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Daystrom Institute Technical Library

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Quote :
Fox : "Diplomacy, gentlemen, should be a job left to diplomats. You will, of course, immediately resume a peaceful status."
Scott : "No, sir, I will not."
Fox : "What did you say!?"
Scott : "I'll not lower the screens, not until the captain tells me to."
Fox : "You are taking orders from me. You will lower the screens as a sign of good faith, my authority!"
Scott : "I know about your authority, but the screens stay up."
McCoy : "Mr. Fox, they faked a message from the captain, they've launched an attack against our ship. You want us to trust them openly?"
Fox : "I want you to obey my lawful orders!"
Scott : "No, sir. I won't lower the screens."
Fox : "Your refusal to comply with my orders has endangered the entire success of this mission! I can have you sent to a penal colony!"
Scott : "You can, sir, but I won't lower the screens."
Fox : "Your name will figure prominently in my report to the Federation Central."
TOS : A Taste of Armageddon

18 Apr 2016

Section Update
New button styles Our round ended buttons have now changed in style. They've lost the black bars near the end and gained a little width. They're also pure styling, rather than images, so a little lighter and faster on the download. They still work the same as they always did. You may need to force a reload the page to get the full effect.

13 Apr 2016

Section Update
More Images Added a couple of images from DS9's "Treachery, Faith and the Great River" and Voyager's "Message in a Bottle" to the Phasers article, to illustrate the point that you can indeed fire phasers at warp speed.

12 Apr 2016

Section Update
17 Million Visitors Congratulations to Christopher Bell, our 17 millionth visitor.

1 Apr 2016

Section Update
Poll We asked "What is the most "Star Trek" episode of The Original Series?" and you voted for "The City on the Edge of Forever " with a winning score of 7 out of 57 votes (12.3%).
Caption Comp Congratulations to mikey winner of last months caption competition.

27 Mar 2016

Section Update
Wells Class Our helpful visitor has now provided a beautiful render of the Wells class for the sizecomp page. Thanks to him for that! Also he's provided a Krenim Sizecomp render, which is gorgeous.

26 Mar 2016

Section Update
Resizing The Wells class and Krenim timeship have been resized. New sizes are courtesy of a helpful visitor, who has some nice CG models of these ships. Thanks to him for that!

21 Mar 2016

Section Update
New Images More new phaser images! Naturally after the Type 2 and 1 updates, it's time for some Type 3 phaser rifle pics. Again, mostly from the TNG era.
More images And now some nice images of the Type 1 phaser on their phaser page. Again, towards the bottom of the list, as they're from the TNG era.

18 Mar 2016

Section Update
Images Put some nice new images onto the phaser page. There's some lovely close-ups of Type 2 phasers. They're towards the bottom of the list, as they're from the TNG era.

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