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Title : Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force
Developer : Raven Software
Publisher : Activision
Certificate : T
Platforms : Macintosh, Play Station 2, Windows
Year : 2000
Rating : 4.4545 for 11 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Adm Braden Rating : 4
Review : While in the Delta Quadrent, we realised that we needed a heavy assault team, a Hazard Team. Moving speach by Janeway, the Graphics are a little bad, but its built off the Quake engine. I have to admit, if you do not carry marines onboard, the idea of a Hazard team, a group of specialist Security officers that are trained to work as a team, and work together in hostile situations, now that is what is needed, it would have stopped Kirk, or caused less redshirt deaths.
Reviewer : David Rating : 5
Review : A good idea that is thoroughly explored throughout the game, the Hazard Team makes this game a great one. Nice plot too, and fairly decent graphics.
Reviewer : Trek 17 Rating : 5
Review : Very good game, I love Voyager and everything about it.
Reviewer : ThomasJBryant Rating : 5
Review : Not a huge fan of 1st Person Shooters, but EF wins me over! I even played Quake after this! There are even communities for free mods and skins!
Reviewer : Drake Zure Rating : 5
Review : This game gets a little dull after a while, but that's not for quite a while. It should be noted that there are many mods for the game, including at least two RPG mods that allow the multiplayer mode to be used for playing out a comprehensive storyline. There are entire websites dedicated to those mods.
Reviewer : Stoo Rating : 3
Review : A fairly decent run-and-gun shooter. It's not one of the greats but it's entertaining enough.
Reviewer : Moonprince Rating : 4
Review : I am not normaly a fps type. I roleplaying and things like that but this game blow me away. The story line was good and with the expansion pack, you get to explore Voyager more. What Star Trek fan would not want to see more of any starship?
Reviewer : NovaScream Rating : 4
Review : Positive Things : Graphics (For its release date , it was being counted as "Good") , Story , Maps , Weaponry Negative : Length (The Game is quite Short), All in all , the game was a quite good shooter for it's time , surely if you are used to play more complex games , than this one is not for you , but if you want just a good star trek shooter , you will still like it.
Reviewer : Stephen Rating : 5
Review : Great Game, couldn't get enough of it when i first got it, loved that you could make your own holomatches and hone your skilles for use in the actual game. Only place i had trouble was on the last boss level. i had to instigate cheat mode to win, by using the "God" and "Allammo" commands otherwise i kept getting killed.
Reviewer : Titan1080 Rating : 5
Review : When I got bored with Counter-Strike, Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon, this is what I spent entire school nights playing. Phasers, great graphics (for the time), and a LARGE mod community kept this game alive and kicking for years. One of the best Trek games ever!
Reviewer : Merlin Rating : 4
Review : I can see it now, at Paramount Headquarters. "Well, we've done flight sims, strategy games...even that clever Away Team thingy. What's left?" "I know! A first person shooter!". And if it had been left like that, it would have been awful. But some bright spark grabbed the Quake engine, and a team of talented writers created the Hazard Team, and then they got the tech weenies to make up a whole batch of weapons and Ta-da! A really classy FPS. Technically, not astounding, but how many other games give you a phaser rifle and tell you to go nuts?
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