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Caption Competition

22 Oct 2006

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Wacky "Doctor... why is a Barry White soundtrack playing?"

Special Mention

Name Caption
Hugh Jass What do you mean Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who?
My Name Is Nobody Phlox: Then I rammed my ovipositor down your throat and layed eggs in your chest.
Ty G. Phlox: Here you go Mr. Reed. Side affects may include; nausia, vomiting, severe migraines, halitosis, anal seepage, coma, death, skin irritation, and premature ejaculation.
Reed: ... um... never mind, I think I'll just suffer with my dry eyes.
DanielB Phlox: "Good news, Lieutenant, we're naming a disease after you!"
Exodore "...And that's how Denobulans reproduce... Any question?"
lexxonnet Phlox: By the way Mr. Reed... have you seen my Rigelian Vibrating Leech?
jg Reed was admitted to sickbay after being in shock after seeing how bad the scipt was for "These are the Voyages.."
mwhittington Reed: Doctor, doctor! I'm not wearing any pants! What is wrong with me!?
Phlox: Well, for starters, I can clearly're nuts!
McFortner Phlox: Interesting. Do you have any Denobulan in you Mr. Reed?
Reed: No, why?
Phlox: Would you like some?
Griddles Brokeback Sickbay
Mr. President Phlox: "Come on now, Mr. Reed, you know the procedure. You went to boarding school after all, didn't you?"
Enzo Aquarius And thus Starfleet could coin the phrase, "Where no leech has gone before."
Rat Boy Reed: "You put the osmotic eel where, exactly?"

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