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Fleets Introduction

The following documents attempt to describe the current makeup of the fleets of the major Alpha and Beta quadrant powers as of early 2375, two years after the start of the Dominion war. The information has been largely generated by "Jane's Ships of the Milky Way" and other such civilian agencies, combined with the both official and reputable unofficial reports of those ships which have been lost during the hostilities. While Starfleet has always operated a strict freedom of information policy, the necessities of war meant that it could not be expected to be completely open about its forces during the war. Once hostilities ceased Starfleet became much more open about the situation, but the sheer complexity of the situation combined with the limited space available here means that it will be some time yet before a fully accurate picture of the current state of Starfleet can be gained. Non-Federation powers have never been especially forthcoming in this respect, and the information contained herein is largely compiled from declassified Starfleet Intelligence assessments.

There are up to 7 pages for each fleet as follows:


Descibes the basic specifications of each ship in the fleet. It provides sizes, Mass, Crew complement and speeds.


Provides details on the origin of the information and other descriptive information.


Provides links to any datapoints associated with the fleet.


Provides an overview of the armaments of each ship within the feet.


Provides an overview of the defensive capabilities of each ship within the fleet.


Provides an overview of the strength indices and overall strength index for the ships within the fleet. An explanation of the strength indices can be found on the strength introduction button below.


Provides an overview of the numbers of ships produced, their overall strength index and the overall strength index for the class within the fleet. Totals are provided for all capital ships and shuttle size ships, together with a grand total for the fleet as a whole.

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