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Title : Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force II
Developer : Ritual Entertainment
Publisher : Activision
Certificate : T
Platforms : Macintosh, Windows
Year : 2003
Rating : 3.5000 for 8 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Adm Braden Rating : 4
Review : "Starfleet does not need a group of renegades that do not follow policy" Picard "You are not on the front lines, we need this team, Mr Munro, report to the Enerprise" so you are back as Murno, incharge of the Hazard Team again, this time on the USS Enterprise, and your duty, to carry on doing your on the edge of policy training, and to go into areas that Kirk would have send many a redshirt to death, beamed down himself and then got his shirt ripped, and won with phaser power alone. with new Weaponary, a Klingon, and the Enterprise, you feel right at home.
Reviewer : Trek 17 Rating : 5
Review : Even better than the first game, although the absense of Voyager took away from it some.
Reviewer : Drake Zure Rating : 3
Review : A major improvement over the first, with better weapons. I like the Romulan Disruptor and the Quantum Burst Launcher.
Reviewer : Moonprince Rating : 2
Review : The story line was better then the original and the graphics were awwsome but I never did like the multiplayer side of the game.
Reviewer : DH Rating : 4
Review : Fun, if a bit mental. I could never get past the fact that shooting someone in the face with a full power phaser blast didn't immediatly vaporise them. Some of the weapons were really cool, not enough Borg fun though. Fun to play, interesting plot, and for whatever reason it reminded me of (dare I say) Jedi Acadamey.
Reviewer : NovaScream Rating : 3
Review : After the first Elite Force , they'v upgraded the engine to the Quake III Team Arena engine (Added a few new graphic features , etc) they also tried to add other elements like using a tricorder and other items where you have to do something else then shooting. These made the game better and feel more like a star trek game , also they made the weapons work/sound more like they do in the films/series and also they made the game longer.A judgement at this point would show a clear 5 out of 5.The problem is that they did not take out the 1000 year old arcade stlye gameplay elements (fighting bosses mostly at the end of each level or section of the map , etc..)also the usage of the tricorder is maybe fun at the first go , but after 4/5 tries you get to the point where it's more anoying than fun(Dont get me wrong , I like a good puzzle , but this is just pushing the mouse x number of times to get it right and that's it)Also they'v tried to add sections where you can choose what your character should say but its basicaly just taking up gametime.(It doesnt change anything beyond one small detail)I'm giving it a smaller score than the first one because the technology was there to create a much more complex shooter (like -->System Shock 2 , Deus Ex , etc...)but they were only able to fix a few things which do not add to the experience that much.(Not to me at least)
Reviewer : please specifiy Rating : 4
Review : this was a relly fun game to play and all the differnt guns were fun to play around with but i warn you when you get stuck YOU GET STUCK BIG TIME but its surpossed to be a challenge.the only bad thing is some times you feel your doing the same thing over and over.realy good game overall
Reviewer : Darko Rating : 3
Review : One of the best Star Trek games, Elite Force 2 is a significant improvement over the first Elite Force, but not without is irritating moments. Enemy weapons fire is underpowered, the projectiles fly slowly and you can easily evade them with only some distance and strafing. Fourtunately, after some searching of the game's config files (you need a .pk3 file editor like PakScape to open the .pk3's to get to the config files), I found a way to change how weapons fire behaves for all the enemies in-game, and tripled the speed of enemy projectiles. Problem solved! The second annoyance are the final few areas, where you simply fight wave after wave of those annoying Exomorph creatures, many of them with enough health to deplete your entire arsenal before falling, and the final battle, far too arcade, kill the big bug while defending yourself from the hordes of smaller ones... Still, there are also highlights, like the mission to infiltrate a secret Romulan installation, and that little skirmish with the Romulan Informant (though I knew she would betray me the moment I overheard those two guards talking about the prisoner), and the mission when Idryll try to capture the Enterprise, the chance to walk on the ventral surface of the ship like Picard did in "First Contact", using the sniper rifle to vaporize the Idryll saboteurs, and use the auxilliary pulse phaser cannon against Idryll ships (though I don't recall Enterprise even having such a weapon). Overally - 3/5, because of the boredom of those last monster-grinding two levels, and ease of the game at the beginning (on the Sphere).
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