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Episode Morals List

Series :The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series |

Summary Moral EpisodeUp
Obsession Don't obsess about the past or it will ruin your present. DS9 : Emissary
Gods One man's god is another man's alien DS9 : Emissary
Forgiveness No matter what, you should forgive those who had no control over what they did. DS9 : Emissary
Wishes Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. DS9 : The Nagus
People Even the worst of people can have the best of motives when you look deeply enough. DS9 : Vortex
Lessens You must learn the lessons of your past, or you are doomed to repeat them. DS9 : Battle Lines
Wisdom You do not need to be old to be wise. DS9 : The Storyteller
Progress Progress can often be a difficult process. DS9 : Progress
Wishes Be careful what you wish for, you may well get it. DS9 : If Wishes Were Horses
Love You can find love where you least expect it. DS9 : The Forsaken
Obsession The quest for perfection can be a good thing... if not taken too far. DS9 : Dramatis Personae
Courage It takes great courage to try to atone for the sins of your people. DS9 : Duet
Religion Religion and science cannot co-exist. DS9 : In the Hands of the Prophets
Intentions The road to hell is paved with good intentions. DS9 : Past Prologue
Hero Meeting your hero can be a bit of a let down. DS9 : The Homecoming
Heros Heros are not always what they're cracked up to be. DS9 : The Circle
Local Knowledge It can be very difficult to overcome home field advantage. DS9 : The Siege
Disabled? It's not how bad a hand you are dealt, it's how you play the hand you get. DS9 : Melora
Gender Gender should not limit your ability to perform to the best of your abilities. DS9 : Rules of Acquisition
Altruism You will do anything for the one you love. DS9 : Second Sight
Charity Charity begins at home. DS9 : Sanctuary
People Things are not always what the seem. DS9 : A Man Alone
Cheats Cheats never prosper. DS9 : Rivals
Science It's easy to mistake the dispassionate nature of a scientist for lack of caring. DS9 : The Alternate
Trust Sometimes you just have to trust people not to repeat the mistakes of the past. DS9 : Armageddon Game
Paranoia The truth is not always what it first appears to be. DS9 : Whispers
Progress The simple life is not all it's cracked up to be. DS9 : Paradise
First Impressions First impressions can be misleading. DS9 : Playing God
Revenge Revenge is a dish best served cold. DS9 : Blood Oath
Friends You never know who your friends are. DS9 : The Maquis, Part 1
Seriousness Just because it seems funny at first doesn't mean it's not serious. DS9 : Babel
Enemies The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily you friend. DS9 : The Maquis, Part 2
Dependancy Ultimately, the strength to deal with your problems must come from yourself. DS9 : The Wire
Reflections You can never be sure what you will see when you look in the mirror. DS9 : Crossover
Politics Politics can be a dirty game. DS9 : The Collaborator
Justice Innocent until proven guilty is something not all people are lucky enough to have. DS9 : Tribunal
Sayings An eye for an eye, a tooth for identification purposes. DS9 : Tribunal
Suprises Just because you can look after yourself in your neck of the woods doesn't mean you can't get a bloody nose when you leave your own back yard. DS9 : The Jem'Hadar
Consequences Your actions can have the wildest of consequences. DS9 : The House of Quark
Awareness You have to accept the good and bad in yourself. DS9 : Equilibrium
Prime Directive Just because you cannot interfere in the ways of other people doesn't mean you shouldn't lend a hand to the needy. DS9 : Captive Pursuit
Empathy You cannot really know a people until you've walked a mile in their shoes. DS9 : Second Skin
Self Knowledge You cannot escape who you are. DS9 : The Abandoned
Home? Even after two years you never quite really know the place you live. DS9 : Civil Defense
Love You never know where you'll find it. DS9 : Meridian
Commitment Sometimes you have to be willing to give your all to reveal the truth. DS9 : Defiant
Telepathy Telepathy and illness can make for an interesting environment. DS9 : Fascination
History Our past makes us what we are today. DS9 : Past Tense, Part 1
Obligation If you break history you're obligated to fix it. DS9 : Past Tense, Part 2
Love If you love something let it go. DS9 : Life Support
Loyalties You really find out where your loyalties lie when the one you love is in trouble. DS9 : Heart of Stone
Greed All the glistens is not gold. DS9 : Q-Less
Prophecy Prophecy is easy if you are an alien that exists outside of the normal flow of time. DS9 : Destiny
Humour Even aliens that transcend space and time have a sense of humour. DS9 : Prophet Motive
Radiation There's nothing that can't be explained with the correct application of technobabble. DS9 : Visionary
Imagination There's nothing more dangerous than your own imagination. DS9 : Distant Voices
Truth The truth may not be what you expect it to be. DS9 : Dax
Determination Keep on until you are sure you have your man. DS9 : The Passenger
Games You can learn a lot about a people by watching the games the play. DS9 : Move Along Home
Diplomacy Sometimes you just have to play silly games to keep people happy. DS9 : Move Along Home

Series : The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series |

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