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Daystrom Institute Technical Library

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"It's not just lethal. It's vicious. It tears a body apart, inside out - and very slowly too, by your phaser standards. It's tortuous. A very, very painful death. I've always wanted to try this!" - Fajo to Data
TNG : The Most Toys

1 Jan 2018

Section Update
Caption Comp Congratulations to Silent Bob winner of last months caption competition.

25 Dec 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "Who is your favourite Orville character" and you voted for "Lieutenant Alara Kitan, Chief Security Officer" with a winning score of 21 out of 50 votes (42.0%).

8 Dec 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "How did you think The Orville worked out?" and you voted for "I thought it would be good, and it was good." with a winning score of 33 out of 55 votes (60.0%).

3 Dec 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "So now that Discovery has finished the initial run, how did the reality compare with your expectation?" and you voted for "I thought it would be bad, and it was bad." with a winning score of 24 out of 74 votes (32.4%).

For the next few weeks we're going to do some Orville polls.

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