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Episode Morals List

Series : The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series |

Summary Moral EpisodeUp
Development You cannot live in the shadow of others for ever, you need to learn to stand on you own two feet ENT : Broken Bow
Trust You never know who your friends are ENT : Cold Front
Preparedness It's a dangerous universe out there, you have to walk softly and carry a big stick ENT : Silent Enemy
Restraint Learning to avoid meddling in the affair of others ENT : Dear Doctor
Good Deeds No good deed ever goes unpunished ENT : Sleeping Dogs
Piggy in the Middle Being the cohesive force between feuding sides can be a difficult task ENT : Shadows of P'Jem
Hope No matter how desperate the circumstances there is always cause for hope ENT : Shuttlepod One
Consiquences Playing with things you don't understand can have major consequences ENT : Fusion
Hunting Hunting sentient species is not morally acceptable ENT : Rogue Planet
Greed Greed can make you do stupid things ENT : Acquisition
Deception Deception is not always used for for bad purposes ENT : Oasis
Scary It's a scary universe out there but with a little determination you can win through in the end ENT : Fight or Flight
Enemies The enemy of you enemy is not always your friend ENT : Detained
Monsters Monsters are not always what they seem ENT : Vox Sola
Heros Meeting your hero in person can often be a disapointment ENT : Fallen Hero
Expectations Medaling in the affairs of others can lead to an expectation in others that you will help them ENT : Desert Crossing
Risa What happens on Risa says on Risa ENT : Two Days and Two Nights
Tough When the going gets tough, the tough get going ENT : Shockwave, Part 1
Determination No matter how difficult the task, with a little ingenuity you can win though ENT : Shockwave, Part 2
Lies? Vulcans don't lie, or do they? ENT : Carbon Creek
Camaraderie Never leave a man behind ENT : Minefield
Bargain When an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is ENT : Dead Stop
Supprise Just because the planet looks like earth doesn't mean it is like earth ENT : Strange New World
Pets There's nothing more important, to a human, than his pet ENT : A Night In Sickbay
Unity Because when you stand together, nothing is impossible ENT : Marauders
Conmen They can be good, very very good ENT : The Seventh
Cultural Contamination Leaving little 'gifts' behind can make a bad situation worse ENT : The Communicator
Obsession Just how deep is your navel ENT : Singularity
Buckaroo Banzai No matter where you go, there you are. Perhaps ENT : Vanishing Point
Enemies Are just friends who need to work on their relationship ENT : Dawn
Bigotry Is an affliction that can even effect those who call themselves logical ENT : Stigma
Expectations It can be surprising at just how alien an alien race can be ENT : Unexpected
Negotiations Sometime you just have to knock the heads together ENT : Cease Fire
Savagery No matter how advances we get we are only a smal step away from savagery ENT : Terra Nova
Frendship? You never quite know who your friends will turn out to be ENT : The Andorian Incident
Exploration Exploration can be a dangerous business, but it can also be worth it in the end ENT : Breaking the Ice
Interference It's hard to dismiss the urge to fight injustice ENT : Civilization
Grudge Bearing a grudge can lead you to act stupidly ENT : Fortunate Son

Series : The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series |

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