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Title : Star Trek: Starfleet Command III
Developer : Taldren
Publisher : Activision
Certificate : E
Platforms : Windows
Year : 2002
Rating : 3.3636 for 11 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Adm Braden Rating : 4
Review : This game has the Klingons and the Federation working together to make the Unity starbase, lets all be happy. Oh bother, the Romulans have blown it up. This game has got a few minor flaws, but is very realistic, in the Federation campagin you start off in a little Norway, now, you can customise your ship to a degree, but not much, athough a Sovereign class with forwards mounted pulse phasers, interesting in combat.
Reviewer : Trek 17 Rating : 4
Review : About on par with #2, but definately not bridge commander.
Reviewer : Pascal Smit Rating : 3
Review : Pretty nice game overall, but the big fleets sometimes seen in Star Trek are left out and the AI especially in campaign mode lacks pretty much every piece of intelligence. The customization not seen in previous versions do give the game a nice touch.
Reviewer : TrekkieGal Rating : 4
Review : Overall I think it's in par with SFC II. I find the 3D CGI very well done, as well as the interface. Customization is sauce for the goose. Yet the AI is lacking to say the least, and truly large fleets also, but then again, I like the size and the scope of the action. If only I can change some of the crew names.
Reviewer : AngryFirebird Rating : 3
Review : Overall SFC3 is a major step up from SFC2. The game features smoother and more stable gameplay along with a interesting story. There is a official patch that also makes the game better and more challenging. The only downside is the game only features the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and Borg. No Cardies, Dominion, or Breen. Overall its a good game.
Reviewer : SmoophDr Rating : 4
Review : One of my favorite ST games of all time. To sum it up its quite good for ship to ship combat. It ain't perfect, but it is overall more satisfying than ST:Legacy in that sense. Campaign is weak.
Reviewer : scvn2812 Rating : 2
Review : The worst Starfleet Command game put out, period. It took everything enjoyable about the first 3 games and with very few exceptions, threw them out the window. Combat has been reduced to mindless maneuvering and waiting for weapons to rearm. The only positive thing I can say about this game is that to compensate players for the loss of the sprawling lists of available ships to fly in the first games, players can customize their ship to a degree, fiddling with weapon loadouts, shielding, sensors and engines which gives ships more sense of ownership. This does not, however, negate the fact that the game has just plain been dumbed down compared to the first three. While other players may feel relieved at only having to manage speed, position and deciding when to fire, I am deeply insulted and quickly bored by the direction taken with this game. It is deeply symbolic of Activision's disrespect for Trek gamers compared to Interplay's ambitious scoped games but poor quality control. Like all Trek games released by Activision, SFC3 is simplistic to the extreme and unlike Armada 1 and 2 and Bridge Commander, to my knowledge no amount of extensive modding was ever able to add in the tactical depth of SFC1 through 3 after the game's release. That there have been no more games in this franchise after Starfleet Command 3 is quite telling. It is my fondest hope that whomever possesses the license currently once more decides to revisit the Starfleet Command franchise and continue where Empires at War left off, ignoring the franchise's redheaded stepchildren, Orion Pirates and SFC3.
Reviewer : 1701-g Rating : 4
Review : A much better game than its predecessors less repetitive, more action and more choice of ships including Akira and Saber classes. Graphics, voice acting and story are all much improved. Hard to get hold of thou
Reviewer : Titan1080 Rating : 1
Review : One of the biggest disappointments in the history of Trek gaming IMO. The whole POINT of the Starfleet Command series was it's complexity as any SFB player will attest, and this hopefully last installment got rid of just about all of it. And setting it in the TNG universe is the match that sets this bag of poo on fire. Now if I get off my SFB elitest soapbox for a sentence, this is a semi-decent game if you have absolutely no idea what SFB is, however, my rating of this game stands.
Reviewer : Odinson Rating : 4
Review : Its a pretty great game I think; It had pretty good graphics (depending on your components, of course), I liked the story too... Voice acting I though was good as well... However, what I liked most about the game is how easily modable it was, I was able to go from practically no modding experience to being able to practically mod anything I wanted, the basic coding was so easy to understand, A chimpanzee could mod it... lol. I could edit any stat, ship costs, adding/editing weapons, weapon arcs, add new class models (such as the Mogai-class, IRW Valdore), add better models for existing classes... which added a lot of replay value for me... If I got bored, I just added another class and played some more... heh...
Reviewer : Odinson Rating : 4
Review : No Mr. Titan... Star Trek DS9: Dominion Wars was absolutely the biggest pile of crap I ever saw in the history of the universe!!!!
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