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Title : Star Trek: Tactical Assault
Developer : Quicksilver Software
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Certificate : E
Platforms : Nintendo DS, PSP
Year : 2006
Rating : 3.2500 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Drake Zure Rating : 2
Review : Although plenty of fun at first, this game lacks a mode other than looking at the outside of your ship, making for a serious lack of variety.
Reviewer : CiarĂ¡n D Rating : 4
Review : I thought all the small features were very innovative, such as intellegent damage, shield facings, and even jettisoning the nacelles. It's set around the TMP era, mainly because the ships are easy to render. Ine thing I liked was the targeting camera, which followed any locked-on target, allowing you to take full advantage of the various weapons located on different parts of the ship. There are many well known canon ships, such as the Miranda light cruiser, Constitution Heavy cruiser, Excelsior heavy cruiser, K'T'Inga heavy cruiser, Bird of Prey frigate, and D-5 light cruiser. Oddly enough the Klingon Vorcha appears as the Destroyer. All other Klingon and Federation ships are made up, as well as the Romulan, Orion and Gorn ships. The 3D renders are very well made for the small DS, especially the Miranda class. There also high-res movies played at the start of a new campaign, not to mention a voice-over by Captain Kirk himself in the intro. Every aspect of your ship an be controlled via the touch screen, but I prefer the buttons. Ships can also perform special maneouvres by holding the R button at the same time as pressing another. For example, holding R while firing will overcharge the shot, doing more damage. R and a double-tap of a directional button will make the ship do a swift 180 degree turn, to protect a damaged shield facing or aim your weapons quickly. The 3 main races (Federation, Klingon, Romulan) have signature abilities in their ships. Federation ships can recharge their shields, whereas Klingons and Romulans can cloak. The missions are interesting, and are not all just 'Go here shoot that' (Although it usually boild down to that). Many involve tactful use of your alert status, so to not appear threatening but be able to defend yourself. Satisfactory completion of missions can also depend on what you say. Remember, the Federation tries to resolve conflicts with a minimum of force and always obey orders. The Klingons on the other hand, strive for glorious combat. (Remember that, because the Klingon missions are hard enough without more combat) Something to keep you interested: Type in UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SELECT, START, B. at the main menu. Go to a mission briefing screen (last screen before starting the mission) and press UP/DOWN. I'm not giving away all the cheats, just my favourite ;)
Reviewer : G. Potter Rating : 3
Review : Tactical Assault is a reasonably good game, but not enough features to keep it interesting. The Campaigns are too short and no interiors of the ships are shown.
Reviewer : Omegatron Rating : 4
Review : A very good game. The campaigns are fun and when you've completed them skirmish mode will keep you entertained for a long while. The multiplayer mode isn't as good, both people need a copy of the game and you can only have two ships (the two players) fight against each other. No AI ships. The campaign, especially the Federation one, is fun because what you say to other people and your alert status and actions affect what happens. You can't jettison your nacelles though. They fall off if you take too much damage but that's not the same thing.
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