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"Congratulations, you are fully dilated to ten centimetres. You may now give birth." - Worf to Keiko
TNG : Disaster

31 Jul 2016

Section Update
The Kelvin Timeline We've switched over the various mentions of "the alternate timeline created by Nero" throughout the site so they now say "the Kelvin timeline", the official title for the Abrams-verse.

29 Jul 2016

Section Update
Ships A few nice new pictures of the Daedalus Class have gone up, courtesy of my latest attempts at modelling Trek ships. Better than the tiny low resolution image we had, at least!

27 Jul 2016

Section Update
Weapons A write up on the Abronath from Star Trek : Beyond has been added to the weapons list.
Species A write up on the Tanaxi and Foboden species from Star Trek : Beyond has been added. They're the two that Kirk was trying to make peace with at the start of the movie.

26 Jul 2016

Section Update
Star Trek : Beyond Our quotes page for Star Trek : Beyond has been updated.
Species Speaking of Keenser, some background info on his people, the Expanded Roylans, has also been added courtesy of the same source.
Poll We asked "What do you think of the Enterprise apparently being destroyed again in Star Trek : Beyond?" and you voted for " I don’t care." with a winning score of 9 out of 29 votes (31.0%).
People Expanded Keenser's personnel page with backstory from the Star Trek comics.
Articles A new article has gone up, discussing the Franklin class starship, seen in Star Trek : Beyond.

24 Jul 2016

Section Update
Star Trek : Discovery So here's my reaction to the latest news about Star Trek : Discovery

23 Jul 2016

Section Update
Reviews Speaking of Beyond reviews, feel free to add your own rating and comments here

22 Jul 2016

Section Update
Reviews See our Star Trek : Beyond review here! And beware, it is massively spoiler-laden!
Poll We asked "News has it that they have decided to show that Sulu is gay in the Abramsverse! What say you?" and you voted for "Don’t care." with a winning score of 12 out of 26 votes (46.2%).

20 Jul 2016

Section Update
Federation Class Some nice CGI images for the Federation class Dreadnought in the Federation Ships section today. Hope you enjoy!

18 Jul 2016

Section Update
Poll We asked "What do you think of the trailers for Star Trek Beyond?" and you voted for "They’re pretty good." with a winning score of 19 out of 42 votes (45.2%).

13 Jul 2016

Section Update
18 Million visitors Congratulations to Joshua who was our 18,000,000 visitor.

9 Jul 2016

Section Update
Poll We asked "What is the most "Star Trek" episode of Enterprise?" and you voted for "Observer Effect " with a winning score of 5 out of 28 votes (17.9%).

Over the next few weeks we're going to be running a few "snap polls", each one taking just a few days. We're looking at the buzz surrounding Star Trek : Beyond, and will be covering your reactions to it once its out. Fingers crossed it rocks!

7 Jul 2016

Section Update
Ptolemy Images And now new images for the Ptolemy class. These replace the CGI models I did a year or two back with new and significantly improved ones.

4 Jul 2016

Section Update
Happy 4th of July! Happy 4th of July to our American visitors!

3 Jul 2016

Section Update
Saladin Images A new and much improved sizecomp image for the Saladin class has gone up, along with three for the Images page. All renders of a CGI model created by yours truly.
Hermes Images And now a new sizecomp and a few images for the Hermes class scout, also by me. Hope you enjoy.

1 Jul 2016

Section Update
Poll We asked "What is the most "Star Trek" episode of Voyager?" and you voted for "Equinox, Part 2 " with a winning score of 9 out of 44 votes (20.5%).
Caption Comp Congratulations to jg winner of last months caption competition.

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