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Title : Star Trek: Encounters
Developer : 4J Studios
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Certificate : E10+
Platforms : Play Station 2
Year : 2006
Rating : 2.8750 for 8 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : PECH Rating : 4
Review : It will not win any award, but it is simple fun. Shooter arcade style with interesting controls and very nice music. It is a low budge game, so go for it!
Reviewer : ThomasJBryant Rating : 4
Review : This is a very interesting game. It's not your typical style of play, and the storylines are mildly creative. No cheat codes to be found; lots of patience to be tried. I recommend this as an addition to your PS2 collection.
Reviewer : RJW Rating : 2
Review : Decent game no real story line, very complicated controls.
Reviewer : drakkillus darksunn Rating : 2
Review : Well put together, but it get real old real fast. Not a waste of money, as of now (2009), it's not going to cost you more than $5.
Reviewer : S.A.F Rating : 3
Review : not bad, it is hard at times but you can get past, it will get boring.
Reviewer : Lexxicorm Rating : 1
Review : Bought for 7 bucks. Love it but I could never give it a good rating. The storyline is ok-ish... and the graphics decent if you're tv is big enough (mine is). The real low kick here is in the controls. Now don't get me wrong. I love the playstation controller but the way they implemented "Steer the ship one way with one stick but fire phasers in the direction the other stick is pointing" controls made me want to bite the controller. The shooting... ok I can live with it... if the directional control was as simple as left went left and right went right but nope it's "point in the direction and the ship will turn that way." you could suddenly be making a 180 in a slow bulkarific cruiser when you intended only to turn 10 degrees in the opposite direction. Just majorly counter-intuitive. Other than that it was actually enjoyable if frustrating in moments where you need detailed maneuvers. It's a shame they never ported this to the Wii like Conquest. I bought Conquest for Wii and found that the Wiimote-nunchuk combo does a MUCH better job. Oh well. It's on the shelf and when I feel like an excersize in patience and anger control I'll take it down.
Reviewer : sargon Rating : 4
Review : good game lets you control all series ships and the enterprise-e it is worth its money
Reviewer : Real Space Rating : 3
Review : As it's been said ( once you beat the bad guys it gets to become so-so) but for 4 bucks you can't miss. And the huge Nebula class with a weapons pod with a weapons rate of a NX Class it's stinks as it was a power house,even with out the pod,with it it's like a sports car with type 10 Phasers, and a boat load of torpedoes to boot! not the junk you get when you get that Starship. But what does 4 bucks buy?
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