*Typo regarding Pralor species quadrant info*

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*Typo regarding Pralor species quadrant info*

Postby 00111010 01000100 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 8:40 am

Hi guys,
Been a while since I visited last, apologies for this. To make this an short and quick-nit, I noted that the info regarding the pralor states, “Extinct delat quadrant species which created a race of robots to fight the Cravic”, http://www.ditl.org/species-page.php?Sp ... =ListLists.
I’m Familiar with the ST:VOY episode, not so much the delat quadrant of space though. Is this by chance located in the galaxy M33?
:) I don’t believe any more needs to be said either.

Thanks again for maintaining an outstanding website AND forum for us Star Trek fans.
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