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Caption Competition

29 Oct 2006

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Pinky & the Brain They're Clinging on the Starboard Bow

Special Mention

Name Caption
Helmsman #3 Kirk: "My God, Who are they?"
Odana: "I believe they are fans of the Daystrom Institute's Caption Competition, clamoring for a return of the 'Green' pictures."
Kirk: "Red Alert!!!"
Helmsman #3 "Okay... You've got enough people there to cause a Famine in about, say, three minutes... I'm bringing the Pestilence... the Klingons will be here any minute... and Death is sort of implied in all of this... Now, where can we get some horses?"
Jason F. Kirk "They take the sign very seriously as you can see, the first 6 rows WILL GET WET! Now where were we??"
My Name Is Nobody Fortunately Kirk's fears of war were unfounded since what the aliens considered to be war, humans considered to be a staring contest.
Hugh Jass Listen He's not the Messiah! He's a very naughty boy!
Lancel "Look at them out there... the few, the proud, the Caption Competition winners. Some day, I'll join them out there... some day..."
"They look kinda depressed."
Hisrak Kirk: I've told you hoodies before! If Bluewater Shopping Center can ban you, so can I!
Mikey "My G-d... it's full of extras..."
Jack Servants of the Ori are spreading fast into other franchises.
Will Deker The new soylent green selection process.
Magnus I think about 5 minutes on high should do the trick
BikerWolf A scene from "Night of the Living Trekkies".
Tiberius Kirk: You know, these newly remastered episodes really are better! In the original version, this was just a bunch of guys outside a window, not a computer generated crowd shot with 14 people!
Wubbzy In Soviet Russia, TV watches you!
Lucky Strike ...and you if you look through this window, you can a member of the species Captainus Kirkus about to engage in his daily mating ritual...
EMH_MkI Kirk accidentally activates the secret switch that reveals the ship is actually run by hundreds of oompa-loompas.
truevaliance Kirk: "So am I to understand that all those people on the other side of this screen are people who've gotten special mentions but never actually won a caption competition?"
Foxbat Front row seats to a Kirk seduction? Sweet!

Entries : 322People : 104

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