ear. Twenty one bottles of beer...."
Jack Quark: I still don't get this YourTube thing.
Helmsman #3 Quark: "Do you really think Morn's rendition of 'I'm too Sexy For my Shirt' was that bad?"
Rom: "Must... Destroy... Eardrum!!!!!"
FL "Quark, to Counselor Dax. I think I have a patient for you."
Q Although Rom wasn't as dumb as Quark generally implied, he did have moments.
Foxbat "I'm a little teacup, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout..."
Foxbat (A Ferengi Haiku)
Brothers Quark and Rom
Contemplate an injury
Inflicted by Worf
ZebulaNebula Quark's family slide #47: here, Rom puts out an earwax fire with a margarita.
Rat Boy Rom: I can hear the ocean!
Enzo Aquarius Rom: What's that sonny-boy?! I can't quite hear ya!
SenatorVreenak "That's still better than the last place you stuck that."
Dennie Hebels A Ferengi living on Deep Space 9
Thought his life was going just fine
His brother did not
For he saw him get shot
With some glassware intended for wine
Hugh Jass So insert the Babel Fish they said
It translates all thoughts so you can understand them!
So whats the problem?
My vole said he loved me!
Pinky & the Brain Rom you appear to have a drink problem
Dennie Hebels Another fine example 24th century technology: the "Ear trumpet Ultra" for when you absolutely positively need to hear every gossip in your bar.

Entries : 284People : 109

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