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Moments List

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Great moments

Moment Episode
I love the scene where the crew use the laser cannon against the alien metal. TOS : The Cage
Mitchell's ever increasing powers, coupled with his ever decreasing Humanity, are my favourite parts of this episode.

There's a wonderful little touch just after the teaser when Kirk, Spock and Mitchell board an elevator. The doors close, and then open a few moments later on the bridge. it's done in one uninterrupted shot, making it really look like the elevator has moved from one place to another. In actually fact the wall outside hid the bridge set - when the doors closed, set hands hurriedly moved it out of the way!

When They do board the bridge, the screen is showing a flashy grey/white pattern whilst it is not in use. Could this be the first known depiction of a screen saver?!
TOS : Where No Man Has Gone Before
After Balok has spent most of the episode threatening to kill them, Kirk's decision to turn around and help them is a classic Trek moment.

There's a lovely moment when Spock states that they seem to be doomed, using an analogy about chess. Kirk responds bitterly to ask if that is his logical conclusion, and Spock says "I'm sorr-" then cuts off and says he can't find any logical alternatives. It's a nice subtle little touch where we see Spock almost slip up and give a genuine "human" response, only to catch himself and go back to Vulcan stoicism.
TOS : The Corbomite Maneuver
Ruth's speech to Gossett about what he should really want in a woman. TOS : Mudd's Women
Kirk confronting himself in engineering. TOS : The Enemy Within
The creature as Bones, trying to convince everybody not to hunt it down. TOS : The Man Trap
Sulu charging down the corridor with his sword. TOS : The Naked Time
Charlie begging to stay, when the Thasians turn up to take him away. TOS : Charlie X
Virtually the entire episode. TOS : Balance of Terror
Kirk debating with his android self on the advantages of humanity. TOS : What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Spock's mind meld. The first one ever seen, and a truly alien moment for Spock.

Also, I have to mention Helen Noel. Trek tended to plaster attractive women all over the place, often seemingly more as decoration than anything, but Noel stands up to Kirk, gets in on the action at the colony, and ultimately kills a bad guy and saves the day. Excellent stuff for a one-off character!

TOS : Dagger of the Mind
I like Rand admitting how she tries to get Kirk to look at her legs, followed by showing the horrible scabs on her legs. It's a very human moment for her. TOS : Miri
Arnold Moss does a wonderful job as Karidian, depicting the character's tortured weariness very well. TOS : The Conscience of the King
Scotty's reaction to Spock's great flare manoeuvre. TOS : The Galileo Seven
I love the scene where Stone tries to convince Kirk to quietly accept a lesser assignment and Kirk angrily demands a court martial instead. TOS : Court Martial
Spock's complete out manoeuvring of Kirk and the others at the court marshal, and dare one say Vina as the green Orion slave girl? A classic bit of Trek sexism! TOS : The Menagerie, Part 1
Spock's complete out manoeuvring of Kirk and the others at the court marshal, and dare one say Vina as the green Orion slave girl? TOS : The Menagerie, Part 2
McCoy's initial reaction to seeing Alice and the white rabbit. TOS : Shore Leave
When the planet Gothos chases down the Enterprise, it brings home just how overmatched the crew are by Trelane. TOS : The Squire of Gothos
Kirk making a bamboo canon and firing diamonds into the heart of his enemy! TOS : Arena
The look on the guard's face when he gets beamed up the Enterprise. TOS : Tomorrow is Yesterday
The winner has to go to Scotty facing down Ambassador Fox. Cool, calm, and absolutely unbending in his duty. You go, Scotty!

I also love the scene where Kirk overcomes the entire group of guards holding him only to have Spock rush in a moment later to rescue him. The expression on Spock's face as he finds Kirk holding them all at gunpoint is priceless.

TOS : A Taste of Armageddon
Khan accepting Kirk's offer to settle on Ceti Alpha V, a decision he would come to regret. TOS : Space Seed
Kirk's fight with Spock when he finally breaks the spore's hold on him. TOS : This Side of Paradise
McCoy's amazement when he cures the Horta. He's almost spookily pleased with himself! TOS : The Devil in the Dark
The moment when Kirk realises that he's been arguing in favour of a war. TOS : Errand of Mercy
The scene just after Edith Keeler dies. TOS : The City on the Edge of Forever
Spock's calm reaction to having been blinded in return for being rid of the parasite. TOS : Operation: Annihilate!
Kirk's enticing Cochrane to help him by describing the wonders of the galaxy is my favourite scene of this one. TOS : Metamorphosis
McCoy and Kirk being smug after having the baby named after them. TOS : Friday's Child
Kirk's chat with Palamas when he tried to convince her to spurn Apollo. TOS : Who Mourns for Adonais?
The look on Spock's face when he realises that Kirk isn't dead. TOS : Amok Time
The fight between Decker and the security guard deserves a mention. It's very well staged and the 'red shirt' does remarkably well given that he's taking on a main character.

But the best moment has to be Kirk waiting to be beamed out. He is facing certain death at any second, in a super high tension moment... and he's just so completely calm and collected. Fantastic moment, very well played by William Shatner.

TOS : The Doomsday Machine
I love the crew's zoned out reactions to Hengist's threats, especially Sulu's "he sure is gloomy". TOS : Wolf in the Fold
Kirk arguing Nomad into destroying itself. TOS : The Changeling
Spock getting shot by poison darts, zapped by a force field and struck by lightning all in the space of a few minutes. The guy really earns his day's pay on this mission! TOS : The Apple
It's great fun spotting the differences between the two Enterprises. TOS : Mirror, Mirror
The regular characters do a great job portraying old men in this episode, especially Shatner as an old Kirk. TOS : The Deadly Years
Spock talking the 'Alices' into destroying themselves. TOS : I, Mudd
Kirk under the avalanche of Tribbles. TOS : The Trouble With Tribbles
The argument between McCoy and Spock in the jail cell is one of the best they have ever had. TOS : Bread and Circuses
Spock confessing that Sarek was his father. TOS : Journey to Babel
McCoy kneeling over Nona's body and looking on in horror as Kirk and the hill people battle the villagers. TOS : A Private Little War
I love Chekov's horror when his drill thrall arrives and starts making passes at him. TOS : The Gamesters of Triskelion
I like the moment where Chapel passes on McCoy's order that Garrovick should eat something, only to then reveal that she was blatantly lying! TOS : Obsession
The special effects in this episode deserve a mention - they were amongst the best ever done for television at the time. TOS : The Immunity Syndrome
Kirk's on the spot invention of Fizbin is my favourite of the many Great Moments in this episode. TOS : A Piece of the Action
Scotty getting the Kelvan drunk in his quarters - a very funny scene. TOS : By Any Other Name
Scotty's incredulity at the plan to lend Sargon his friend's body. TOS : Return to Tomorrow
The scene where the Ekosian declared Spock to be physically and mentally inferior. It's always good to see a Nazi make a fool of himself. TOS : Patterns of Force
Kirk's sense of loss and confusion leads to some nice scenes with McCoy in this episode. TOS : The Ultimate Computer
The eerie deserted Exeter, with the crystallised crew bodies. TOS : The Omega Glory
Roberta's reaction to the alien typewriter which wrote everything she said was priceless. TOS : Assignment: Earth
The scene where Spock mind melds with the others to convince them that the bullets will not harm them is very well done. TOS : Spectre of the Gun
I love the ambassador's frustration with Elaan, especially after she stabs him and he declares that he wouldn't have her marry his leader if the entire galaxy depended on it. TOS : Elaan of Troyius
Spock's fight with Kirk really gave an impression that Spock really was much stronger. TOS : The Paradise Syndrome
Scotty's reaction to seeing Kirk as a Romulan. TOS : The Enterprise Incident
Spock as Kollos. Lenoard Nimoy once again does a great job of an alien in Spock's body. TOS : Is There in Truth no Beauty?
Kirk's message to Spock and McCoy. TOS : The Tholian Web
McCoy's argument with Chapel, followed by his admission to Kirk that he has a year to live. TOS : For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
Kirk and the Kang laughing together, a truly surreal sight. TOS : Day of the Dove
Virtually any moment that Alexander is on screen, but most especially his emphatic rejection of the Platonian's psychokinetic powers and subsequent speech to Parmen about his reason for doing so (see Quotations). TOS : Plato's Stepchildren
It's somewhat surreal to see Kirk trying to avoid touching a beautiful woman. TOS : That Which Survives
The moment when you realise that one of the aliens is black on the left and white on the right and the other is the opposite. I hadn't noticed until then! TOS : Let that be Your Last Battlefield
The android's confusion as she died was very well played. TOS : Requiem for Methuselah
William Shatner and Sandra Smith do an excellent job of playing each other's characters, providing many memorable moments. TOS : Turnabout Intruder
McCoy's visit to the Enterprise. TNG : Encounter at Farpoint
Yar seducing Data. You go girl!

Since I'm complaining about the heat in space thing above, I suppose I should be balanced and give kudos to Data for correcting Riker and stating that people are blown out of a ship rather than sucked out of it.

TNG : The Naked Now
I love the way Picard's todying to Lutan about how much he respects his culture contrasts to his later assertion that it is a "pompous, strutting charade". Some claim this as a YATI, but really, did they honestly expect Picard to greet Lutan with "Hello you pompous primitive from a backward culture. Can we have some vaccine now?" TNG : Code of Honor
I love the character of Kozinsky, he's so wonderfully obnoxious. TNG : Where No One Has Gone Before
Data's Sherlock Holmes impersonation. TNG : Lonely Among Us
Gotta love those Edo costumes.

Also, there's a subtle bit of character continuity which goes on with Picard. This is one of three occasions where he shows somebody their planet from orbit - Rivan here, Nuria in "Who Watches The Watchers", and Lilly in "First Contact". That's fair enough, but why call attention to it? Because in "Star Trek : Insurrection", Anij asks Picard if he has ever experienced "a perfect moment", when "time seemed to stop", and he says that seeing Earth from space for the first time was such a moment for him. Clearly, then, he likes to give this opportunity to others as well.
TNG : Justice
Gotta be the Stargazer - the first four nacelled ship we've ever seen on Trek. TNG : The Battle
Picard gently chiding Riker for not realizing that everybody would refuse his gifts. TNG : Hide and Q
Data dismissing the mystical healing powers of Haven out of hand. TNG : Haven
I love the way Beverly gets all jealous when she finds out that Picard has been interrogated by the police. TNG : The Big Goodbye
When Lore is on the transporter pad he fires his phaser. Just at that instant Data activates the transporter, and the phaser beam is actually transported out along with Lore! TNG : Datalore
Yar and Troi laughing at Riker's outfit. These gals obviously don't care much about their promotion prospects! TNG : Angel One
The Enterprise arriving in Spacedock. There's just something stirring about seeing that huge ship heading into the barn like that. TNG : 11001001
Clayton Rohner does a pretty convincing job as an old man, with lots of help from good makeup. TNG : Too Short a Season
The description of the microbrain's component parts is actually technically correct, so kudos for that. TNG : Home Soil
Remmick's interviews with the crew. I love they way they cut the questions and answers together. TNG : Coming of Age
Worf's death howl over the Korris in engineering. TNG : Heart of Glory
Picard's gentle insistence that Geordi return the ship to him in one piece. TNG : The Arsenal of Freedom
I love the ending, with Picards disgusted 'I don't care where we go, just get us away from here' attitude. TNG : Symbiosis
Tahsa's goodbye scene on the holodeck, especially Data's reaction to it. TNG : Skin of Evil
The holodeck recreation of Paris. I believe this is actually the first time we've ever seen Earth depicted in The Next Generation! TNG : We'll Always Have Paris
Remmick's death, amazingly gory for Star Trek! TNG : Conspiracy
Definitely the huge Romulan warbird sweeping in menacingly towards the Enterprise. TNG : The Neutral Zone
I love Picard's discussion of death with Data and Troi, and his eventual realization that they are fakes. TNG : Where Silence Has Lease
The scene in which Data solves his first real crime as Holmes. TNG : Elementary, Dear Data
I like Okona, he's a welcome change from the usual stuffy Federation types. TNG : The Outrageous Okona
Riva's communication attempts with Troi at dinner, sans chorus. TNG : Loud as a Whisper
Data (secretly Graves) mouthing off to Picard on the bridge. TNG : The Schizoid Man
The destruction of the USS Lantree. So often the destruction of a Starship is treated as an everyday event, I love the way the E-D crew stand to salute the loss of this one. TNG : Unnatural Selection
Riker beating his subordinate up on the Klingon ship. TNG : A Matter of Honor
The look on Riker's face when he realizes that he has a good chance of winning the court case - smugness, followed almost instantly by the crashing realization that he may be about to kill a friend. TNG : The Measure of a Man
I love the holodeck scene in the neutrino clouds at Russo VI. I have no idea what this place is supposed to be, but it looks gorgeous. TNG : The Dauphin
The death of the Yamato is staggeringly well done considering the relatively poor special effects of the time. TNG : Contagion
I like Riker's little talk with Picard in the ready room - it's rare to see Picard get so down about something. TNG : Time Squared
The first time Data answers the question "Is there anybody out there?" - a question we'd all love to see answered for real... TNG : Pen Pals
The first appearance of the Borg cube, a sight which would soon become the most feared in Trek. TNG : Q Who
I love the Pakled, after all the super-aliens we see out there, it's nice to come across a species which is actually stupid. TNG : Samaritan Snare
When Riker finds out that Brenna expects him to "wash her feet" by starting at the top and working his way down. TNG : Up The Long Ladder
Picard's attempts to hide from Lwaxana. TNG : Manhunt
K'Ehleyr's warp 9 trip in the torpedo casing - what a wonderfully horrifying way to travel! TNG : The Emissary
Data beating the tar out of Kolrami. TNG : Peak Performance
It's nice to see Wesley screw up and have to go and ask the adults help for once. TNG : Evolution
Data's destruction of the aqueduct is a cool moment, somewhat spoiled by the fact that it still seems to be working fine in the next shot. When the episode aired, there was much speculation about what exactly Data did with that shot... best I can figure is that he blasted the water whilst leaving the aqueduct itself alone. Whatever happened, it certainly looks impressive. TNG : The Ensigns of Command
Uxbridge's confession of the true magnitude of his crime - a wonderfully chilling and sorrowful moment which John Anderson plays to perfection. TNG : The Survivors
My personal favourite is Picard's condemnation of religious belief as superstition. Yeah, I know, I'm biased. TNG : Who Watches The Watchers?
Worf's Klingon ceremony when he bonds with Jeremy. This is still very early days for the Klingons in TNG, and it was an interesting look into their culture. TNG : The Bonding
Geordi's holographic date. The poor guy has put so much work into it that it ends up embarrassingly cringe worthy. TNG : Booby Trap
I like the way Geordi handles the Romulan, especially the way he goads him into revealing his rank by continually calling him "Commodore". TNG : The Enemy
The look on the Ferengi's face when the wormhole vanishes on them. TNG : The Price
Although his actions don't make a lot of sense, I still like the scene where Riker has to kill Yuta. TNG : The Vengeance Factor
The character of Jarok TNG : The Defector
I like the way Picard just bows out at the end of this episode, leaving the locals to sort it all out for themselves. TNG : The Hunted
The creators do a good job of making Flinn an interesting and even sympathetic character, despite being morally reprehensible. TNG : The High Ground
Data enjoying his present from Q. TNG : Deja Q
I like the way the holo-recreation of the station explodes, leaving everybody on the holodeck afterwards. TNG : A Matter of Perspective
I love almost everything about this episode, but the Enterprise going down in flames has to be the best moment. TNG : Yesterday's Enterprise
Of the many Great Moments, my personal favourite is when Admiral Haftel comes out of Data's lab after they 'operate' on Lal and describes Data's frantic efforts to save her. TNG : The Offspring
Worf's discommendation. TNG : Sins of the Father
I love Picard's wooing and dumping of Beverly. The look on her face when he throws her out is hilarious! TNG : Allegiance
The crew's increasingly daring efforts to get Picard to go off on holiday. TNG : Captain's Holiday
Tin man's ripple weapon - a reuse of the special effects from the motion picture for V'Ger merging with Decker and heading off to higher dimensions, incidentally. TNG : Tin Man
I absolutely love the bit where Troi, Riker and Geordi come across the 'Goddess of Empathy', most epsecially Geordi's stunned reaction. TNG : Hollow Pursuits
Hard to pick. Data's apparent intent to kill Fajo, his subsequent dodging of Riker's question and his confrontation of Fajo in the brig are the highlights of an episode packed with excellent moments. TNG : The Most Toys
Patrick Stewart does an incredible job of portraying Sarek's emotions in this episode. TNG : Sarek
Picard professing his love for Lwaxana. TNG : Menage a Troi
None. TNG : Transfigurations
The scene where Riker orders Worf to fire on the Borg cube, with Picard still inside it. Perhaps the single greatest cliffhanger in Star Trek history. TNG : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
The graveyard scene at Wolf 359. TNG : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
Picard's fight with his brother, followed by their getting roaring drunk. TNG : Family
Finally meeting Data's creator, Noonien Soong. TNG : Brothers
Wesley getting smacked in the face with a bananna split. TNG : Suddenly Human
The whole concept of the episode is very intriguing. I especially liked Picard trying to justify a half mile long Starship with a crew of two! TNG : Remember Me
Beth Toussaint's performance as Ishara Yar. She's an excellent guest star and does really well in the role. TNG : Legacy
Worf killing Duras. I never thought the writers would let him go through with it! TNG : Reunion
It's fun spotting all the differences in the future Enterprise. TNG : Future Imperfect
Being rid of Wesley! TNG : Final Mission
Guinan needling Troi about applying for her job. TNG : The Loss
Data's dance lesson. I especially like his enthusiastic tap dancing, and the smile that could be used to frighten small children. TNG : Data's Day
This is the first sight of the Nebula class starship, which is one of my all time favourites. TNG : The Wounded
Ardra! I love the character and Marta Dubois plays her perfectly. TNG : Devil's Due
Data's constant 'I cannot confirm or deny that' attitude is nicely played. TNG : Clues
The woman who wants to have sex with Riker. TNG : First Contact
Geordi's face when he finds Brahms in the holodeck watching his holo version of her. TNG : Galaxy's Child
Crusher trying to convince herself that she's imagining things when all the bodies in the autopsy room sit up. TNG : Night Terrors
Geordi's analysis of the shadow on the holodeck is a creepy and highly effective scene, which even makes sense from a technical point of view. TNG : Identity Crisis
It was nice that the Cytherians turned out to have good intentions after all, though I'm a bit dubious about the morality of their methods - essentially they do pretty much what Voyager's Caretaker did. TNG : The N'th Degree
Worf smashing Geordi's musical instrument. TNG : Qpid
Picard's winding up of Satie during his hearing. TNG : The Drumhead
Picard nervously peeking out of the turbolift to make Lwaxana isn't around. Just a funny lighthearted moment. TNG : Half a Life
Frakes does an excellent job as Odan in Riker's body, but my favourite moment in this episode is Troi telling Crusher about her father. TNG : The Host
Geordi's last scene with Troi. TNG : The Mind's Eye
Data trying to pick a fight with his girlfriend. TNG : In Theory
Worf's walk to the turbolift. A superb sendoff. TNG : Redemption, Part 1
Data facing down the Romulan fleet and making them turn tail. TNG : Redemption, Part 2
Picard finally being able to talk to the aliens. TNG : Darmok
The entity wiping out the colony planet. TNG : Silicon Avatar
Worf having to deliver Keiko's baby. TNG : Disaster
Data arriving and de-programming everybody on the bridge. TNG : The Game
Spock appearing at the end of the episode. TNG : Unification, Part 1
The mind meld between Spock and Picard, to allow Spock to touch the part of Sarek's mind left from the previous meld between him and Picard. TNG : Unification, Part 2
The Enterprise pulling all the stuff out the atmosphere and spraying it into space. Cool bit of FX... TNG : A Matter of Time
Picard's hair in Beverly's flashback. TNG : Violations
Geordi realising that the solution to the settlement's problems stems from his VISOR - something they would never invent because they engineer out disabilities like blindness. TNG : The Masterpiece Society
Lots of great moments in this one - the Enterprise blasting through the Lysian defences, Riker and Ro getting together and Troi and Ro making fun of him about it later... but my favourite is how Worf automatically assumes that he is in charge after the crew lose their memories. TNG : Conundrum
I like Troi, and it's nice to see her with a tougher edge here. TNG : Power Play
Worf coming alive again. TNG : Ethics
An unhappy ending, makes a nice change from normal. TNG : The Outcast
The destruction of the Enterprise. TNG : Cause and Effect
Picard's verbal beating of Wesley in the ready room. TNG : The First Duty
The scene where Lwaxana talks to the holodeck computer; since Majel Barrett provides the TNG computer voice, she is basically talking to herself! TNG : Cost of Living
Riker deciding to go to the holodeck after talking to Kamala. Hmmm, what could he be off to do there...? TNG : The Perfect Mate
Picard pushing Hugh into rebelling against the Borg. It's a wonderful scene, and the moment when Hugh recognises Locutus and Picard goes along with it is chilling. TNG : I, Borg
Ro, first coming to believe that she is dead. TNG : The Next Phase
Patrick Stewart puts in one of his greatest acting performances in all of the next generation for this episode. It's truly wonderful. TNG : The Inner Light
Data beating the pants of everybody in the poker game. TNG : Time's Arrow, Part 1
Sam Clemens walking the halls of the Enterprise-D and finding out about life in the 24th century. TNG : Time's Arrow, Part 2
Seeing a transporter working from the inside! TNG : Realm of Fear
Scotty in the holodeck Enterprise, toasting his long dead comrades. TNG : Relics
The holodeck scene where everybody tries to piece together what happened to them. TNG : Schisms
Q turning Beverly into a dog and Amanda turning her back, all without the good doctor noticing. TNG : True-Q
The Enterprise riding off into the sunset at the end of the episode. TNG : A Fistful of Datas
I love the exocomps - they're so cute! TNG : The Quality of Life
Although he's too unwilling to listen to others to be a great Captain, it's great fun to watch Jellico shake things up on the Enterprise. TNG : Chain of Command, Part 1
Patrick Stewart's performance in this episode is simply amazing. TNG : Chain of Command, Part 2
Picard and Data's solution to the problem is very clever and well executed. TNG : Ship in a Bottle
There's little that is exceptional about this one, but it's nice to see a subspace relay at last. TNG : Aquiel
Troi finally getting something a little meaty to do! TNG : Face of the Enemy
Picard laughing to himself when he gets stabbed through the heart. TNG : Tapestry
None. TNG : Birthright, Part 1
I always love it when Klingons sing, and the look on the Romulan's faces when they realise that their prisoners are rediscovering their roots is excellent. TNG : Birthright, Part 2
Picard has such a wonderful time in this episode, it's hard to pick out any specific moment. My favourite is the way he cold-bloodedly lures his first victim into the baryon sweep to kill him - and to think there are those who claim Picard is too wimpy to use force. TNG : Starship Mine
Daren and Stewart really work well together in this episode, and their romance is very believable. TNG : Lessons
Alright the science is pretty bogus, but it's such an enjoyable romp that I just love this episode! TNG : The Chase
Frakes does an exceptional job of showing a half-nutty Riker in this episode. TNG : Frame of Mind
Like Troi in "Face of the Enemy", it's nice to see an episode that gives Crusher a little room to grow. TNG : Suspicions
Data talking about his 'leap of faith'. TNG : Rightful Heir
The special effects shots showing the two Rikers together are superb - especially the scene in which one Riker puts a trombone down and then the other picks it up in the same shot. TNG : Second Chances
Everybody does a superb job of standing very still in this episode - try it, it's not easy! TNG : Timescape
Data trying to reproduce his angry moment by killing holoborg over and over. TNG : Descent, Part 1
Beverly outwitting the Borg using the metaphasic shielding from a previous episode. TNG : Descent, Part 2
Finally, someone who can out chocolate Deanna! TNG : Liaisons
The interplay beteween Picard and Crusher is extremely good, even if they do kill off the idea of them getting together. TNG : Attached
The revelation of the truth about Data's mother. TNG : Inheritance
The scene where thousands of Enterprise-D's start appearing. TNG : Parallels
Picard's disapointment with Riker at the end of the episode. TNG : The Pegasus
Worf teaching Sito to stand up for her self. TNG : Lower Decks
If I may be a total techno-obsessive here for a moment, we finally get to see inside a nacelle! Yay! TNG : Eye of the Beholder
Barclay popping up in Engineering - made me jump a mile! TNG : Genesis
Finally, rid of Wesley forever! TNG : Journey's End
Where to start, a fitting end to the series. To choose one part I would have to go with Picard finally siting down at the poker game. TNG : All Good Things
O'Brien "fixing" the Cardassian transporter by kicking it. DS9 : Emissary
Sisko telling O'Brien he "forgot" how to catch him while he was on the run with Tosk. DS9 : Captive Pursuit
Sisko shooting Verad. DS9 : Invasive Procedures
Odo turning out to be the "baddie". They really had me sold on the idea that the monolith thing was a shapeshifter in disguise, so kudos for managing to fake me out. DS9 : The Alternate
The relisation that Keiko's Big Coffee Clue was actually wrong, and he and Bashir were only saved by accident. DS9 : Armageddon Game
The scene in which Sisko literally crawls back into the punishment box rather than give up his uniform. This is one of my all time favourite Sisko moments. DS9 : Paradise
The destruction of the USS Odyssey DS9 : The Jem'Hadar
Defiant strutting her stuff! DS9 : Defiant
Odo working out that it's not Kira because she told him she loved him - which Kira doesn't. The easiest lie to sell is the one the person wants to believe. Given his feelings for Kira, Odo must have wanted to believe this one very much indeed. Yet he's self aware enough that he doesn't. It's a great moment for his character. DS9 : Heart of Stone
The space battle - wow. I mean, WOW! Especially so when you consider that this episode was made without CGI - the entire battle with the Klingon fleet was done via model work. I cannot express sufficiently just how much kudos the behind the scenes folks deserve for their efforts in this episode. DS9 : The Way of the Warrior
Almost the whole episode counts as a great moment. My personal favourite is when Jake tells Melanie that people recover from the loss of a parent in time; she asks if that is how is was for him, and the sadness in his face and voice when he says "no" is just... beyond words. DS9 : The Visitor
It's nice to see that the Jem'Hadar aren't quite the empty machines we've been told they are. DS9 : Hippocratic Oath
The kiss. Apparently Terry Farrel was less than enthusiastic about having to kiss another woman, but she pulls it off well. DS9 : Rejoined
Okay, so the whole episode is an excuse to do a submarine episode in Star Trek. Well, I like submarine movies, so to me that's a good thing. DS9 : Starship Down
The whole ear-banging thing. DS9 : Little Green Men
As well as being a fan of submarine movies, I also like James Bond. This episode is just a hoot! DS9 : Our Man Bashir
Armed Starfleet officers beaming down to the streets. Ooooo... scary... DS9 : Homefront
Admiral Leyton's gradual slipping into ranting and raving as Sisko points out the stupidity of his plans. DS9 : Paradise Lost
After the end of the trial, Sisko calls Worf to task for firing on the ship. It's a great moment, because it proves that Sisko actually didn't believe his initial defence of Worf in the trial, that he was trying to get a guilty man off - just what a good advocate is supposed to do. DS9 : Rules of Engagement
The Defiant in battle. One tough little ship! DS9 : Shattered Mirror
In "Way of the Warrior", Kasidy asks a casual question about all the activity on the docking ring. I was sure that she was Founder infiltrator. The writers pulled a fast one and made her a traitor instead. Nice little touch there. DS9 : For the Cause
Seeing DS9 with a whole pylon blasted off. DS9 : To the Death
It's a small thing, but I love the scene where Sisko and Bashir are waiting on a tiny rock island in the middle of the great link. The way Bashir goes to skim a rock across the surface of the great link without thinking about what he's doing, with Sisko's shocked "Doctor!" and Bashir's abashed "Ohhhh." It just cracks me up every time. DS9 : Broken Link
I'm going to break with tradition and name an episode title as the best thing about it. It's not that there are no good bits in the episode, but "Apocalypse Rising" is just such a cool-sounding title! DS9 : Apocalypse Rising
The scene where Sisko laments the loss of five people on the mission, and discusses with Dax whether the loss was worth the ship they recovered. It's a clear victory for 'our' people, and Dax is absolutely right when she says that those five deaths were worth it because they might wind up saving millions of lives - which they almost certainly did, because it was almost certainly studying this ship that allowed the Federation to improve their shield technology to resist Dominion weaponry. Yet at the same time, for once we see just how heavily the loss weighs on Sisko, and the fact that he takes time to talk to Dax about the people he lost and how he related to them in life really sells this point. It's a great scene.

DS9 : The Ship
Dax finally gets Worf to notice her! You GO, girl! DS9 : Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
Dax in a TOS miniskirt! DS9 : Trials and Tribble-ations
First we had Dax in a TOS miniskirt, now we get Dax in a bathing suit! Oh thank you DS9 writers, you wonderful guys, you! DS9 : Let He Who Is Without Sin...
Worf refusing to conceed defeat to the Jem'Hadar pummelling him. DS9 : By Inferno's Light
The Klingons singing together as they head into battle. DS9 : Soldiers of the Empire
I love this episode. I love that we got a nice, lighthearted episode to - quite literally - relieve all the gloom and doom we've had of late. DS9 : In the Cards
Seeing the Defiant and Rotarran join that massive fleet at the end. Go Starfleet! Go Klingons! Let slip the dogs of war! Yay! DS9 : Call to Arms
The gathering fleet at Starbase 375. Impressive stuff... DS9 : Favor the Bold
Dukat's crumbling from triumph through defeat and into despair within the space of a few minutes when the Dominion reinforcements fail to come through the wormhole. And Sisko and Martok walking back onto the station! DS9 : Sacrifice of Angels
Several! O'Brien and Bashir having a "vision" of killing Worf during their preparation for the wedding is hilarious, and Sirella's description of the Klingon's religion is just the kind of thing we have come to expect from her people. DS9 : You are Cordially Invited...
I love Sisko's attitude when Bashir tries to convince him to recommend surrender to the Dominion. Take no prisoners Ben! DS9 : Statistical Probabilities
My personal favourite is the holodeck session when the Ferengi practice their rescue with less than perfect results. DS9 : The Magnificent Ferengi
Marc Alaimo has always given Dukat a nicely ambiguous slant. Here he does a great job of showing us the truth beneath that civilised exterior. DS9 : Waltz
Morn finally got an episode of his own! And a backstory! I love it when a minor character grows to become a significant element in a show, and going from background alien extra to having your own episode must be one of the best examples of the transition. DS9 : Who Mourns for Morn?
Although it's a very serious and worthy episode in many ways, it's great fun to watch this one and try to work out who is playing who. All those actors out of their usual heavy makeup! DS9 : Far Beyond the Stars
Seeing the little Runabout zipping around in side the Defiant. Seriously cool! DS9 : One Little Ship
Nick Tate does a great job as Bilby, a man who is a bad guy without being stereotypically Evil. DS9 : Honor Among Thieves
Worf turning back to save his wife. For him of all people, choosing family over duty must have been an incredibly tough decision. DS9 : Change of Heart
I don't like the idea of Section 31 at all, so there isn't much to choose from this one for me. DS9 : Inquisition
Sisko's claims that he can live with himself, when it's clear that he is having trouble doing just that. DS9 : In the Pale Moonlight
Odo and Kira getting together at last! Way to go Odo! DS9 : His Way
I didn't like this one much, but it's always nice to see Winn on DS9. She's so deliciously nasty. DS9 : The Reckoning
The loss of the Valiant. It's always sad to see a Starship go down in flames, and this was gorgeously staged. DS9 : Valiant
Michelle Krusiec really does a believable job as a teenaged Molly. I especially like the scene when she sends the younger version back, sacrificing herself so that a future version could live a better life. And yes, I do believe that she knew what she was doing! DS9 : Time's Orphan
The new shuttle departing the Defiant! DS9 : The Sound of Her Voice
Dukat blasting the Orb and shutting down the wormhole. DS9 : Tears of the Prophets
Ezri. Nicole de Boer is so cute! DS9 : Image in the Sand
Oh my! A holodeck story! And the holodecks continue to work properly, all the way through! Amazing! DS9 : Take Me Out to the Holosuite
Jeffery Combs as Weyoun, especially since he has to play two different versions of him. DS9 : Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Despite the numerous flaws, I love this whole episode. I love that it gives us a glimpse into the true horrors of war, something you don't often get when seeing ships blowing up on a viewscreen. DS9 : The Siege of AR-558
Kira letting Odo go. It's such a sweet moment, to see how much she loves him. And it's extremely telling that Laas so completely, utterly misses the point. DS9 : Chimera
The EMH's request for a name. VOY : Eye of the Needle
The concept of a punishment involving reliving the crime from the victim's point of view is a rather interesting one, I thought. VOY : Ex Post Facto
The basic concept is a pretty neat one - our universe is the aline afterlife! VOY : Emanations
Seeing the Maquis going behind Janeway's back. VOY : Prime Factors
Janeway and Chakotay arriving at the cargo bay, nervous as to how many people they will lose, only to find nobody there. VOY : The 37's
Kes burining up the airponics bay. VOY : Cold Fire
I love the relationship between Kim and Paris in this episode. Kim so often comes across as one of life's victims, it's great to see him standing up to everybody here. VOY : The Chute
Kim playing his clarinet on the bridge. The music was lovely. VOY : Night
One's death scene with Seven of Nine. VOY : Drone
Orbital skydiving! VOY : Extreme Risk
The first sight of Star Fleet command. VOY : In the Flesh
The whole Flotter idea is a fantastic use for the holodeck. Imagine growing up as a child with such a toy to play with! VOY : Once Upon a Time
The crash, it's quite something to see everyone other than Harry Kim die! VOY : Timeless
Most of Jeri Ryan's acting in this episode is fabulous, especially her little girl act. VOY : Infinite Regress
The rush to escape the Doctors slide show led, as it should be, by Captain Janeway. VOY : Nothing Human
The first sight of the space ocean. VOY : Thirty Days
The moment when Kashyk realises that he's been outwitted by Janeway. VOY : Counterpoint
Janeway sitting with the EMH in the holodeck. VOY : Latent Image
Janeway's expression when she sees the specifications for her outfit as Arachnia VOY : Bride of Chaotica!
Tuvok's goodbye scene with Noss. VOY : Gravity
When Qatai first comes aboard Voyager, he pinches Naomi to make sure she's real. Then then begins to touch Seven, but wisely decides against it when she gives him a killer look. A nice touch that made me laugh out loud. VOY : Bliss
I like the scene where Voyager's crew are picking through the Borg wreckage in their cargo bay. Also, the first sighting of the unicomplex. That thing is HUGE! VOY : Dark Frontier, Part 1
I like the scene where Voyager's crew are picking through the Borg wreckage in their cargo bay. Also, the first sighting of the unicomplex. That thing is HUGE! VOY : Dark Frontier, Part 2
When Kim and Janeway are arguing, there's a nice bit of camerawork - a continuous shot which goes from the conference room to the bridge and then into Janeway's ready room. VOY : The Disease
B'Elanna's death scene. VOY : Course: Oblivion
The expression on the face of Kurros when he realises he's been outwitted VOY : Think Tank
B'Elanna at the end of the episode, never have I seen someone in Star Trek that needed a shower as much as her. VOY : Juggernaut
Seven and the EMH singing "You are my sunshine" VOY : Someone to Watch Over Me
Shannon O'Donnell dreaming of the first moon landing. It's nice to see them tip the hat to the first real astronauts. VOY : 11:59
The destruction of Voyager. VOY : Relativity
The final scenes of Kim arguing the warhead into not destroying its target. VOY : Warhead
Seeing the Equinox for the first time. VOY : Equinox, Part 1
The scene where Janeway locks Lessing in the cargo bay and lets an alien in to kill him, while Chakotay becomes more and desperate to stop her, is my personal favourite. VOY : Equinox, Part 2
The scene in Janeway's ready room where Tuvok kept telling her there was yet another page to his crime report. VOY : Survival Instinct
Tuvok wielding a Bat'leth in an attempt to awaken B'Elanna's Klingonicity. Although it was a dream sequence, it was still a powerful scene. VOY : Barge of the Dead
The teaser, culminating in the Doctors song about Tuvok's Pon-Far. VOY : Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
Tom Paris freaking out at B'Elanna in the corridor when she threatens to tell the Captain about his actions. Another great performance by Robert Duncan McNeil. VOY : Alice
The illumination of the Ba'Neth afterimage is a spooky scene. VOY : Riddles
The battle sequence in an extremely impressive piece of CGI. VOY : Dragon's Teeth
Lt. Kelly's funeral was a very moving scene. VOY : One Small Step
The launch of Tash's ship was spectacular, and it was just fantastic to see a friendly and enthusiastic alien, for once. VOY : The Voyager Conspiracy
Janeway talking to Reg Barclay. VOY : Pathfinder
Janeway modifying Michael to make him her perfect boyfriend. VOY : Fair Haven
Gotana-Retx sitting in the captain's ready room singing his little song about Voyager. VOY : Blink of an Eye
The Doctors final performance for the Qomar. VOY : Virtuoso
Tom Paris and his television provides a nice light heated scene in an otherwise sombre episode. VOY : Memorial
The final scene with Seven of Nine and Tuvok. VOY : Tsunkatse
The Delta Flyer swooping over the surface of the Borg cube. VOY : Collective
Maggie turning into a cow just as lucky Kim tries to kiss her. VOY : Spirit Folk
The character of Lindsay Ballard lights up every scene she is in. VOY : Ashes to Ashes
The science fair was very amusing. VOY : Child's Play
The whole teaser sequence, swooping in on Janeway then following her order through the ship before swooping out of a window on deck 15, is superbly done. VOY : Good Shepherd
The scene where Captain Janeway comes face to face with her impostor in the brig. VOY : Live Fast and Prosper
Tuvok, falling asleep in his chair. VOY : Muse
Chakotay's tough guy act when the Vidiians are breaking through into the ship. VOY : Fury
The moment when you find out that Haley is a hologram. VOY : Life Line
It was fun watching the supposedly fearless Borg kiddies getting gradually more and more spooked out by Neelix's ghost story. VOY : The Haunting of Deck Twelve
The destruction of the Delta Flyer VOY : Unimatrix Zero, Part 1
It's a fairly weak episode, but the Queen's chat with the little boy was a little bit creepy so that's my choice for this one. VOY : Unimatrix Zero, Part 2
When Icheb came up with the transplant idea, I was sure they were going to kill him off in a big emotional ending. Amazingly, they went for a more subtle approach and let him live. VOY : Imperfection
I'm not a huge relationshipper, but it's nice to see that Tom and B'Elanna finally have tied the knot. VOY : Drive
Tim Russ does a great job as Tuvok in this episode. His portrayal of the Vulcan's inner struggle is very convincing. VOY : Repression
Janeway's pretence that Tuvok was her boyfriend. VOY : Critical Care
Holo-reg doing impersonations of Janeway and Tuvok. VOY : Inside Man
Jeri Ryan does an incredible job of portraying the EMH's character in this episode. I especially like the cheesecake scene. VOY : Body and Soul
Kim, once again bemoaning the fact that he's still an Ensign. VOY : Nightingale
Nothing really stood out to me in this episode, but the scene where Seven shuts down the hologrid to find dead Hirogen all over the place was kinda spooky. Also, the scene where Iden confesses that he's made up his own religion. It's a great "uh-oh" moment. VOY : Flesh and Blood
Chakotay, convincing Janeway that she has to go through with allowing her crew to be stranded in the Delta Quadrant. VOY : Shattered
Tom, finally twigging to why B'Elanna is so scared of her daughter being Klingon and assuring her that she has nothing to worry about. VOY : Lineage
Nothing much really stands out for me, but the murderer confronting the family of his victims is probably the best scene. VOY : Repentance
Neelix wishing his Klingon girlfriend goodbye after a heavy night in Tuvok's quarters. VOY : Prophecy
Seven chiding Paris for wanting to put salt on the meal she has cooked. VOY : The Void
The Quarren city really is an amazingly well done bit of special effects. VOY : Workforce, Part 1
The EMH and Kim, each competing with one another at outwitting the enemy. VOY : Workforce, Part 2
The 'hair scene' between Seven and B'Elanna. VOY : Human Error
Janeway's replicator telling her to "make it yourself!" when she asks for coffee. VOY : Q2
The characters of the EMH's holonovel. I especially like Lieutenant Marseilles and the Tribble he balances on his lip. VOY : Author, Author
The Friendship One probe is a lovely design, just right for its time period. Not like another recent design I could mention... VOY : Friendship One
Paris's driving lessons. VOY : Natural Law
Neelix's walk to the transporter room. I love it when they do this to wish somebody goodbye. And it was only on about the third viewing that I realized that he never says a single word as he is leaving! VOY : Homestead
The EMH's "deathbed" confessions to the crew, followed by his huge embarrassment when B'Elanna casually announces that she's fixed his program. VOY : Renaissance Man
Harry finally got promoted! The ablative armour is a wonderfully cool bit of special effects, and a nice concept. VOY : Endgame
The shuttle flyby of Enterprise, with Archer and Tucker drooling over their new ship. ENT : Broken Bow
Enterprise hitting it's first target. ENT : Fight or Flight
The crew stopping to take a photo was a nice touch, especially Archer thinking twice about putting his arm around T'Pol. ENT : Strange New World
Archer and T'Pol arguing about what to do with the colonists. ENT : Terra Nova
It's nice to see that everybody is still scared of the transporter. And it was nice to see the crew thinking of all the things that should be standard procedure to avoid situations like this. ENT : The Andorian Incident
The Vulcan snowman. ENT : Breaking the Ice
Beaming up the antimatter reactor and using it as a mine. ENT : Civilization
We normally only do worst moments for episodes that get a zero rating. This wasn't quite that bad, but we felt that the scene in which the freighter escapes from Enterprise deserves special mention. Earth's finest, fastest and most powerful ship, defeated by a freighter? Why not fire grapnels at it? Why not use the plasma cannon instead of the much slower torpedoes? Why not just chase it after you collect Archer and co. from the container - Enterprise is over twenty times faster than the freighter, even if it took an hour to collect Archer they could then catch the freighter in under three minutes! ENT : Fortunate Son
Daniels' cryptic references to the future. ENT : Cold Front
Reed thinking that Hoshi was coming on to him when she tried to find out what his favourite food was. The phase cannon blowing up the mountain was also rather cool. ENT : Silent Enemy
Seeing a more serious side to Phlox. ENT : Dear Doctor
It's nice to see a new, less cowardly Hoshi. ENT : Sleeping Dogs
Archer winding Trip up about not going to Coridan. ENT : Shadows of P'Jem
T'Pol coming on to Reed in his dream sequence. ENT : Shuttlepod One
T'Pol dreaming. ENT : Fusion
Reed consoling Archer over the fact that he didn't do as well as Reed did as a scout. ENT : Rogue Planet
T'Pol has two good moments here. First when she plays up to the Ferengi - the genesis of Quark's "Vulcan Love Slave" holoprogram perhaps? And second, her threatening not to release Archer from his cuffs for the nasty things he said about Vulcans. ENT : Acquisition
Not much really stood out, but the initial scenes on the crashed ship were mildly creepy. ENT : Oasis
The shuttle strafing the prison, a nice bit of FX. ENT : Detained
Phlox's fight for equal rights for severed tentacles. ENT : Vox Sola
Finally, a Vulcan who doesn't display Enterprise's patented "evil Vulcan" syndrome! ENT : Fallen Hero
There's some nice continuity here, with Archer referring to the time he wanted to turn back home in "Silent Enemy". ENT : Desert Crossing
I love the scene of Hoshi chatting to the Risan couple and then the alien guy; it's a lengthy scene written entirely with alien dialogue, which Linda Park pulls off brilliantly. ENT : Two Days and Two Nights
T'Pol cheering up Archer. ENT : Shockwave, Part 1
Okay, raise your hands if you thought there was going to be some big "it never happened" reset button using time travel? I sure did. And while Daniels' future probably was indeed restored, the method didn't feel very hokey. They didn't even bring those four thousand miners back to life. ENT : Shockwave, Part 2
T'Pol winding Archer and Trip up about whether or not her story was true. ENT : Carbon Creek
Well they messed up the cloaking issue, and they messed up the naming of the Romulans, but at least they didn't have visual communication with the Romulan ship. The FX of the explosion was also nice, and the interplay between Reed and Archer was pretty good. ENT : Minefield
Lots of nice continuity in this episode; the ship and Reed's leg are still damaged from last week's mine, Hoshi mentions the fifteen bodies she saw on an alien ship last year, they even mentioned the scratch Trip inflicted with the inspection pod in the pilot episode!

Last season I several times berated the writers for messing up speed and distance calculations. In this episode Travis declares that Enterprise can only do Warp 2, maybe 2.1, and Archer replies that they are therefore a decade away from Jupiter station. Warp 2.1 would be about 9 times lightspeed, while the ship's usual warp 4.5 is just over 90 times lightspeed. Since the ship has been underway for about a year, Archer's estimate is just about spot on. Well done writers!

ENT : Dead Stop
A new Klingon ship - although like most Enterprise ships it looks too futuristic for this time period, it is nice to see a new ship designs arriving for the Klingons. ENT : Marauders
The effects of the asteroid field were well done. ENT : Singularity
Padma Lakshmi does a good job as the alien princess. ENT : Precious Cargo
I like the idea of the catwalk itself - the set was a bit roomy considering all the talk of how cramped it was supposed to be, but an inspection tunnel like this makes a lot of sense and it's always nice to see new parts of a ship. ENT : The Catwalk
The alien was probably the high point of the episode - it's nice to see an alien of the week that gets fleshed out more than usual. Beyond that there isn't much to say - the episode was a very blatant rip off of the movie "Enemy Mine" and of TNG's "The Enemy". ENT : Dawn
I'm not a great fan of Jolene Blalock, but she does a great job in this episode. ENT : Stigma
Suzie Plakson - this woman has done several different roles on Trek now, and she has been amazing in every one of them! I really wish they could find some way to make her a main cast member one of these days. ENT : Cease Fire
One of the things that Enterprise has done a few times now is use a nearby Vulcan ship as a convinient plot resolution. As in "Fallen Hero", where the bad guys are chasing Enterprise and our heroes just have to hold on until they can reach the almighty Vulcan ship to be safe. When they did it yet again in this episode I thought it was beginning to get a little cliche, but then they turned it around and made it into a nice sting by having Enterprise reach the Vulcan ship and find it had been disabled. ENT : Future Tense
Well, Archer is getting a bit better at fisticuffs. He did pretty well in his final fight on the transport, though he did have to cheat in order to win. ENT : Canamar
Reed in the turbolift. ENT : The Crossing
T'Pol and the movie has some fairly good bits, but Mayweather and Archer's conversation about his dad is the high point of this episode. It's great to see "super-extra" Anthony Montgomery getting some actual acting for a change! ENT : Horizon
John Billingsley gives an excellent performance as Phlox. ENT : The Breach
It would have been very easy to ruin this episode either by having an unlikely happy ending or by demonising the Vissians. Instead Congenitor gives us a balanced and intelligent view of two cultures clashing despite their best intentions and efforts. ENT : Cogenitor
The NX-Alpha prototype! It's rare that Enterprise produces a ship that looks right for this period, but this one is perfect as a successor to the Phoenix. ENT : First Flight
Archer finally managed to win a fight! True he had to beat the Klingon over the head with a lump of metal to do it, but he's definitely showing some signs of improvement. ENT : Bounty
It's hard to judge this episode, since it is beginning a new story arc that may or may not turn out to be a good one. For now I'm going to nominate Connor Trinneer's performance as Trip, badly in denial about his sister's death in the attack. There was also a good deal of nice FX in this episode, including the probe attack and the battles. ENT : The Expanse
The ship's new soldiers in action. Nice to see ground troops who actually seem to know what they're doing for once! ENT : The Xindi
The sphere; an interesting development, and one that didn't just end up as an object-of-the-week like some spheres we could mention (Relics, anybody?) ENT : Anomaly
Bakula, Keating and Park do an excellent job as the aliens. ENT : Extinction
Archer WINNING a fair fight! ENT : Rajiin
Lots of eye candy in this one. The asteroid field stuff is my favourite. ENT : Impulse
I really liked the character of Tarquin, despite the silly name... right up until he tried to make Hoshi stay with him. He worked much better as a sad and lonely figure than as an evil one, and it would have improved the episode significantly to keep him that way. ENT : Exile
Nice to see that the Xindi aren't a stereotypically evil species. ENT : The Shipment
Earth blowing up - the most spectacular planet destruction I've ever seen on film, bar none. Also the last battle was amazing, including the bridge being blown off Enterprise. ENT : Twilight
Archer wins another fight, even after being shot! Plus I also liked Reed's "shoot the hostage" solution to T'Pol being captured. Direct, sensible, practical, and it involved shooting people - a perfect Reed plan. ENT : North Star
Connor Trineer puts in a superb performance as Trip/Sim in this episode. ENT : Similitude
Archer ordering burgers. I don't know why, but the incessant requests for super-sizing and adding fries in this scene just struck me as funny. ENT : Carpenter Street
The whole idea of using the transporter to pretend that Archer was dead - a very clever move. Regarding this, though, I wonder if T'Pol just left him in the pattern buffer and then rematerialised him after the bad guys had left, or did she do an intra-ship beaming? ENT : Chosen Realm
Shran's antennae appearing over Archer's head, a laugh-out-loud moment! ENT : Proving Ground
T'Pol finally getting it on with Trip! ENT : Harbinger
A few good moments; Jolene Blalock does an excellent job as T'Pol, especially when she starts completely losing it in the Engineering room. The spooky-factor on the nearly deserted ship was good - the shadow across the window made me jump, and for a minute I really did think that there would be some sort of space monster out there. ENT : Doctor's Orders
I like the Xindi babies. They're so cute!

On a more serious note there's nice character continuity here. We see that Reed and Hayes still have their issues, but after their punch-up there is a growing respect - Reed chewing Hayes out for wasting time on his simulations and then apologising when he sees that the MACO has found a new way to blow stuff up is a nice touch, and you can bet Hayes is impressed that Reed and co. managed to out-think his soldiers and take control of the ship.

Blalock gives her usual good performance, standing up to Archer when she thinks he is in the wrong and then instituting a mutiny after being relieved. I can't quite decide if her getting into the armoury disguised with a wig is cheesy or funny...

ENT : Hatchery
Plenty to pick from. The eye candy battle between the Enterprise and the Xindi was beautiful - I previously complained about the effects used for the alien bubbly space. I'm beginning to think they were saving up for this one! That said, my personal favourite moment was Archer winding up the Xindi reptilian by talking about how tiny dinosaur brains were and how much he likes turtle soup. ENT : Azati Prime
It's good to see that they are keeping the ship in a crippled state rather than have unrealistically rapid repairs. I was also impressed that the repairs involve actual physical work - people welding, hitting things with hammers, etc, rather than just waving glowing gadgets over bits of the ship. ENT : Damage
Have to mention Connor Trinneer here, he does an amazing job as Trip finally coming to terms with his sister's death. ENT : The Forgotten
T'Pol talking to old T'Pol. ENT : E2
The battle at the end, with Hoshi being kidnapped. ENT : The Council
The climax of the episode in the sphere. I liked the fight between Dolim and Archer especially - you just know the big green guy is toast the second he takes Archer on. And you know, in this season the writers have actually turned Archer into a character who you believe could take a guy like this on and win. ENT : Zero Hour
Seeing the White House with Nazi symbols on it. This was a very cool "oooo!" moment! ENT : Storm Front, Part 1
Enterprise flying over New York. ENT : Storm Front, Part 2
Archer and his officers getting a hero's reception on Earth. Also, it's nice to see some more of Vulcan. ENT : Home
Brent Spiner. I never once thought of Data during this episode, Spiner is brilliant! ENT : Borderland
The torture scene. Not that I'm into torture, but I love the way this was played out. Soong was so clearly not liking what was going on, but willing to go through with it anyway; Malik just itching to kill anybody who got in his way; Lucas just desperate to hold out despite the horrors going on around him. It's a highly effective scene that ratchets up the tension brilliantly. ENT : Cold Station 12
Soong's deciding to give up on genetic engineering and work on robotics instead. It bordered on the cheesy, but I loved it!

The NX disabling the Klingon battlecruiser. It was getting old seeing the ship get it's ass kicked by everybody that came along, I enjoyed seeing them win out against a much more powerful enemy.

ENT : The Augments
Manny Coto is fixing the Vulcans! ENT : The Forge
Enterprise battling it out with the Vulcans. ENT : Awakening
Enterprise standing between the Vulcan and Andorian fleets. Okay so it didn't work, but it was an impressive gesture nontheless. ENT : Kir'Shara
I have to go with Bill Cobbs. He does a good job as Emory, especially when talking about the loss of his son. ENT : Daedalus
Connor Trinneer and Linda Park do an excellent job as the sick Trip and Hoshi. Both their performances and the makeup were great! ENT : Observer Effect
The ending. They actually managed to surprise me with the Romulans not being aboard the ship! It's really obvious in hindsight, but I didn't see it coming at all. ENT : Babel One
Archer telling Shran and Gral to act like Humans. ENT : United
Trip leaving. ENT : The Aenar
Seeing a meld from the inside - I think this may be a first! ENT : Affliction
The Columbia helping out the NX. How cool was that! ENT : Divergence
As if to belie all my comments about the sexuality of the ep, I'm going with the Orion women's dance near the start. Effective and alien-looking, almost snakelike in the movements, it was definite fun to watch. And I gather from the production report that the ladies worked very hard on it, so kudos to them.

Also, I have to mention the Phlox/T'Pol/Archer/Reed scene at the end. Nice and lighthearted, joking from T'Pol, a bit of gentle ribbing from Archer, it's a fun scene that's highly reminiscent of TOS.

ENT : Bound
Lots of good ones to choose from. The title sequence merits special mention - the war imagery is good fun and the music is so much better than the normal Enterprise intro!

Seeing a Tholian is also great - there has been massive fan speculation about just what the Tholians look like after the glimpse we get in The Tholian Web, and it's nice to finally get a good look.

ENT : In A Mirror, Darkly
Defiant strutting her stuff. ENT : In A Mirror, Darkly, Part 2
Seeing the conference. The Federation rises... ENT : Demons
The ending with Trip and T'Pol. Just amazing. ENT : Terra Prime
Kudos for using a slingshot to go around the imploded star, nice bit of continuity there. TAS : Beyond the Farthest Star
Finding out about Spock's early life. TAS : Yesteryear
It's nice that the episode gives us a non-violent resolution rather than just having the crew find a way to kill the creature as in 'The Immunity Syndrome'. TAS : One of Our Planets Is Missing
The Tribble predator. TAS : More Tribbles, More Troubles
The non-violent resolution. TAS : The Survivor
Kirk and Kor, working together. TAS : The Time Trap
I liked the Vedalans. TAS : The Jihad
I'm going to go with Bem. While I have issues with the execution, I love that the writers are trying to give us characters who aren't just a Human with a ridge on their head. TAS : Bem
Kirk is a Jerk! TAS : The Practical Joker
Seeing the first Native American Starfleet officer on Star Trek; it's always nice to see more of Earth's cultural diversity depicted, and TAS beat Voyager to it by decades! TAS : How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
Getting a bit of back story on the Enterprise. TAS : The Counter-Clock Incident
The flyby around the new Enterprise by Kirk and Scotty. ST-TMP : The Motion Picture
Spock's death scene.

The battle scenes were awesome.

ST-TWOK : The Wrath of Khan
The theft of the Enterprise. I love this scene, and I love the music that goes with it.

The death of the USS Enterprise. I never cry, but I came extremely close when I saw this.

ST-TSFS : The Search for Spock
Spock, Kirk and Dr. Taylor in the car after she picks them up. ST-TVH : The Voyage Home
Kirk's final log entry. ST-TUC : The Undiscovered Country
The crash landing of the Enterprise-D saucer section on the planet was amazing. ST-G : Generations
Has to be the scene between Picard and Lily in his ready room. ST-FC : First Contact
Riker's last minute heroics to save Worf and Picard are my favourites. ST-I : Insurrection
It's hard to pick from one of the many great moments in this movie. But although the battle scenes were all very impressive, I think I will go with the wedding scene. After all this time I feel like these characters are friends of mine, and seeing them all so laid back and at ease, just having fun with one another, was a pleasure. ST-N : Nemesis
Have to give it to the actors who played the original cast. It is an intimidating job for an actor to play an iconic role made hugely famous by somebody else, but they pull it off superbly. Most especially Karl Urban does the most amazing job imaginable as Leonard McCoy. There are moments you literally forget that you aren't watching DeForest Kelly. Chris Pine just owns Kirk, without really copying Shatner at all he just takes the role and makes it his. And what can you say about Zachary Quinto? He not only played an iconic character made famous by another actor, but he played against that same actor playing that same character in the same scene! To even attempt this is remarkable.

Loved Kirk's offer to assist Nero at the end there. For all the youth and cockiness that he showed through the film, this was a moment when you saw a glimpse of the man that he would become. And I had to laugh at Spock's "Not really, no. Not this time."

Lots of little moments. The origin of Kirk's name : Tiberius is his paternal grandfather's name. James is his maternal grandfather's name. The origin of "Bones" - McCoy comments that his ex-wife took the whole planet from him in the divorce, leaving him only his bones. Chekov having trouble with the computer not understanding his accent.
ST-XI : Star Trek
Lots of nice moments in this. Kirk trying to beat Khan up and failing utterly whilst Khan just stands there is a nice moment, as is Khan's utter demolition of the Klingons. Spock's rampage of revenge and justice is probably my favourite moment though. ST-ID : Star Trek Into Darkness
Spock opening Ambassador Spock's personal belongings and finding a photograph of the Enterprise bridge crew. A genuinely touching moment, as was his dialogue about how Spock had lived his life, which was so clearly about Leonard Nimoy as much as it was about Spock. We miss you, Leonard.

And following the theme, the dedication to both Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin in the closing credits. You went far too soon, Anton.
ST-B : Star Trek Beyond

Worst moments

Moment Episode
Normally, I dont mind bad science too much, but in this episode the science is so bad that it makes it almost un-watchable. TOS : The Alternative Factor
The giant cat chasing them around. Sorry, but this just looks terribly, terribly unconvincing and quite funny. TOS : Catspaw
The vacuous stupidity of the women is really annoying. TOS : Spock's Brain
There are a thousand different ways they could have solved their problem without going to all the trouble of kidnapping a starship captain and building a replica of his ship. All they want is a sample of Kirk's blood! They could have bashed him over the head the instant he arrived and drawn a whole pint of his blood. They could have kept him busy for days, and snuck in to hypo some blood out of him whilst he sleeps. If they just wanted him to naturally infect somebody they could have arranged for a suitable volunteer to get up close and personal with him - they did arrange exactly that, after all, but why bother with a replica of the Enterprise to do it? She could have just been assigned to him as a local guide or assistant or something. Absolutely nothing about it makes a lick of sense! TOS : The Mark of Gideon
The idea of Memory Alpha was silly, surely each federation outpost should contain this information. Have these people never heard of a backups. TOS : The Lights of Zetar
Where to begin? The music, the clothes, the space hippies... TOS : The Way to Eden
Abraham Lincoln floating in space. TOS : The Savage Curtain
The Ferengi. How did they ever expect these guys to be taken seriously? TNG : The Last Outpost
Pretty much anything with Wesley in it. TNG : When the Bough Breaks
Take your pick... the whole premise sucks, but my personal most silly moment is the idea that the radiation is making the viruses more active. TNG : The Child
The acting of the Royale characters. I know these folks were supposed to be cliches, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch. TNG : The Royale
That silly game Riker and his dad play. TNG : The Icarus Factor
I hate the whole concept of clip shows. If I want to see previous episodes, I'll get the video off the shelf! TNG : Shades of Gray
The idea that this guy can go around abusing people this way without interference is absurd. Alright he may be immune to prosecution because of diplomatic immunity, but it strains credibility that the crew can't do anything to stop an ongoing assault. TNG : Man of the People
The Ferengi conquering the Enterprise so easily. TNG : Rascals
The whole 'technobabble as plot' syndrome which plagued later Trek is showcased here. The warp speed limit is an utterly silly idea, especially as they seem to ignore it at will in future episodes. TNG : Force of Nature
Those Scottish folk rival the Oirish of "Up the Long Ladder" for silliness! I've been to Scotland, and they are not like this! TNG : Sub Rosa
The whole premise of the episode is clearly an excuse to allow Spiner to act outside the limitations of the role of Data. Unfortunately, he doesn't do a very good job of it. TNG : Masks
The birth of the 'child'. TNG : Emergence
Sisko really hams it up as the mad prophet in this episode. DS9 : Rapture
I have this intense hatred of seeing men in women's clothing. I know it's irrational, but I'm stuck with it. Guess what I thought the worst part of this episode was? DS9 : Profit and Lace
It's so hard to choose! VOY : The Fight
The entire way they treat what happens to Trip. See the analysis below for details. ENT : Unexpected
Archer is badly out of character for this whole episode. He's never shy about getting angry, but he never loses control of himself to the extent of ranting at subordinates like he does in this episode. And where did the whole T'Pol thing come from? We've seen hints that Trip and Reed might have some attraction for her. But never Archer. But the single worst moment was the decontamination room scene. I'm getting really sick of this thing as an excuse to show the actors in their underwear. This one was so silly that it was actually hard to watch. ENT : A Night In Sickbay
The ending. It was all dream? Come on, this is what we expect from cheesy daytime soap operas not Star Trek. ENT : Vanishing Point
What's most depressing about this episode is that in some ways it is very good. We finally see the Tarkarians, we have mention of the Bynars later seen in TNG, we get some interesting info about phase pistols. And the episode as a whole is reasonably entertaining, despite being a little contrived.

But... the whole idea of having the Borg in this episode stinks. After "Dark Frontier" we knew that the Federation had some knowledge of the Borg prior to Picard's encounter with then at system J25. But now Starfleet has multiple photographs, details medical scans, first hand eyewitness accounts of fighting the Borg... and they still have tons and tons of Borg wreckage on Earth and Borg technology left over on Enterprise for Trip to examine. It is no longer credible that the Enterprise-D crew did not know about the Borg. So is this an alternate timeline, created by the Borg when they went back in time? The E-E was isolated from such changes, so if Picard looked up what had happened at J25, would he find that Data actually reported that this was the same species encountered by Enterprise in 2153? If we accept this, then every single thing in all other series of Star Trek is potentially invalid. This turns what would have been a 2 or 3 score into a zero.

ENT : Regeneration
Take your pick. I'll go for Trip's lack of a death scene. ENT : These Are The Voyages...
Giant Spock! TAS : The Infinite Vulcan
The whole idea of having magic depicted as real; yes we've seen beings with abilities so powerful that they seem like magic, but this was a poorly packaged attempt. TAS : The Magicks of Megas-tu
I love Kirk and Spock's reunion on the Klingon ship. ST-TFF : The Final Frontier

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