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Title : Star Trek: Armada
Developer : Activision
Publisher : Activision
Certificate : E
Platforms : Windows
Year : 2000
Rating : 4.3000 for 10 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Adm Braden Rating : 4
Review : The game does have a few flaws with it, most notibly scaling as that the Defiant class is about the same size as a Galaxy class. Apart from that, the gameplay is simple, they use some non-canon vessels, mostly for the Romulan, Klingon, Species 8472, due to the few numbers that we have seen very few vessels from them races (these problems appear in Armada II as well) The most, well some will call it, Controversial problem, is the impliment of the Marines for all races, we know of ground troops for others, but they are all called Marines. I hope that this has cleared the waters about this game.
Reviewer : Trek 17 Rating : 4
Review : Escept for some problems, such as the lack of ships and the funky nebula class, this game was one of the best ever.
Reviewer : The Phoenix Rating : 4
Review : I used to mod this game a lot, and it was a lot of fun both playing the game and modding it. Though Armada 2 was supposedly more easily moddable (with the ability to add more races without using weird ways of doing it), Armada 1 is just as easy to mod. As far as gameplay, the game was pretty fun to play and its replay value was quite high, seeing as I for one played it for years until moving on to other games in other venues such as Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth. I still find myself playing this game a lot online. Of course, you've got to like RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games to really appreciate how good Armada really is. It has a lot of flaws, like the scales of ships (how does a Defiant become 680 meters long) and some of the stock textures look kinda...lame. There's some good mods out there that make the ships half-decent to look at. A brand new fully-textured version of the Nebula never hurt either. So given some of the flaws with that, I'd give it a 4 out of 5. The 4 is for the fun factor and replay value for the most part. And in its day, Armada 1 and 2 had good graphics. The down part is the scaling, some stock textures and models that literally stink, modding eventually has its limits (as do all things but that can be overlooked), and the physics of some of the ships is flawed (if a Sovereign actually turned that fast and its inertial dampers were disabled, then the crew would be a puddle on either side of the ship's bulkheads). But since the crew seem resistant to inertia, that can be overlooked too. An all in all good game. Plenty of enjoyment!
Reviewer : Larin Rating : 5
Review : One of the problems with the Star Trek license was its use in the venue of video gaming. While many Star Trek video games have been produced by a wide vista of companies, all in all they tend to share one major aspect. Almost without fail they all suck, and suck very very very badly. That being said Star Trek Armada doesn't suck. It doesn't suck at all. In a time where everyone was hurriedly trying to create the next Warcraft or Starcraft, someone had the idea of slapping the Star trek license on a Starcraft clone. Had it been left at this then Armada would have been a failure like most of the other Star Trek licenses. However some game coder asked the question, "Hey, if this is going to be Star Trek Starcraft, should we have the ships have transporters?" With this seemingly simple question added in a feature that makes Armada what it is. All and all people will talk about the nits on how "X" ship doesn't really exist, "X" ship should be more/less powerfull and what not. In all honestly what makes this game different and better is the use of transporters as a game item (and yes this covers the borg assimilation stuff as it is an offshoot of the concept). It allows for the assimilation of other races ships, including their basic builder units. In other words no one is limited by their own tech tree. Everyone, though the use of strategy can develop anyone elses tech tree allowing for a wide vista of game play and continued playability with the basic game. The game is fairly easy to mod, and alot of great mods exist for it. The price is low since it went budget label. Good price + good gameplay + heavy replay value 5+ years after it came out = Great Star Trek Game
Reviewer : Stoo Rating : 3
Review : A fairly solid game, but nothing special. Completely blown away by Homeworld.
Reviewer : Moonprince Rating : 4
Review : A fantastic game for its day. Not the best game out there but still one of my favorites. Its over 6 years old and I still pay it to this day.
Reviewer : Hatx0r Rating : 4
Review : Of the early 3D RTS games, Armada was one of the most well regarded. The single player campaign, often a weak point in RTS, shone through like a beacon in Armada. As Picard's Federation is forced into an uneasy alliance with the Borg and one neither side is happy with, the tension isn't just left for the player's imagination. Armada was one of the first games to not use packed resources, meaning the player could modify the. Modding wasn't a priority back then, presumably it was just simpler to not pack the resources at all. Early modders found that Armada was the easiest (and only!) RTS game that could be modded. The play balance is great and each major power has their own campaign. Beat down the Cardassians as the Klingons or the Borg and eventually 8472 as the Federation, the choices are yours to make. Online play wasn't so great (a bit like the lack of paragraphs in these reviews really) due to a lack of precise balancing. It was pretty trivial to work out which was the most effective unit for the resource cost and play time and spam the hell out of it, something that Starcraft would take great lengths to avoid by giving each unit a "counter-unit". Armada was a lot of fun to play, it still is, and of the myriad of woefully weak Star Trek games, stands apart as being the only one which could survive without the crutch of the license to support it.
Reviewer : Steamrunner92 Rating : 5
Review : By far one of the best games I have ever played. My credit goes to the game writers for such a well-written plot-the entire game is like a mini-series in and of itself. The game-play is nice, and with a large officer limit, you can build a massive fleet in a fraction of the time when you have multiple shipyards. The special weapons are inventive to say the least, and the Borg's special weapons look like something out of "Best of Both Worlds"(TNG). All in all, one of the best games I have ever played, or ever will.
Reviewer : enterprise d Rating : 5
Review : I like this starship
Reviewer : Timberwolf Rating : 5
Review : This game was great for its time. I made several mods for it, including one im released soon called Legacy of the Federation 2.0. One problem with it was the poly count limit. It was only about 1 million poly, but with the right low poly models, a huge fleet battle can occur on screen with only slowing from the amount of weapon fire on the screen. All in all, a good game that I intend to play for a long, long time
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