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Caption Competition

10 Dec 2006

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Tiberius There once were these Datas three
Who were worried as worried can be.
To find which one was real
So the timeline could heal
Said the one in the middle, "It's me!"

Special Mention

Name Caption
Pieman 1st Data: so what does my tattoo say
3rd Data: Dude
2nd Data: what does mine say
3rd Data: Sweet
1st Data: i know but what does my tattoo say
3rd Data: Dude
2nd Data: what does mine say
3rd Data: Sweet
Kári TNG Data: "We may be able to close the time rift by rerouting the plasma intake through the secondary valve, remodulate the shields, inverting the thorion particle flow and increasing power to the tertiary manifold."
Nemesis Data: "In my experience, just firing at it with a phaser works just fine."
Hugh Jass Bud
Coors! D'oh!
Randy Houle Question: How many Datas does it take to save the Enterprise?
Answer: One, but there wouldn't be a caption competition this week without the other two.
Wolfman So three androids walk into a bar...
Child of Wonder So this is the "multiple techniques" Data told Tasha about....
Randy Houle Sure, you should always back up your data, but this is ridiculous...
Darth Later I think I'm a clone now(a clone now).
Captain Feedback "Plop, plop! Fizz, fizz! Oh what a relief it is!"
Alka-Seltzer Temporal Plus, for those annoying space-time rifts.
Side effects may include: multiple temporal copies, time paradoxes, end of time and space as we know it.
mwhittington One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same... oh, wait, yeah they are.
Magnus I am Data.
No I am Data
No I am Sparta... I mean I am Data
Rat Boy Data was suddenly confused when he was confronted by yet a third evil twin: Information!
Griddles The confusing part is that the word 'Data' is plural.
Griddles Soong's fantasies were VERY repetitive.
nerd86 (Center): If I am Lore, and he is B4, and Data is dead, then who are you?
(Right): There are those who call me... Tim!
Bryan Moore Data: "According to my calculations, B4 multiplied by 3 comes out to 'B12' which, one could then break down into B2 multipled by 6, B3 multiplied by 4, B24 divided by 12, B18 divided by 1.5, the square root of B144, the..."
Picard: "That's ENOUGH, Mr. Data!"
Bryan Moore The brother's Soong, in line they stood.
Evil, confused, and full of good.
Lore, B4, and Data stared,
dopplegangers, each fully aware,
that fans delight in androids three
and ratings sore, to Paramount's glee!
But all and all, 'twas nothing finer
Than the triple paycheck, paid to Brent Spiner
Captain Worf As Data stepped toward the glowing ray,
he saw himself, standing in the way.
It only confused him even more,
to find himself where he stood before.
It really wasn't Data's day.
Griddles If Nemesis taught us anything, it's that Data standing beside a glowing column of freaky light is not a good thing.
Jesse Data soon questioned the validity of Picard's theory that a thermos of Earl Grey could fix any problem.

Entries : 298People : 101

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