Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie

Postby Mikey » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:51 pm

Anybody out there read him? He's a British fantasy author, who I discovered quite by accident (found one of his novels in a dollar store!) and who seemed to be garnering some heavy critical acclaim about a year or so after that. I've read his "First Law" trilogy along with a number of ancillary short stories and novels set in the same world, though I have yet to read his subsequent "Shattered Sea" series. What I have read of him, though, has been extremely good; he has a modern parlance and style of speaking which interacts with the sort of quasi-medieval fantasy setting we all know and love, but without clashing with it or sounding anachronistic.

Plus, his characters are great, and he has a way of evolving them from story to story that feels natural and even expected. Highly recommended by yours truly.
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