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Daystrom Institute Technical Library

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We have full entries on 74 federation ship classes
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Weyoun : "Tell me, where's my old friend Damar?"
Garak : "Damar's dead."
Weyoun : "What a pity."
Garak : "He died trying to free Cardassia."
Weyoun : "What's left of it."
(Garak shoots Weyoun.)
  People :  Weyoun
DS9 : What You Leave Behind

1 Nov 2021

We asked "What is your favourite epsiode of Star Trek Discovery Season 3" and you voted for "Unification III" with a winning score of 7 out of 17 votes (41.2%). For our new poll we are asking "What is your least favourite epsiode of Star Trek Discovery Season 3"
Caption Comp
Congratulations to "The Geek" winner of last months caption competition.

21 Oct 2021

31 Million Visitors
Congratulations to Alejandro, our 31 millionth visitor.

13 Oct 2021

Future update
I've been working on a massive update for the site. I'm about 90% of the way through so far. When it is ready it will all appear at the same time. This time it is not a modification to the system, but rather fresh content. I'll leave you to speculate about what it may be but likely in a week or two I'll have an announcement. I won't confirm what it is if asked. :)

7 Oct 2021

People can now have more than one species. This is something we haven't done well from the start. After all Spock was half vulcan, half human. Now spock has Vulcan / Human on his record, as will others who are mixed species. These people will show up on both species people pages.

2 Oct 2021

Reference indicators
We've made the reference indicators slightly easier to see. They are now 75% size and within square brackets, rather than 50%. Given they were blue on a black background the change makes them a lot more visible without overly detracting from the text. (Force a reload to see the full effect). Like [this]

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