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Episode Morals List

Series : The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series |

Summary Moral EpisodeUp
Omnipotence Just because you can do anything, it doesn't mean that you have the right to TNG : Encounter at Farpoint
Fate You may find the woman of your dreams in the most unlikely of places TNG : Haven
Prime Directive Sometimes even the strict of rules must be ignored for the greater good. TNG : Redemption, Part 2
Communication With patience and trust, anything can be overcome TNG : Darmok
Fitting In There's a place for everyone, if only they can find it TNG : Ensign Ro
Nature An animal which tries to kill you is not evil; it is simply doing what it has evolved to do TNG : Silicon Avatar
Inner Strength When disaster strikes you really find out what you're made of. TNG : Disaster
Games "Computer Games" can be addictive and are a very bad thing. TNG : The Game
Greed Carrying too many arms can lead to disaster. TNG : Unification, Part 1
Trouble The road to hell is paved with good intentions. TNG : Unification, Part 2
Conmen Charm and a little knowledge does mean they're really from the future. TNG : A Matter of Time
Family Family can sometime seem embarrasing but you love them non the less. TNG : New Ground
Relaxation We all need to blow off a little steam from time to time TNG : The Big Goodbye
Grief Grief can be hard to face. TNG : Hero Worship
Responsibility With great power comes great responsibility. TNG : Violations
Prejudice A society should be judged by what it does for those worse off, not it's ability to rid it's self of them. TNG : The Masterpiece Society
Ethics Even without our memories we can tell what our ethics are. TNG : Conundrum
Ethics Success is not an excuse for poor ethics. TNG : Ethics
Free Love We should be free to sleep with anyone we want. TNG : The Outcast
Persistence If at first you don't succeed, try try again. TNG : Cause and Effect
Truth Truth is the first duty of a Starfleet officer. TNG : The First Duty
Freedom Live free or die trying. TNG : Cost of Living
Family Just because you're related, doesn't mean you share the same values TNG : Datalore
Restraint Resistance is not futile. TNG : The Perfect Mate
Childhood Childhood can be a very alien concept. TNG : Imaginary Friend
Borg You can take the individual out of the Borg and you can even take the Borg out of the individual. TNG : I, Borg
Life Under the correct circumstances you can live more in a few moments than you have for the rest of your life. TNG : The Inner Light
Archaeology Archaeologists sometime find the strangest of things. TNG : Time's Arrow, Part 1
Disturbing? Don't loose your head. TNG : Time's Arrow, Part 1
Writers Smarter than you think TNG : Time's Arrow, Part 2
Paranoia Sometimes they are out to get you, it just isn't who you think it is. TNG : Realm of Fear
Diplomatic immunity Not always a good thing. TNG : Man of the People
Toxic waist dump Nothing is all bad? TNG : Man of the People
Old age Just because you are old, doesn't mean you can't still teach people a thing or two. TNG : Relics
Sexism It's not just something men do to women TNG : Angel One
Holodecks For those times when the real thing just isn't available TNG : 11001001
Terrorism Even in the 24th century, there are no easy answers TNG : Too Short a Season
Children The love of children cannot be bought TNG : When the Bough Breaks
Terraforming The ultimate in ecological destruction TNG : Home Soil
Aliens No matter how alien they are they deserve respect TNG : Home Soil
Failure If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. TNG : Coming of Age
Glory Going down in flames is the dream of every Klingon TNG : Heart of Glory
Restraint For when you really want to... but know you shouldn't TNG : The Naked Now
War What is it good for? TNG : The Arsenal of Freedom
Drugs Just say no, kids! TNG : Symbiosis
Death " that state in which one exists only in the memories of others. Which is why it is not an end." TNG : Skin of Evil
Time It's never a good idea to rip a hole in the fabric of the universe TNG : We'll Always Have Paris
Parasites You infect a Starfleet officer, there's a price to pay TNG : Conspiracy
Romulans They're back, and they're more smug than ever TNG : The Neutral Zone
Understanding The best way to know a way of life is to live it TNG : The Child
Experimentation Always keep in mind that the rats may not like being in the maze TNG : Where Silence Has Lease
Life Cogito, ergo sum - I think, therefore I am TNG : Elementary, Dear Data
Comedy It's harder than it looks TNG : The Outrageous Okona
Honour It's a thing worth fighting and even dying for TNG : Code of Honor
Peace Can never flow from the barrel of a gun TNG : Loud as a Whisper
Mortality Everything has it's time, and everything dies. No exceptions. TNG : The Schizoid Man
Genetic Engineering It's never a good idea to play God TNG : Unnatural Selection
Fitting In It's not about where you're from, it's about how you conduct yourself where you are TNG : A Matter of Honor
Equality Does a machine have a soul? Does a person? TNG : The Measure of a Man
Young Love The girl of your dreams can turn out to be a big scary monster, but in the end it doesn't matter TNG : The Dauphin
Viruses Computer viruses can be as deadly as the biological ones TNG : Contagion
Hell The road to hell is paved with good intentions TNG : The Royale
Time Warps This universe just isn't big enough for two Captain Picards TNG : Time Squared
Klingons Is there anything they celebrate WITHOUT pain sticks? TNG : The Icarus Factor
Greed Life isn't always about grabbing whatever is within reach TNG : The Last Outpost
The Prime Directive Even the most hallowed of rules has its exceptions TNG : Pen Pals
Technology It's not safe out here. It's wonderous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross... but it's not for the timid. TNG : Q Who
Exploration Some do it for the joy of discovering new knowledge. And some do it to look for things. Things to make them go. TNG : Samaritan Snare
Cloning It's so evil that murder pales in comparison TNG : Up The Long Ladder
Horny When they woman of your nightmares is horny then then only sensible course of action is to hide TNG : Manhunt
Girlfriends It can be awkward when an old girlfriend turns up, full of strained silences and even pregnant pauses TNG : The Emissary
Pride Goeth before a fall TNG : Peak Performance
Clipshows They're just never a good idea TNG : Shades of Gray
Cash When the money runs out so does the quality TNG : Shades of Gray
Genius Genius does not excuse murder TNG : Evolution
Priorities Principles may be worth dying for, but a place is just a place TNG : The Ensigns of Command
Exploration How far you go is only limited by your imagination TNG : Where No One Has Gone Before
Genocide Some crimes are beyond punishment TNG : The Survivors
Progress Progress towards enlightenment is hard won, but it can be very easily lost TNG : Who Watches The Watchers?
Mourning Even when it's very painful it is vital to mourn the death of a parent TNG : The Bonding
Weapons Sometimes the deadliest of weapons use your own strength against you TNG : Booby Trap
Enemies When you take the time to find out, they're often more alike than unalike TNG : The Enemy
Capitalism Everything has it's price TNG : The Price
Revenge Beware of seeking vengeance; the lives you destroy will include your own TNG : The Vengeance Factor
Patriotism The greatest act of patriotism lies in betraying your people when they are in the wrong TNG : The Defector
Liberty There is no greater need than the need for freedom TNG : The Hunted
Ambiguity Terrorist or freedom fighter - who is to say? TNG : The High Ground
Guts Standing up to your boss when you know they are wrong TNG : Lonely Among Us
Gratitude Some presents are too good to accept TNG : Deja Q
Viewpoints Yours, theirs... the truth is usually somewhere inbetween TNG : A Matter of Perspective
Surrender That'll be the day... TNG : Yesterday's Enterprise
Family It's not just about blood TNG : The Offspring
Politics In a land of hypocrites, it's more important than honour TNG : Sins of the Father
Authority You only every have the authority that those under you choose to allow you TNG : Allegiance
Power Some power is too much for anybody to have TNG : Captain's Holiday
Companionship There's somebody out there for everybody... even if it is a giant super-powerful space hedgehog TNG : Tin Man
Fantasies Well be honest, you would if you could... TNG : Hollow Pursuits
Greed It'll be your undoing in the end TNG : The Most Toys
Justice Some things are more important than laws TNG : Justice
Mortality Nothing lasts forever TNG : Sarek
Threesomes They sound like a good idea... but you'd be surprised TNG : Menage a Troi
Evolution The only constant in the universe is change TNG : Transfigurations
Duty Just because he's your friend doesn't mean you hold your fire TNG : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Rememberence They shall not grow old, as we who are left shall grow old. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we shall remember them. TNG : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
Family You may like them, you may not. But they are yours, and you are theirs, and you will always need each other. TNG : Family
Brothers Just because it looks the same and is made the same doesn't mean that it is the same. TNG : Brothers
Identity Where your journey started is not at important as who you have become on the way TNG : Suddenly Human
Perspective The world may be your oyster, just make sure that your whole world isn't the size of an oyster. TNG : Remember Me
Trust Beware Greeks bearing gifts TNG : Legacy
Nostalgia The past isn't what it used to be TNG : The Battle
Carpe Diem Because one day you'll look around and realise it's too late... TNG : Reunion
Appearences Can be deceptive TNG : Future Imperfect
Nerds Nerdy, annoying young boys can sometimes save your life. TNG : Final Mission
Confidence Because you can always do more than you think with less than you have TNG : The Loss
Busy A lot happens in a typical day in a Starfleet officer's life. TNG : Data's Day
Paranoia Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean you don't actually have enemies TNG : The Wounded
Mythology Mythology can be a dangerous thing if you take it too seriously. TNG : Devil's Due
Persistance If at first you don't succeed... TNG : Clues
Dreams Dream big; you never know what fate might bring you TNG : First Contact
Responsibility If you kill the mother you must look after the child. TNG : Galaxy's Child
Moral Fortitude When the greatest bribe cannot change what is morally right TNG : Hide and Q
Sleep Sleep is very important to human sanity. TNG : Night Terrors
Diversity Not all species reproduce in the same way. TNG : Identity Crisis
Exploration Travel is not the only way to meet people. TNG : The N'th Degree
Honesty Not being honest about your feelings can lead you into embarrassing situations. TNG : Qpid
Freedom Freedom is a precious flower which must be defended from enemies both without and within TNG : The Drumhead
Duty Half a life is better than none TNG : Half a Life
Love It's not what you look like, it's who you are on the inside that matters TNG : The Host
Brainwashing Even the best of people can be twisted. TNG : The Mind's Eye
Emotions Love is not a computer subroutine TNG : In Theory
Loyalties Sometimes you just have to decide where your loyalties lie. TNG : Redemption, Part 1

Series : The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series |

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