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Caption Competition

24 Sep 2006

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Gonzo Why do the red-shirts always die? Because they're godless communists, that's why.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Gonzo Quick Spock, get their wallets.
Hugh Jass Listen if you don't let me sing I'll kill Spock next!
Thöme The real reason why TOS was cancelled after only three years. They ran out of extras.
Griddles It's the annual Staff vs Redshirts day, and every year is the same...
McFortner Scotty, the carniverous bunny has killed three of my Redshirts. Beam down the Holy Handgrenade!
Zeke Thorne Kirk: I wish to complain about these crewmen what beamed down not half an hour ago from your very starship.
Spock: Oh yes, the, uh, the Starfleet Reds...what's, uh, what's wrong with them?
Kirk: I'll tell you what's wrong with 'em my lad: they're dead, that's what's wrong with 'em!
Spock: No no, they're, uh, they're resting. Remarkable crew, the Starfleet Reds, idn'it ay? Beautiful ensemble!
Turgon Kirk to Enterprise, we need more cannon fod... I mean more security guys.
Bryan Moore In an episode clearly meant to parallel the ever-increasing tension in Vietnam, our heroes had it out with the reds.
Bryan Moore "They're dead, Jim," said a stoic Spock
'Bout the redshirts found slain by a rock
"You stole Bones's line,
But I suppose thats just fine.
Its not like their deaths are a shock!"
The Steve Mutiny is taken VERY seriously in Starfleet.
The Steve In the 23rd century, Laser Quest became a hell of a lot more lethal.
Gator Kirk to Enterprise. We are running out of Red Shirts down here. Beam down more nameless victims.
Imperium Indications of what humans would call a - wild party, sir.
truevaliance Kirk: "This is the captain. Mr. Spock and I are going to kill all the red shirts down here and a clown."
Spock: "Why a clown?"
Kirk: "See? Nobody cares about the redshirts..."
ByAnyOtherName "Damn... Ensign Reynolds was cut down in the middle of 'I'm a Little Teapot.' See? There was his handle. There was his spout."
drow Kirk: "HELLO! My name is Inigo Kirk. You killed my red shirts. PREPARE TO DIE!"
clive spock: say it!
guy on floor: im your bitch
spock: oh yeah
Kevin P. I'm trying to hold him off with my phaser, Enterprise, but his pon-farr has gone completely out of control this time. Get someone else down here before he does to these bodies what I think he's going to do.
Bill Ding Looks like Cheney *ahem* I mean SPOCK, had another hunting accident...
Giliberti And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust
JilliBean They waited patiently...inconspicuously...when the time was right, the Palm People would eliminate these two newcomers, just as they had the three before them.

Entries : 418People : 149

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