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Title : Star Trek: Klingon Academy
Developer : 14 Degrees East
Publisher : Interplay
Certificate : T
Platforms : Windows
Year : 2000
Rating : 4.2500 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : PECH Rating : 3
Review : It is an "old" game, but it still shows details not seen in much modern platforms, like the extensive hull damaged caused by weapons. Quite similar to the Bridge Commander, although with the camera not showing your ship and less dynamic. By itself it's short and perhaps a bit boring, but downloading mods with new ships from the internet makes it quite interesting.
Reviewer : Rizulli Rating : 5
Review : Quite possibly the best starship simulator to date. While the graphics are not top of the line anymore (keep in mind when it was developed) it has many unique features, such as targeted damage and the ability to micromanage just about every function of the ship. The single player campaign is probably the best Klingon storyline in all of Star Trek with live action cut scenes feature Christopher Plummer and David Warner reprising their roles from Star Trek VI. That alone makes this game worth playing through at least once.
Reviewer : TItan1080 Rating : 4
Review : Definitely one of the few better Trek-licensed games out there, and the only game where you can properly relive the Battle of the Mutara Nebula. If you can find it in a bargain bin or at a used game store, definitely take the time to search the net for the patches, as with many of Interplay's Trek games, Klingon Academy was quite buggy with the initial release. Very engaging Klingon story line, if a bit on the short side. Mods can keep your attention for a bit, flying around in the Defiant shredding old Klingon ships is great fun.
Reviewer : Parallax Rating : 5
Review : This game has added more flesh to the Klingon history and culture than an single movie or season of any series. You get to see the real nuts and bolts of the Empire at work and the best part of all is that it gives so much more rationale for the things that follow it in Star Trek 6. While the game is now 10 years old and the graphics are dated, the story makes it well worthwhile and the game play is yet to be matched by any Star Trek game I've played before or since. If you see this game, pick it up, but be aware, to run it without any problems, it needs to run on an OS of XP or Windows 2000, anything else and you will have serious problems.
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