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Caption Competition

10 Sep 2006

Caption comp image


Name Caption
SlideMan Janeway: Tuvok! Where's my froggy? Help me find my froggy! Where's froggy!
Tuvok: I have found your froggy, Captain!
Janeway: Oh, there you are Froggy! Mommy missed you! (Squeeks froggy) I know, you missed me too!

Special Mention

Name Caption
The Steve Janeway: Well it doesn't look "this big" from here Chakotay.
Jack All the notable women and their bath habits:
Faustina the Younger bathed in blood
Cleopatra bathed in milk
Janeway bathed in steamy caffe latte
Captain Nathan Janeway: "Are you sure your Borg implants are water proof?"
Hugh Jass Listen there's a toy submarine this big in here. Captained by Troy Tempest. They've killed Steve Irwin and I'm next!
McFortner Chakotay (off camera): I thought that these Intrepid-class ships didn't have jacuzzis in their quarters.
Janeway: They don't.
Chakotay: Then where did all these bubbles come from.
Janeway: Neelix thought that "Burrito night" was a good idea for dinner today....
Child of Wonder You must be this big to ride the Janeway.
Bryan Moore I appreciate the thought, Mr. Neelix, but I meant a static warp bubble.
Bryan Moore "Bubble bubble, toil and trouble, if I get up, grab the body double..."
McFortner Janeway: Tuvok? Push off will you, I'm trying to have a relaxing bath here.
Tuvok: Sir, may I remind you that you have been in the bath for the last three years.
Janeway: Well, you have to relax a lot in a job like mine.
McFortner What, too much contraceptive foam?
ZebulaNebula Janeway: I tell you Seven, it was this big.
SteveWD That better not be you down there Tuvok!
Skipbear Kathy relaxes with Mr. Bubble and Mr. Buzzy
Foxbat "I can't believe the fans really want to see me in a bubble bath..." (We don't) "I never considered myself a sex symbol..." (Your not) "But I do what I must, for the show must go on..." (It didn't)
Wacky Janeway, to herself: "Oh God. I just had sex with Tom... as a newt...
Scrub, scrub, must scrub harder..."

Entries : 203People : 92

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